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Trüberbrook – A Thrilling Point-and-Click Adventure Game – Out on Consoles Now

svgApr 24, 2019NewsJoelle

Trüberbrook, a mystery adventure game, is set in rural Germany in the late 1960s. Play as an American physicist, Hans Tannhauser, and discover why your dissertation on quantum physics notes have been stolen! Trüberbrook was released for PC on March 12th, 2019 and now you can buy the game today, as of April 17th, 2019 on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Hans Tannhauser happens to win a trip to the tranquil village of Trüberbrook. This place is an old but beautiful health resort somewhere in the densely forested countryside of West Germany. He decides to go in order to work quietly on his PhD thesis. But, something in the town seems odd and now you’re suddenly thrown into a puzzling sci-fi mystery!

While investigating the case of your stolen notes, you run into quirky villagers, travelers, and spa guests. They will give you tasks as you begin to wonder whether you’re truly in Trüberbrook by chance.

The Visual Style

Something rather noteworthy about this game is its unique visual style; the whole scenery and all backdrops were built as real miniature scale models. They were then captured with a 3D scanner, digitally polished and blended with animated characters, visual effects, and set extensions. See more information about it below.


All the locations were designed in advance and built by hand in the workshop. For several months, set designers worked on the dollhouse-like miniature models. These were then individually staged and filmed. Among other things, we use small lamps and many colorful foils to simulate different hours of the day, different seasons and weather conditions. We then use a process called photogrammetry to digitize the models.

By Hannah Kloth – Casting Team

The Team

Trüberbrook is develeoped by “btf GmbH”, published by “Headup”, and co-funded by the “Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg”. The game is made up of quite an extensive team of talented individuals. See below on what inspired them to create this mystery thriller.

Mood and atmosphere of the game are inspired by TV series like Twin Peaks, The X-Files, and Stranger Things. The game mixes German folklore with a gripping sci-fi storyline, covering universal themes like love, friendship, loyalty, rootlessness, self-discovery and monster hunting.

By Hannah Kloth – Casting Team

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  • Kristen

    April 24, 2019 / at 8:49 amsvg

    Oh wow! This game has very interesting graphics! Looks very cool!

  • Moe

    April 24, 2019 / at 1:42 pmsvg

    Do create physical sets, then scan them is probably even more work than doing it in the game engine. It looks amazing though.

    • Joelle Lavoie

      April 24, 2019 / at 1:44 pmsvg

      Right!? So amazing! Even in movies they don’t use miniatures as much as CGI nowadays.

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