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Your Average Bear is a Comedic Twist on Stealth Games

Prove Your Abilities by Stealing Food

Welcome to the scenic woods of Your Average Campground! You play as an average black bear who’s just moved to the area, and needs to prove himself to his neighbors. What better way to do that than stealing tasty snacks from the human campers? Embark on a comedic action and stealthy journey full of fun and tomfoolery in Your Average Bear.

Use your animal-specific phone app to take the orders from your neighbors. Then, use various tools available in Your Average Bear to evade campers and park rangers to get to the scrumptious human food. Hide in bushes, use tree branches to comically disguise yourself, or toss stink bombs to distract the humans. You’ll even have banana peels to throw at the rangers and campers to make them slip. Rocks are also handy for throwing at bee hives to create distractions! Whatever you choose to do, just don’t get caught. 

Your Average Bear was actually developed by a team of students at the University of Utah. The game was part of their capstone project, where teams of students form to develop a game from beginning to end. And it turned out well! It’s an adorable, silly little game perfect for just hanging out and goofing off.

Available Now!

This adorably cute comedic take on a stealth game is now available in Early Access. You can find Your Average Bear on Steam, where it is currently free to play!


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    Your Average Bear is a Comedic Twist on Stealth Games