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Teatopia – Grow Tea and Explore a Beautiful World

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Teatopia by developer Yixin Games, where you run your own farm in an environment full of Chinese culture and beautiful designs. Turn your overgrown farm into a haven for crops. Care for a variety of animals, from livestock to pets. Cook some exquisite meals and teas. Plus, immerse yourself in a vibrant community while discovering the secrets to the underworld’s Ghost Market. 

Teatopia follows the classic farming sim formula, where you start out on a farm that’s overgrown with wild weeds and tremendous trees. Of course, you’ll work hard to clear these obstacles in order to free up space for your crops. Build sheds to care for livestock and even breed them. They’ll produce products like eggs and milk for you. But you can also have an animal companion, like a cat or dog. The pets find treasures for you if you develop a deep bond!

Explore the secrets of traditional Chinese cooking that Teatopia has to offer by whipping up delicious recipes you acquire from all over. You even manage your own tea plantation and create exquisite teas. And of course, you get to explore the East and West urban areas, where you’ll find different attractions and vibrant characters. Plus, the Ghost Market is an intriguing place to wander! This enchanting underworld is where fairies and humans converge, but it also has some unique products for sale. 

Release Date

Teatopia has no set release date yet. You can find it on Steam, though, where you can add it to your Wishlist!


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    Teatopia – Grow Tea and Explore a Beautiful World