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World Tree Marché Arrives February 28th

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Fans have been waiting for some time for am official release date. Flyhigh Works has finally announced the first global release date for World Tree Marché.   

In World Tree Marché players will take on tasks such as finding and buying ingredients to cook up delicious recipes. Those can then be arranged in your own store to sell them. You can discover new ingredients to better your already mouth watering recipes, in order to bring the Marché back to its former glory.

World Tree Marché is heading to Nintendo Switch on February 28th. The game will be available on the Nintendo eShop for only $11.99 if you love cooking and relaxing gameplay this one might be a great match for you! Come back for our upcoming review of World Tree Marché! 

Check out the adorable World Tree Marché gameplay trailer below!


World Tree Marche Press Release

Flyhigh Works (along with CIRCLE Entertainment) is delighted to confirm the Nintendo Switch eShop global release details for World Tree Marché, a colourful game developed by Asobox Co., Ltd.; it arrives on 28th February priced at $11.99USD / €11,99.

Check out the gameplay trailer below (footage from Japanese version, NA & PAL releases are fully localised in English):

World Tree Marché is a warm-hearted management simulation in which you run the market of a struggling ‘world tree’ together with six chefs. As the Royal Food Adviser you need to help them through their unique gourmet storylines, find new recipes and stop the evil Gourmand Corporation.

Your tasks include finding and buying ingredients to cook, creating recipes and then arranging them in stores. By discovering new ingredients and recipes you can bring the Marché back to its former glory; aim to earn big sales and enjoy ‘fever time’!

6 chefs join the Marché as the story progresses, and each has their own troubles and secrets. As you strengthen relationships with the chefs their unexpected narratives will be revealed; there’s a lot to discover!

World Tree Marché arrives globally on the Nintendo Switch eShop on 28th February priced at $11.99USD / €11,99.



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    World Tree Marché Arrives February 28th