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Unique Zen Game For Unpacking Stress

svgOct 27, 2019NewsMax

Every morning after my routine cleanup of my office here at myPotatoGames, I look forward to playing a video game, or two… three. To continue my morning trend, I couldn’t think of a better game than Unpacking our stress and getting immersed in a virtual world where we can continue our routine by neatly and effortlessly storing away items. Unpacking is a game that lets you do exactly that!

Unpacking is an odd concept at first glance, storing away items and essentially cleaning things up might satisfy your OCD, but does it make for a satisfying and fun game experience? The game captures a feeling that most people have experienced in one way or another. When you move from one place to another, you will essentially start on a fresh slate, a clean space to store your things neatly, perfectly – just like a store shelf.

Unpacking starts at the point where you open your moving boxes with all your gems and goodies inside of it. You will be tasked with the compulsive need to store away everything you have brought with you. Calmly and as slowly as you’d like. That feeling of a fresh start, clean and so neat is what Unpacking tries to capture.


The tiny development team also neatly states on their very organized twitter page “A zen puzzle game by Witch Beam about taking things out of boxes and learning about a life in the process.” I can’t wait to find out what Unpacking will have to teach us about life!

If you are looking for a rewarding, satisfying, fun and zen experience you can also check out the Unpacking twitter page for some super relaxing videos from the game.

For more relaxing video games make sure to check out Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing inspired games Littlewood, Sunvale and Calico (The latter has cats 😀 ).


myPotatoGames was founded out of our huge love for Animal Crossing, besides spending a lot of time taking care of my virtual village I enjoy painting, creating things or looking up funny and cute dog pictures on the internet. My preferred office location is somewhere on a remote island, in the middle of the South Pacific.


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  • Bee20399

    April 13, 2019 / at 6:09 amsvg

    This is such an interesting game and never thought I’ll see one like this ☺️

  • Kristen

    April 15, 2019 / at 10:51 pmsvg

    This looks oddly satisfying…

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    Unique Zen Game For Unpacking Stress