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Tavern Talk Finally Announces Release Date

If you aren’t familiar with Tavern Talk, you really should go take a look at it. I had the chance to play the demo back in November and just absolutely enjoyed myself. The game is a charming mix of D&D fantasy elements and the chill, laid-back drink mixing and interactions that make Coffee Talk so lovely. It is perfect for those who love fantasy-themed games, but are looking for something that branches away from the usual fighting and saving the world. 

In Tavern Talk, you are the owner of the Wayfarer’s Inn, a popular pit stop for adventurers crossing the land of Asteria. As the owner, you’re in charge of everything, including being the barkeeper! However, your drinks aren’t simply ales and wines, but magical potions that will alter the fate of the drinker. In fact, adventurer’s come to you before they embark on important quests and tasks to bolster their abilities to help their outcomes. But you’re also a dealer of quests, yourself. As you speak to your patrons, you’ll gather bits and pieces, rumors, and hints of what’s going on in the world beyond your doors. Arrange those pieces of information into tangible quests for your patrons to complete to further the story and discover what fate awaits the world around you. 

Release Date

I’ve been eagerly awaiting Tavern Talk for a while now, and today they’ve announced the release date! You will be able to grab the game for yourself June 20th from Steam! You can still check out the demo in the meantime, and add this beautiful visual novel to your Steam Wishlist! There are also plans for a Switch release, too.



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    Tavern Talk Finally Announces Release Date