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Top 5 Videogames That Make Chores Look Fun

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We can’t imagine anyone actually wanting to do chores but unfortunately that’s just the way of life. Dreading larger tasks, that hopefully don’t happen too often, such as packing or unpacking, and also the repetitive daily tasks of mowing the lawn and doing laundry? Well you’re not alone! We here at myPotatoGames haves the answers to your problems below! Just follow our instructions below and get ready to do more relaxing and/or playing without much fuss.

Moving Out

Having to move all of your furniture and household appliances to a new location can be quite the exhausting and time-consuming affair. That’s why we recommend hiring certified Furniture Arrangement Relocation Technicians and letting them handle everything! These contractors have watched the necessary training videos and are capable of smuggling giraffes and busting ghosts. They are even willing to traverse across rivers and lava for those of you that have homes in rural areas, and running through traffic and train tracks foe those of you that live in urban areas. You’ll only suffer minor inconveniences like broken windows and damaged items. These FARTs will only be available sometime in 2020 but you can find out more right here.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Need to move your furniture from point A to point B? We’ve got you covered with the Totally Reliable Delivery Service! They guarantee an attempt to deliver your items and the crew even own trucks! These TRDS will handle your precious goods like no other company and aren’t afraid to take several means of transportation and use various machinery to get the job done. Furthermore, if you need to ship live fish, they’re ready and willing to do it! These couriers will be available soon and can be contacted here.


Nothing’s more satisfying after moving into a new home and unpacking everything you own. It can be quite cathartic when you find the perfect place for your posters on the walls or arranging your books alphabetically on your shelves. If you love this feeling but have already finished with your living quarters, why not help others in need and unpack their belongings too! You are invited to create a satisfying living space pulling possessions out of boxes and fitting them into a new home. Eight houses are currently looking for workers sometime in late 2020. To find out more about those locations, go here.


Mowin’ and Throwin’

Maintaining the grass in your yard in the summer time can be such a drag and extremely boring. Why don’t you turn it into a competition instead? This amazing new sport offers you the chance to team up with friends, dress up as lawn gnomes, ride souped up lawn mowers, and be the first to mow the grass during your allotted time! This is especially necessary if your grass grows quickly and you constantly deal with large stones getting in your way. All the details and rules to make this chore a lot more fun, are listed here. You might not end up with lasting friendships and completely finished or visually-appealing lawns but hey, it’s a price worth paying for an enjoyable home life.

Laundry Game

After such a long day of mowing the lawn, you’ll probably have some grass-stained clothing that needs washing. Luckily for you, we’ve found quite the amusing laundromat! Why do your laundry in the creepy basement of your home or make your way to a dull laundromat that isn’t run by a talking skeleton. You can also spend your time having a conversation with a very punny sunflower. This laundromat is only just getting started but looks to be well worth the wait! To keep track of its progress and locations, you can check out the website here.


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