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TUNIC – The Cute Upcoming Game From The Publishers Of Night In The Woods

svgNov 2, 2018NewsAlly

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]n adorable indie action-adventure game is coming to Xbox and Steam very soon. The game, which is entitled TUNIC, is highly anticipated by both Xbox owners and PC gamers alike. The game was incredibly well received at Microsoft’s E3 presser earlier this year and has received numerous compliments on its alluring graphics, leading many to believe that TUNIC has the potential to become one of the best indie games out there.


TUNIC is an upcoming cute indie action-adventure game that is expected to be released exclusively for Windows and Mac through Steam, and for Xbox One.

TUNIC has impressively been developed by just one man, Andrew Shouldice, who decided to quit his job at Silverback Productions to produce content of his own. In past interviews, Shouldice has said the following about TUNIC‘s influences:

Tunic is inspired by lots of games, but at the forefront is the sense of discovery that we experienced when playing games as kids. That feeling of being in place that’s new, a bit scary, and bigger than you! We often ask players what games Tunic reminds them of, if you feel like it’s in there, it was probably an inspiration.


The game will be published by Finji, who also published the popular game Night In The Woods. A price and release date for the game have not yet been announced.

TUNIC takes place from an isometric perspective. With a distinct attractive art style, TUNIC has frequently been compared to games such as Zelda.

Originally entitled Secret Legend, TUNIC is an action adventure game focusing on the journey of a small yet heroic fox in a big world. Players can explore rugged landscapes, discover eerie ruins, and combat terrible creatures.


  • world made of cute, blocky items
  • Discover monstrous dungeons
  • Stumble upon spooky ruins
  • Explore puzzle-filled lands
  • Experience a variety of wild landscapes
  • Uncover the game’s hidden secrets
  • Fight terrible creatures from long ago
  • Smart controls

TUNIC has undeniably been visually and mechanically influenced by Zelda games. However, it is also quite relaxed with a primary focus on exploration. Therefore success seems likely due to its seemingly family-friendly nature and its appeal to a variety of gamers.

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    TUNIC – The Cute Upcoming Game From The Publishers Of Night In The Woods