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  • svgApr 8, 2017Animal Crossing

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    [dropcap]A[/dropcap]nimal Crossing Switch at this point is unavoidable, there have been many signs pointing at the upcoming village simulation to be released on Nintendos latest console. Reggie the president of Nintendo North America announced in a recent interview that all of Nintendos big game franchises will essentially see a Switch release sooner or later. Animal Crossing has grown to be one of the biggest Nintendo games.

    While no formal announcement has been made, the presence of the game on the Switch in various forms such as the user icons, the images in the news section of the console – and more, it is save to assume that a new Animal Crossing has been in production for several years. From a business perspective the next logical step would be to release a new Animal Crossing on Smartphones and the Nintendo Switch. The last installment in the series was released in 2012, a new game is overdue. Furthermore the Animal Crossing Smartphone version has been announced and is set to release anytime after April 2017, the game is supposed to tie in with a Nintendo console based version such as Animal  Crossing: New Leaf Welcome Amiibo or an entirely new game, like Animal Crossing Switch.

    While waiting for Nintendo to step forward and finally announce and release a new Animal Crossing, we are looking at some Animal Crossing Alternatives that you should play while waiting for the new video game in the village simulator franchise to come out.

    Stardew Valley

    One of the biggest farming simulation games to hit the market in the last few years. Stardew Valley combines the best out of Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon and creates something very unique. Exploration, Mining, Fishing, Farming, Dating and so much more make this game an absolute must play. Stardew Valley is available on PC, Mac, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The video game is even set to be released on Nintendo Switch in Summer 2017, and will be the first console to feature the brand new Stardew Valley Multiplayer experience, although the coop mode is also going to be released on PC,Mac, PS4 and Xbox One after.


    Chucklefish the publisher behind Stardew Valley has also released Starbound. This game shares some similarities to Minecraft. You will be digging and building, but furthermore, there is a huge exploration aspect to it. You can travel from planet to planet, and each has it’s own look and feel to it. You can plant and farm, build houses, and populate each and every planet to your own liking. Starbound really shines when played with friends in the multiplayer coop mode. You can work together to collect materials, explore the different worlds and more. This video game is one of the most exciting and well executed indie games. If you haven’t played it yet, you should watch the gameplay trailer below. Starbound is available on PC, Mac, Playstation Vita, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

    Store of Seasons: Trio of Towns

    Story of Seasons is considered the new Harvest Moon, and done so rightfully. The 3DS Game is a perfect replacement for the once so successful Harvest Moon series. It features Farming, dating, crafting and more. If you haven’t played the newly released Trio of Towns, then you can watch the gameplay trailer below. The game is now available on Nintendo 3DS.

    The Tomorrow Children

    This one is a unique, but tremendously exciting Open World MMO experience. The Tomorrow Children is a free to play video game on the Playstation 4. The MMO looks and feels like something never seen or done before. This video games puts you in an empty city, that can only survives if you keep providing the things it needs. As you provide power, collect materials, build shops and housing, you will also randomly encounter other online players who help to make the city thrive. The Tomorrow Children can hardly be put in words, so we will let the trailer below speak for us. If you have not played the game yet, we strongly recommend to give it a try. While it is a free to play game with in-game transaction, it is easily being enjoyed without having to spend any money on it. The MMO video game is currently available on Playstation 4.

    Rune Factory 4

    This game is as close as it gets to Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. While it features farming, and some building elements the video game also focuses on exploration and adventuring Rune Factory 4 has been a fans favorite for a good reason. The game is available for Nintendo 3DS.

    These Animal Crossing Alternatives should help you fill the gap between now and a new Animal Crossing. Rumors are circulating that the frequent delay of the Animal Crossing Smartphone version is due to the fact that Nintendo is holding back until they are ready to announce the all new game in the franchise for the Nintendo Switch. We will update on the topic as soon as there are news to report.

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  • svgApr 2, 2017Feature

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    [dropcap]N[/dropcap]intendo has released it’s new hybrid console more than a month ago. We have seen amazing games like Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Snake Pass, Frontier Days, Human Resource Machine and many others. Nintendo has big plans in the coming months, with major Nintendo Switch Games to be released throughout the rest of the year. We are taking a look at games that will be coming out on Nintendo Switch in 2017.

    While Zelda: Breath of the Wild keeps most Switch owners still occupied, a console can only survive and sell more units, if games keep coming. And Nintendo is hard at work getting publishers onboard to develope more video games for Nintendos latest console. With more than 100 games currently in development, we have picked a few of the highlights that are expected to be released this year. Here is a list of the most exciting video games you can expect to see and play in the next 9 months. We will continue to update this list of Nintendo Switch Games for 2017, so make sure to check – leave a comment below and let us know what game you look forward to playing the most!

    2017 List of Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games

    Nintendo Switch Games of 2017

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – April 28th

    Splatoon 2 – Summer 2017

    Rime – May 2017

    Arms – Summer 201

    Nintendo Switch Games of 2017

    Elder Scrolls Skyrim – Fall 2017

    Fifa 18 – Fall 2017

    Minecraft Switch Edition – 2017

    Fire Embelm – 2017 / 2018

    Nintendo Switch Games of 2017

    Mario Odyssey – Holiday Season 2017

    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – 2017

    NBA 2k18 – September 2017

    Pokemon Stars – 2017 / 2018

    Nintendo Switch Games of 2017

    Sonic Mania – Fall/Winter 2017

    SteamWorld Dig 2 – Fall/Winter 2017

    Terreria – 2017

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – 2017

    Nintendo Switch Games of 2017

    Yooka-Laylee – 2017

    Stardew Valley – Summer 2017

    Cube Life: Island Survival HD – 2017

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 -2017

    Nintendo Switch Games

    Payday 2- Fall 2017

    Monopoly – Summer 2017

    Namco Museum – Summer 2017

    Disgaea 5 Complete – May 23rd, 2017


    Nintendo Switch Games of 2017

    This is our list of the most exciting Video Game releases on Nintendo Switch this year. Keep in mind there are currently more than 100 hundreds games in development for the Switch. Some of those will be released this year, others later on.

    Story of Seasons is currently also in development along with other popular games like Harvest Moon, Pokemon and more – with no definite release date yet. Once these games do receive a release window, we will update the list above!

    You can find a detailed list of the Nintendo Switch and 3DS game releases right here.

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  • svgMar 21, 2017Interviews

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    We recently had a chance to sit down and speak with Rebecca one of the two creators behind Ooblets. Rebecca is handling the programming and art development on her own.  Even though she is handling a 2 person full time job, she was kind enough to take some time and answer some questions, that fans of the game are burning to know.

    When we asked about the possibility to play with friends, Rebecca stated that there are currently no plans to add a 2 player co-op mode to the game, however, she would love to add a multiplayer mode to a possible Ooblets sequel in the future. Furthermore, she also went into greater detail about the main activities in the game, and what she is most excited about  “is the player’s house upgrades, decoration, and item placement“. Player housing is always an exciting addition to any game, being able to create your home, and have a place to return to at the end of the day is something many players enjoy.

    Rebecca also defined the core gameplay of Ooblets a little more. As she explains “The main activities are farming, exploring, battling, running a shop, and customizing stuff like your character, your Ooblets, your house, your shop, etc.” We were especially excited to hear about the possibility to run your own shop in Ooblets, and we can’t wait to hear more details about the shopkeeping feature in the game.

    She also pointed out that given this project is based on the power of two people it may be unrealistic to expect Sims-like customization levels in regards to housing. Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley and other similar games do offer housing customization to some extend as well. As Ooblets has so many different activities to offer, players will be busy enough exploring all the other options, without having to worry about the depth of building level in the game.

    Ooblets is packed with tons of features, and a level of cuteness not seen before. You can read the full interview with the lead programmer and lead artist on Ooblets below.

    myPotatoGames: Are you considering to add a Multiplayer mode to Ooblets?
    Rebecca: I think Ooblets co-op would be amazing, but with a two person team and the entirety of the game programming falling on my shoulders, it’s not feasible to include it and still get the game out in 2018. We’re hoping to maybe include multiplayer in a sequel if there’s enough interest.

    myPotatoGames: Are there plans to have custom content?
    Rebecca: There are no plans for that but it’s not completely out of the question. We do run the risk of spreading the game too thin with too much customization.

    myPotatoGames: Do you see Ooblets hitting more platforms than just PC and Xbox One? Perhaps the Switch?
    Rebecca: We don’t know what the future will hold!

    myPotatoGames: Is “Badgetown” customizable in any way? Can you decorate it or place buildings?
    Rebecca: You’ll hopefully be able to rent at least one building in Badgetown, but I don’t know about placing buildings or decorating. We’ve had a lot of plans for more town customization but they’re honestly likely not going to make it in given all the other big systems we still have left to implement. That’s another of those things that if there’s enough interest after release, it might be good to include in a sequel.

    myPotatoGames: Will Ooblets feature a social system similar to Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley where you can get married to an NPC?
    Rebecca: While we do get a lot of requests for this, we’re not currently planning it. There may be some sort of personal relationship mechanic for how friendly you are with various NPCs, but we’re probably going to avoid romantic relationships altogether.

    myPotatoGames: Do you work alone on the game?
    Rebecca: The team is me and @perplamps who is the game designer, community manager, and general businessy person. I do the art and code. We’ve had a few small things done by freelancers and we’re hoping to get more freelanced work added as we go along. In terms of non-development help, we’re super thankful to all the support and encouragement we get from our publisher Double Fine, our Patreon backers, and all the people who enjoy (and especially those who share) our content on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

    myPotatoGames: What is your favorite activity in Ooblets as of right now?
    Rebecca: The thing I’m currently most excited about is the player’s house upgrades, decoration, and item placement. I’m a little bit afraid that people are thinking Ooblets has Sims-level customization which it totally won’t have, but you will be able to buy and collect furniture and items to put around your house and farm.

    myPotatoGames: What main activties can a player expect in the game?
    Rebecca: The main activities are farming, exploring, battling, running a shop, and customizing stuff like your character, your ooblets, your house, your shop, etc. Some of this stuff will obviously be a lot lighter than it’d be in a AAA game but we’re hoping that there will be dozens of hours worth of content and gameplay.

    myPotatoGames: Are there seasons and/or weather in the game?
    Rebecca: There’s some weather (well, rain) already implemented, but we’re not currently planning on seasons. Instead, there will be different biomes and weather depending on the region you’re exploring. One region might be snow and ice based while another would be a desert, and the crops you can collect there might require special care to grow back on your farm (like special greenhouses, soil, and planters).

    myPotatoGames: What inspired you to start this project?
    Rebecca: Our inspirations are pretty close to the surface!

    Thank you so much Rebecca for answering our questions, and letting us be a part of the development progress of Ooblets. If you want to support the Ooblets team you can do so by joining the Patreon here. You can join Rebecca on Twitter here. Ooblets is currently set to release on PC and Xbox One. Check back for more information on Ooblets in the very near future. In the meantime you can enjoy the announcement trailer below.

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  • svgMar 3, 2017News

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    [dropcap]S[/dropcap]taxel is a game with elements from Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, Minecraft and even a bit of Animal Crossing. If all of those games make your gamer heart jump a little higher, than the new exclusive gameplay video is just right for you. Plukit the developer behind Staxel is currently working hard on refining the game. Even though it is in early development, it is packed with features!

    If you wan to learn more about Staxel you can find our short preview here. We will have more exclusive Gameplay Videos highlighting the beautiful world of Staxel further. The game features a single as well as a Multiplayer Mode allowing you to build a farmland with your friends, trade, craft and build together. This is where the game really comes to shine. Imagine a world where you build your farm, then invite your best friend to build his or her farm right
    next to yours.

    Create a small community and help each others along the way. Open your own shop and provide the town with Apples and Oranges, while your friends will cover crafts and more. Options are endless, and the Multiplayer Mode is what makes Staxel stand out the most. We will dig into the multiplayer in our next video. Plukit fully supports the modding community for Staxel, allowing an endless amount of new features to come for the farming game.

    We have an exclusive Gameplay Video showing the first 10 minutes of Staxel, sit back, relax and enjoy the video below.

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  • svgMar 1, 2017News

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    2 More days until March 3rd when the Nintendo Switch officially comes out. With every day we passing we see the list of games coming out for the hybrid console increasing. Only yesterday Stardew Valley was announced for the console, including the long awaited Multiplayer. Today Nintendo released a Video on how you can download games for the Switch. Watch the short clip bellow to learn how to obtain games from the e-shop.

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  • svgFeb 28, 2017News

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    [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he popular Harvest Moon like game Stardew Valley is officially coming to Nintendo Switch! The company announced today that the game would be ported to Nintendos new console. Stardew Valley is currently available on PC/Mac, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It will be released for Switch in the next few months. No exact release date has been provided at this time.

    The Nintendo Switch version will be identical to the version currently available on the above named platforms. However, the Nintendo Switch will be the first console to feature the long awaited multiplayer mode. PC and Mac players will receive the Free Multiplayer Update even earlier.

    The Multiplayer mode for Stardew Valley will allow you to invite your friends into your town, go fishing together, help each others maintain your farm, trade items and more. Players are especially excited to explore the mines with friends. The Multiplayer mode will be available when the game launches for the Nintendo Switch in Summer 2017.

    Stardew Valley is just one of many indie games coming to the hybrid console. Other indie games that have been announced for the new console include Pocket Rumble, War Groove, Shakedown Hawaii and many more. The list of games for the Switch is growing daily.

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  • svgFeb 15, 2017Feature

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    Computer games have been around for many decades now, but what has changed is it’s audiance. No longer are games reserved for teenagers. As the gaming market has expanded it’s target audiance, we finally are getting games that aren’t based on combat. Games based on puzzle solving, building, decoration, and other calming activists are becoming more popular! We love to cozy up at night and play a game or two, we are sharing a list of games with you, that you can play today on your computer or mobile device.

    In this game you are stepping into the role of a famous detective, Sherlock Holmes. You will wander through a beautiful town, solving puzzles and crimes. This game including its many investigations, puzzles and more – will relax you, and keep your mind occupied. It has been around for quite a while, but this classic is something to look at!

    Available for PC

    Stardew Valley

    Stardew Valley is a beloved series among fans of games like Harvest Moon, Zelda and Animal Crossing. The game is about marriage, gardening, mining, exploring, fishing, and so much more! The calming soundtrack in this game will help you relax your mind within minutes! If you haven’t already check out Stardew Valley here! The game is currently available on PC and Mac, and is set to release on Nintendos new Console, the Switch later this year.
    Available for PC / Mac

    Monument Valley

    This Puzzle game is not only beautiful, but also mind bending! There is no ignoring of Monument Valley when it comes to Puzzle games, and games with an outstandingly beautiful atmosphere! UThe pleasant audio, and sound effects used in this game are relaxing from the beginning to the end, you will want to wear headphones! Each level provides a new challenge, give it a try! Monument Valley should be installed on any mobile device out there!
    Available on iOS / Android


    Firewatch has been released last year in 2016, this game packs stunning graphics, and a story line that will drive you through an emotional roller coaster. You are placed into the life of guard inside a National Park, solving puzzles, exploring the beautiful park, and tugging along to learn more about the intriguing storyline.
    Available on PC / Mac / PS4 / Xbox One


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    [dropcap]” C[/dropcap]oncernedApe the creator of The Farming and Social Simulator Stardew Valley has recently announced that a multiplayer / Co-Op version is well underway and set to release in the not so distant future.

    The Co-Op Update has long been awaited by many fans. A multiplayer update would allow friends to play together, share a farm, and work cooperativly within the same town.

    While fans are patiently waiting to see the official Multiplayer being added with a free update, some dedicated players have taken up the challenge to release a Multiplayer Mod. While not flawless, the mod does allow players to play with their friends, if you can’t wait for the official update, you can try the mod to play Stardew Valley with your friends today. Be sure to backup your save game before installing the mod.

    Stardew Valley is a beloved series among fans of games like Harvest Moon, Zelda and Animal Crossing. If you haven’t already check out the Stardew Valley trailer bellow! The game is currently available on PC and Mac, and is set to release on Nintendos new Console, the Switch later this year.

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