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United Penguin Kingdom: Build a City for Cute Penguins

svgDec 27, 2023NewsChelsea

Thirsting for a city builder and management game that doesn’t involve people? Look no further!

United Penguin Kingdom is exactly that. You’re building a settlement for penguins while satisfying their needs. Build homes, decorate the town, assemble entertainment venues, and produce whatever else your penguin settlers may need. You’ll need to fight off killer whales and thieving seals while you do all of that, too.

This is no low-tech village, either. United Penguin Kingdom makes use of different workplaces to grow food, produce materials, and make medicine for its citizens. Plus, energy generators are necessary for running homes, workplaces, and coolers. When they’re not working or chilling at home, your penguin settlers will enjoy spending time at museums, ice skating rinks, game centers, and so much more. Schools are important for your penguins, too, so make sure there are enough seats for them! 

Can you grow your humble settlement from a tiny little village to a whole kingdom?


Release Date

You can find United Penguin Kingdom on Steam. There is no release date available, but you can add it to your Wishlist!

Want more city builders? There’s Gourdlets, a builder with no objectives, just creative freedom. There’s also As Far As The Eye, The Wandering Village, and Dwarrows.


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    United Penguin Kingdom: Build a City for Cute Penguins