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  • svgApr 3, 2024Indie Highlight

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    I’m taking it back a couple of years for this one because who doesn’t love a good tycoon game in the same vein as RollerCoaster Tycoon and such? This time, though, you run your own music festival! Festival Tycoon gives you the design and micro-management powers to create and run your dream music festival right from the comfort of your home. Plant flowers, fix toilets, book shows, and sign deals to grow your music show into a great success! 

    Use ‘create mode’ in Festival Tycoon to design your perfect festival grounds. Start from a modest backyard bash and grow into an international success. Pick from a variety of biomes to set up in, and place stages as well as food options and bathrooms to appease your guests. Set up a killer lineup from different music genres like folk, rock, and techno with your limited budget. And don’t forget the sponsors. They can help fund your dream festival, but they come with high demands you must meet. Plus, your customers need to be happy in order to have a successful show! 

    Will you build a globally successful festival?

    Release Date

    Festival Tycoon is available now on Steam and Epic!

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  • svgDec 20, 2023News

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    I’ve been playing dotAGE quite a bit since I got my hands on it. It’s been an absolute staple in my Steam library. It’s easy to pick up and put down, or so easy to get completely engrossed in and lose the day. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, you can read my previous mention of it here, and I even have a review of it. 

    Now, there’s a Christmas update! This update gives players a new story to play where Santa is exploiting his elf Pips and needs to reach a certain quota of gifts. It’s your job as the Elder to help Santa reach that quota! Aside form a higher difficulty level, the story has a few things to spice it up and make it different from the rest of dotAGE

    – New resource: Gift!

    – Four new buildings!

    – A new map with evergreen trees and snow all around!

    – A new job: Santa’s Helper!

    – A special doom event with a twist!

    – A new flow specific to Santa, with a shorter run and custom seasons!

    Will you be able to save Christmas?

    You can find dotAGE on Steam!

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  • svgOct 18, 2023Indie Highlight

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    dotAGE has you playing as the Elder of a village who has had visions of a doomed future. You take a handful of your villagers, called Pips, to seek out a new valley to settle in the hopes of overcoming these dooms. You need to guide them in working hard to prepare for what these dooms have in store. 

    With worker placement mechanics inspired by board games, dotAGE’s turn-based roguelike survival has you building a brand new village to suit your villagers’ needs and their survival. Each turn you can assign each Pip to a specific task like collecting food, chopping wood, or healing ailments. You can also train them in different professions as you upgrade your buildings to bigger and more useful things. You need to be careful and thoughtful in how you place your buildings as managing resources is imperative to survival. Once you end your turn, the Domains will take their turn and unleash increasingly powerful events on your village! 

    Can you survive them all and find out what’s causing the apocalypse?

    Simple, but Wildly Engaging

    When I say this game is addictive, I mean it’s addictive. It’s one of those games where you can pick it up and put it down at any moment because it regularly auto-saves, which makes it great for killing a few minutes of time. However, I’ve sat down fully intending to pay dotAGE for all of 20 minutes, and find myself still playing two hours later repeating “just one more turn” to myself. 

    Visually and game-play wise, it’s a really simple game. dotAGE has a cute pixel graphic style and simple sound effects. Plus, you navigate the research menu to unlock new buildings to build. Navigate the build menu to pick what to build. Click an already existing building to assign a Pip to a job. Then, click End Turn to advance the day. That’s it. There is the Agepedia which logs the different buildings, events, Pip traits, etc that you come across while playing, but that isn’t necessary for playing. It’s not a super complicated game, but succeeds in holding my attention for chunks of time! 

    And if you’re a fan of ActRaiser? Then perhaps you should try out this game. It has a very similar feel to it with the city building aspect.

    Final Thoughts

    There are difficulty levels you can choose from, which really makes dotAGE great. I’ve been playing an Easy campaign and still having a hard time keeping up with the dooms! However, it’s a great place to start to learn how to play the game and get a feel for what it’s like. Then, as you become accustomed to it, you can move to the harder difficulties. It’s perfect for testing your resource management and survival skills and challenging yourself! 

    There are games that I play through and remove from my computer to free up space. Many of those games I’ve loved, and will likely play again. Stardew Valley, Terraria, Core Keeper, and Raft being the main ones. Then there are games that live on my computer indefinitely because I can, and will, pick them up randomly to play. They’re essentially immortalized in my head and on my desktop. dotAGE is now one of those. I struggled hard to finish my first campaign, having up to 31 Pips only to end the game with 8, but I loved absolutely every second of this game.

    Overall, I give dotAGE

    You can find dotAGE on Steam now!

    Heard of the Story? is another city builder you ought to checkout! There’s also Fabledom, The Wandering Village, and Gourdlets!

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  • svgOct 5, 2023Indie Highlight

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    I had the chance to try out the dotAGE demo recently, and I have to say that it was quite fun! In this game you play as the Elder. You had a vision of doom, so took several of your fellow Pips (people) with you in search of safety. You find an empty, but flourishing valley to restart life in, and it’s your job to ensure your Pips survive the events foretold by the Prophecy you saw!

    dotAGE blends turn-based village building and rogue-like survival to create an engaging experience. There’s not a moment where I was bored playing the demo. Every moment is full of trying to prepare and survive.  You’ll direct your Pips to complete tasks like gathering food, building new homes or other useful buildings, herding animals, growing crops, and much more. The goal is to build a thriving new settlement that can survive the doom foretold by the Prophecy. 

    Plus, each run of dotAGE will be different. The Elder’s memories are unclear, so what you experience in one run may not be what you experience in another run. This keeps the game fresh and replayable. You can also change the difficulty of your gameplay to further challenge yourself and master the game, or just enjoy a cozy pixel graphics city builder in the easier mode. It’s up to you!

    Available Now

    dotAGE is available now on Steam! You can check out the demo before buying, too.

    Parkitect, Havendock, and Autonauts are other great resource management games to try!

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  • svgAug 3, 2019News

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    Hive Quest is a whimsical journey through lush, enchanted woodland filled with ancient magic, intriguing puzzles, and more! We thoroughly enjoyed playing the demo, which you can read about here, by sole developer Rod Tyson from Golden Heart Games. You can even try it out for yourself on Indie DB or Gamejolt, and Wishlist the game on Steam here. Below are the details of the current Kickstarter Campaign if you’d like to support Hive Quest, as well as a few more details about the game.

    Kickstarter Campaign

    You can help support this indie game through Kickstarter here from now until August 16th, 2019 with some awesome stretch goals to reach for and tons of goodies as rewards. Moreover, extra funding will also help the creator personally so he can continue developing this game as well as giving him the ability to obtain new 3D models for new levels and content, create more artwork, and add more voice acting and music! The Alpha is slated for December 2019, the Beta is April 2019, and Steam Early Access around the Summer of 2020.

    Stretch Goals

    • The four different tribes currently in the game will get a cool make over.
    • A wider variety of plants, trees, mushrooms, insects, birds and animals.
    • Puzzles, more mystery and more lore! 
    • Crazy encounters along with more spiffy voice acting. 
    • More creature pet choices, to keep the Shrublet company. 
    • A bigger world! More themed locations to explore.


    • Digital Wallpaper Pack
    • Digital Art Book
    • Special Edition Magic Portal Poster
    • Beta Tester Access
    • Alpha Tester Access
    • Ancient Secret – Your name and a short message in a secret location
    • Easter Egg – create something cool with the developer himself
    • Special Kickstarter Hive Drone Skin

    Hive Quest – Strange Adventures in the Wild Wood Updates

    You play as drones that are part of a Hive Mind and establish yourself in your new home. Manage your resources, create new buildings, have creature pets find ingredients and guardians to protect your hive. There’s so much more to explore, magical characters and spells to discover, and puzzles to solve in this rich and enchanting world! We’re talking witches, fairies, woodland sprites and more!


    The four insect tribes mentioned above even have their own pantheon of gods! Each of which will play a role in the game. There’s definitely ancient magic at work here.

    • Mara : the goddess of peace and harmony. Her servant is Yuna the guide, who you will meet very early on in the demo.
    • Angrith: the god of destruction, too be invoked in times of war. 
    • Nexir: the dark god of betrayal also exists, but his motives are shrouded in mystery.

    Subterfuge and Warfare

    You can create beacons from pebbles and other stuff lying around with the aid of a Beacon Spell. This will beguile the drones from an enemy hive. Furthermore, you can also use a Zealot as a spy to infiltrate an enemy hive and change its allegiance. When there are enemy hives that need squashing, you can grab a bunch of your drones and point them in their direction. You can also bring to life piles of old sticks to make a Stick Knight that will further defend your hive.

    Finally, the developer has fixed many bad bugs since the last demo so you might want to return to the Old Orchard and have another go! You can grow your Hive into a powerful kingdom in Hive Quest although just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful view flying around is also a treat! Follow Rod Tyson on Twitter here to stay updated on Hive Quest’s progress.

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  • svgJul 27, 2019News

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    You are responsible for colonizing uninhabited planets by starting from nothing and harnessing natural resources to build a robot empire! In Autonauts you teach adorable little robots how to world-build so you can sit back and watch them do all of the hard work for you (with fair wages of course – no we just made that up). In truth you can create these little workerbots from humble beginnings and watch them create an entire automated civilization. Moreover, this is all about reaching new heights of technology for our species.

    Autonauts is currently being developed by Denki and published by Curve Digital. On July 25th, 2019, the creators announced that the game will be releasing on Steam in Autumn 2019. They also would like to take it to further platforms other than PC but for now you can Wishlist it here.

    About Autonauts

    Travel the universe colonizing uninhabited planets with the sole goal of setting worlds in motion through the power of automation. Fresh from your spaceship you must harvest stick and stone and begin your colonization efforts. Create rudimentary crafting items from blueprints and slowly build a number of workerbots to aid in your efforts.

    Teach and shape their artificial intelligence with a visual programming language. Afterward, instruct them to begin the formation of your colony. Marvel as a planet you’ve shaped becomes home to a civilization of workerbots, happy to do your bidding! Expand further with the creation of colonists; beings that require your assistance to survive. Push your workerbots further by introducing fishing, cooking, housing, and tailoring and help the colonists into a state of transcendence. 

    Key Features

    • Playful Programming. Teach your workerbots requisite steps to complete tasks by asking them to repeat actions utilizing a visual programming language. Designed to be easy to learn but with added complexity there are numerous possibilities.
    • Automated Automation. Build an army of bots to automate just about everything in your colony, teach them what to do and expand both their brains and task possibilities with numerous upgrades and options.
    • Various Ventures. From gathering to building, cooking, fishing, tailoring, farming, animal husbandry and more – the world of Autonauts is vast with limitless opportunities to automate and colonize.
    • Charming Creativity. The world of Autonauts pops to life with a low-poly art-style married with a consistent and bright color palette adding depth and scale, creating a relaxing and attractive play space.

    Autonauts is unique in combining agriculture, simulation, crafting, building, production-line, and resource management all in one. If you’re interested in automated production-lines and managing robots, check out our article here: Automachef – Kitchen Puzzle Game with Fast-Food & Robots.

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  • svgJul 16, 2019News

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    Merchant of the Skies, created by indie developer Coldwild Games, is set to release on Steam Early Access here on July 30th, 2019! This strategic RPG and simulation game is all about becoming the captain of a flying ship! Sell items, gather resources, and build your own trade company in the clouds!

    It’s been a while since we last checked in with the development of this trade-empire-in-the-skies so here are some updates. Specifically, we here at myPotatoGames are pleased with our findings of this particular masterpiece: Majestic Carrot. See a video below of this adorable mini-game which has you playing along with a singing giant carrot.

    As mentioned in our previous article here, goals are a big part of the fun for Merchant of the Skies. Take a look at one of them below which involves rebuilding an ancient lighthouse used for airship navigation. In order to accomplish this goal you’ll need to gather resources and/or expand your base.

    How do you go about your search for valuable resources? Normally, your ship requires special tools (modules) to gather specific resource types. However, whenever you discover a new island with natural resources, you can scout it to gather what you can. As you accumulate more money, you can purchase resource producing islands. Once you have built some buildings on those islands and as the in-game calendar runs, your warehouses keep stockpiling gathered resources. You can either sell them or invest into building advanced production chains.

    You can find out more about their latest updates on their Steam page mentioned above! If you love the idea of being a merchant and selling some goods, then check out Mineko’s Night Market and everything we know about the upcoming game here.

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  • svgMay 24, 2019News

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    In Merchant of the Skies you’re the captain of an airship! Sell items, gather resources, and build your own trade empire in the clouds! Merchant of the Skies is the trading game with light base-building and tycoon elements. You start off as a captain of a small cloudship and work your way towards establishing your own trade company. The game is created by indie developer Coldwild Games and will be available on Steam Early Access July 30th, 2019.

    Key Features

    • Become a trader! Find the best trade routes and profit from them.
    • Discover the world! Travel between flying isles and face different encounters.
    • Sandbox gameplay: do what you want at your own pace.
    • Gain experience and become more savvy when it comes to trading, then start your own goods production.

    Current Updates

    Coldwild Games is currently working on adding set goals for Merchant of the Skies. In other words, you will have tasks to complete for those of you that like to have a purpose. For those of you that don’t, you can always set the game to “no objectives” and play at your own leisure. The goals will vary by length which you can often customize. For example, it will take 20, 40, 60, or 90 minutes to complete.

    Uncover new islands on your map and visit each destination for information and goals. Once you have discovered the area and see what it has to offer, you can easily plan your trade routes accordingly.

    With this game you can build a company in the skies. Similarly, check out our article on Flotsam where you build your village on the open seas!

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