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Wylde Flowers Will Receive a Free Content Update

Endless Seasons and Romance

In case you’ve missed seeing anything about Wylde Flowers, here’s my review on it, but Wylde Flowers is a relaxing, and enchanting simulation game where you play as city girl Tara. Having spent her childhood in Fairhaven, Tara isn’t unfamiliar with the small island town, but is brand new to the concept of farming and caring for animals. She’s willing to learn, though, in order to restore Grandma Hazel’s farm to what it once was. That’s why she’s back in Fairhaven, after all.

That’s not all though. Tara’s also a new witch! As it turns out, it runs in the family, and Grandma Hazel is a witch too. Now, Tara must learn how to live life in a small town, restore the family farm, and learn how to brew potions and cast spells. And do all of this while building friendships with the people of Fairhaven, solving the mysteries of the island, and potentially dating a new love interest. 

One of the downsides in Wylde Flowers, which I mentioned in my review, is that once you’ve reached Spring 2, that’s it. You’re no longer able to change the seasons. So, if you haven’t gathered enough of the seasonal items throughout your play through, then you’re out of luck. There’s also a distinct lack of romantic interactions with your partner, especially after marriage. 

However, the developers over at Studio Dry Dock listened to fans and will be releasing the Endless Seasons and Romance update, free, across all platforms. With this update, players will be able to change the seasons at will, as many times as they wish after completing the story! So no more worrying about content you missed. Plus, you’ll be able to take your partner on dates around town, and deepen your connection with repeatable affection animations.


Update Coming Early 2023

The free Wylde Flowers update is planned for early 2023, with no specific date given. You can find the game on Apple Arcade, Steam, and Nintendo Switch.


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    Wylde Flowers Will Receive a Free Content Update