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  • svgJul 12, 2019Mobile Game

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    Melbits World Pocket, created by indie developer Melbot Studios, is a mobile game inspired by Tamagotchi and Lemmings. As your adorable and colorful Melbits walk around in a 3D platform world, you must help them navigate by solving puzzles before time runs out. The testing is now closed but the full version will be releasing within the next few months. There’s also a PlayStation 4 PlayLink version out now!

    We had previously mentioned an upcoming Melbits POD in the works in our mobile game review here. Now we have some more information and how that POD works! There will also be a Kickstarter campaign coming soon so follow them on their website here to be the first to know when a date is set.

    Prototype premiered at DreamHack

    Melbot Studios is all about creative thinking, invention, and imagination. Now, with a completely new project, they’re integrating videogames and technology with a traditional wholesome toy; the Melbits POD. This toy has multiple sensors that react to light, temperature, and movement. You have to get creative to hatch and nurture your own little Melbits. The prototype POD is still in early development but the developers hope to have it ready by Christmas this year with several different designs and colors to choose from.

    How the Melbits POD Works

    Thanks to smart bluetooth technology, your mobile device can interact with the cute toy egg. It combines on-screen interaction with your virtual Melbits and physical toy egg that you use with your surroundings. When you place the POD on a smartphone or tablet, your Melbits will start to incubate and emerge with different sizes and personalities. This all depends on which types of Melbits you would like to create. For example, there are Melbits that like heat, so you will have to put the POD in the sun. Other Melbits like to play, so you will have to physically move the POD around.

    We’ll keep you posted on this very interesting venture so stay tuned! For another mobile game that focuses on and using AR, check out our article on TokoToko here!

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  • svgJul 8, 2019News

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    Donut County is a physics puzzle and adventure game developed by Ben Esposito and published by Annapurna Interactive. In this colorful game, there are adorable characters to meet and holes to throw them in. Not to mention – tons of trash to steal.

    About Donut County:

    You play as BK. He’s a raccoon – and a new hire at a startup. The startup utilizes remote-controlled holes to steal trash. It’s a pretty sweet gig for a raccoon until…BK falls into one of the holes.

    Then he has to answer to his best friend – Mira – and the other (adorable) residents of Donut County. They’re pretty unhappy with BK because they’re now trapped 999 feet below their homes.

    So, what do you do? You control a hole. Whenever you swallow something, the hole grows a little bit bigger. It reminds us of Katamari Damacy.

    You also solve puzzles by combining different objects inside of the hole then launching them back out.

    Key Features:

    • Combine objects for surprising effects.
    • Launch them back out to solve puzzles.
    • Explore negative space.
    • Ruin everyone’s day by devouring everything!

    Watch the trailer:

    Donut County is available on Steam, PS4, GOG, the App Store, and the Mac App Store. Get it for 33% off on Steam and GOG before the end of tomorrow, July 9th!

    Want more games from publisher Annapurna Interactive? Check out the mystery game What Remains of Edith Finch – out for Nintendo Switch now! Like physics games? We recommend Totally Reliable Delivery Service or Heave Ho.

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  • svgJun 28, 2019News

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    In Mr. Tic Toc & the Endless City, you play as an antiquarian whose suitcase is actually a time-travelling device. Solving problems by travelling through time and time-crafting, you will get to change the shape of the island and meet different characters from prehistoric times all the way to the 3000s. You can play this beautifully hand-painted watercolor and 3D game on PC, and other platforms (TBD), sometime in 2019.

    “What if planting a tree could turn your life upside down, would you do it?” Mr. Tic Toc’s goal is to go home with his family by solving puzzles across time. Thanks to his time-traveling briefcase, that’s as mysterious as Mary Poppins’ as it can also hold many large objects, Mr. Tic Toc will be able to voyage as he pleases across time! For example, he can travel to different times throughout history such as Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the nineteenth century, and the twenty-first century. Set out to recover a rare artifact to become the most famous antiquarian. However, be aware that every action has a consequence.

    Mr. Tic Toc & the Endless City is in development by Un Je Ne Sais Quoi, a studio based in France. They describe this game as a ‘time-wrecking adventure’ on Twitter here, which you can follow for more information and illustrations. You can also purchase their lovely artwork on their official website here. If you like the visual design of this game, check out Guinea Pig Parkour here! It’s a hand-drawn 2D adventure game with bright colors.

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  • svgJun 26, 2019Mobile Game

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    ThroughLine Games is an independent game development studio focusing on story-driven games with high artistic ambitions. The team, located in Denmark, are the ones behind Forgotton Anne, a seamless cinematic adventure game that released on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2018.

    The creators have won numerous awards for their visual design and writing since then! Therefore, it comes to no surprise that in addition to the platforms mentioned above, we can enjoy the game for iOS devices today (June 26th, 2019)! What’s new on the iOS is: gameplay trailers, splash screens, and minor updates. The game is free with some in-app purchases. See below to learn more about Forgotton Anne!

    About Forgotton Anne

    Forgotton Anne is a cinematic game that combines puzzle platforming and adventure game elements. You are Anne, the enforcer keeping order in the Forgotten Lands, as you set out to squash a rebellion that might prevent your master, Bonku, and yourself from returning to the human world.

    The World of Forgotton Anne

    Imagine a place where everything that is lost and forgotten goes; old toys, letters, single socks. The Forgotten Lands is a magical world inhabited by Forgotlings, creatures composed of mislaid objects longing to be remembered.

    Key Features

    • Discover a beautifully realized world of wonder filled with Forgotlings, charming everyday objects brought to life, bursting with personality.
    • Uncover the truth behind the harrowing conflict taking place between an impassioned ruler and ruthless rebellion.
    • Harness the power of Anima, the energy that brings life to the Forgotten Lands. Use it to solve puzzles and command ultimate control over Forgotlings’ lives.
    • Choose carefully. Your words and actions can alter the tale being told thanks to a branching dialogue system that places the power in your hands.
    • Run, leap, and soar as you strive to guide Anne home, unlocking areas and abilities along the way.
    • Enjoy hand-animated visuals created using the same traditional techniques that brought your favourite animated movies to life.
    • Immerse yourself in a soaring orchestral score performed by the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra.

    Get it on the App Store here and embark on a breathtaking journey today! To find out more about Forgotton Anne or to purchase some beautiful merchandise, go to ThroughLine Games’ official website here. Similarly, for another thrilling story-driven game, check out What Remains of Edith Finch, now coming to the Nintendo Switch!

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  • svgJun 25, 2019News

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    This wonderful adventure under the sea about building relationships and making choices that will change the fate of all of creation was created by indie developer Paralune. The game will be releasing late 2019 for PC and you can wishlist it on Steam right here. A couple of months ago the creators announced the following on Twitter: “we just want to say how excited we are that the writing is now finished for every quest in the game…” Therefore, there isn’t too much longer to wait!

    About Mythic Ocean

    What would you do if you were friends with the gods, and your influence on them could change the cosmos? Mythic Ocean is an atmospheric and charming adventure where you’ll befriend a pantheon of gods under the sea, help solve their problems, and make choices that shape the birth of a new world. Explore all the outcomes. Which god will rise above? What kind of world will they create? You decide – choose wisely.

    Every deity can grow, learn, and change their personalities based on your choices and what you teach them. You can always play through the game again and see all of the different outcomes for all of your choices. With so many charming characters to meet, underwater exploration to do, and endings to discover, we are very excited to keep an eye out on this one!

    Key Features

    • Narrative Exploration – through deep conversations with gods, your choices influence the fate of the universe
    • Diverse, peaceful underwater environments
    • Meet tons of goofy, charming creatures
    • No death, no combat, no failure. The challenge is influencing the gods to get the result you want – outcomes range between harmony and pandemonium
    • There’s a break-dancing crab

    We’re not sure about you guys, but we here at myPotatoGames are definitely down with bonding with break-dancing crabs. For more information, you can go to their official website here. If you love exploring the sea and islands, you can check out our update on Stranded Sails.

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  • svgJun 19, 2019Feature

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    Dragons have been becoming so popular these days and so are their reptilian cousins, the dinosaurs. We here at myPotatoGames have found a couple games you can play right now, as well as one new one in early development that we will be keeping a close eye on. Some dinos may be ferocious but others can also be cute and lovable, and we want to take care of them forever! Well that dream is now a possibility, see how below.


    The game is created by indie developer WashBear Studio, based in Canada. It is available on Steam Early Access here and continues to receive regular updates and added features. The most recent additions to Parkasaurus is the Workshop, where you can change dino skins (rainbow-colored woohoo), add new dinosaurs, add buildings and decorations, and the DinoBook, a guide to mini objectives, and a little insight into the Parkasaurus lore. Most importantly, yes those dinos in the trailer were wearing hats. We here at myPotatoGames are especially fond of that cheese hat. This is just the perfect game to play while we wait for Planet Zoo to release in November.

    About Parkasaurus

    Parkasaurus challenges the player to plan, design, and construct exhibits that maximize both their Dinos happiness and the park guests’ willingness to spend money! Starting with only a dream and an abandoned park the player will discover new technologies, new attractions, and a special bond with all their Dinos. It’s all captured in stunningly beautiful modernized 3D flat design graphics. In Parkasaurus, fortune is a real possibility and money management is an absolute necessity.

    Key Features

    • Exhibit Design: Each dinosaur requires a unique biosphere – the shape of exhibit, materials used, ecology, plants, elevation and humidity all make a difference
    • Park Creation and Management: Wisely spend resources to build the ultimate Dino Park and turn a profit to ensure future stability
    • Guest Monetization: By reading reviews and observing your guests, fine tune your parks flow and arrangement to maximize happiness
    • Employee Management: Level up rookie hires or bring on established veterans to help run your park smoothly
    • Time Travel for Dino Eggs: Go back in time to retrieve the hottest (and oldest) Dino Eggs
    • Chaotic Dino Escapes: Handle with care your Dino rampages by switching into first person view
    • Year Round Challenges: Manage unexpected weather disasters and the expected demands of each season

    Unnamed Dino Game

    This game has officially just received the green-light to move toward the development phase and therefore we have little to no information other than the dinos will be cute and tamable. Right now we have to make do with the occasional Twitter posts such as: “Here’s an important lesson for any dino rancher! Do you have the skills to tame and earn the trust of wild dinos.” You should also check out the adorable GIFs of dinos below and give them all the support they need!

    About This Game by Italic Pig

    It’s a casual prehistoric-themed farm/social simulation game where you can catch, collect & ride dinos on your ranch. Build dinosaur pens, keep them happy, and upgrade your farmhouse. Each dino will have different decor needs and preferences for their pens. There will also be a range of colors available for the dinos. Each species will have a specific pool of colors that you can find naturally in the wild.

    Adorable Twitter Posts

    Fossil Hunters

    If you can’t wait to play games with dinosaurs in them, then you can actually play Fossil Hunters right now on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4! This game was created by indie developer Reptoid Games, based in Canada and you can go to their official website here. Sure this game isn’t really about live adorable dinos but you can assemble their bones, solve puzzles, and explore underground caverns with your friends!

    About Fossil Hunters

    Fossil Hunters is a casual action-adventure game about digging for fossils and building your own dinosaurs. You are an adventuring Fossil Hunter who has traveled to a remote, mysterious dig site to discover the most incredible fossils the world has ever seen! Discover and assemble your own fossil creations and avoid cave-ins, monsters, and traps while you explore exciting underground environments. Find secrets, treasure, and more as you uncover clues to the whereabouts of the fossil hunters who came before you, and endeavor to reach the very bottom of the caves.

    Key Features

    • Modular fossil building system allows you to build any way you like
    • Your journey is your own: fill your field journal with notes, secrets, and sketches you discover along the way
    • Play with up to 3 other friends in the frantic local co-op mode
    • 30 hand-crafted levels with new fossils, secrets, and power-ups to discover
    • Play as one of 4 unique Fossil Hunters with multiple colour variations
    • Lush, fully orchestral soundtrack

    Furthermore, if you want to tame more dinosaurs right now, check out our earlier article on PixARK, the cuter version of Ark. Hope you enjoyed that ride!

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  • svgJun 18, 2019Mobile Game

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    The classic hit puzzler is going mobile on iOS and Android with Dr. Mario World.

    There is no doubt that the Mario name has had many faces in the gaming world, hitting just about every genre in existence. From semi-world RPG to the classic side-scrolling adventure, Mario has always been there! One of the many favorites from this nostalgia-inducing series is now getting its very own mobile reboot.

    Dr. Mario has been killing viruses since the year 1990! He was originally released for the SNES and Gameboy, but has returned to destroy bugs on every Nintendo console since its original release. So it seems fitting that he would finally show his face on mobile devices. Nintendo announced not only a release date for the new cell phone game, but also revealed a little gameplay as well as an overview on how the game accrue monies.

    A bit about this new mobile title…

    That’s right! Dr. Mario is back again and ready to go wherever you go, and available in the palm of your hand with Dr. Mario World. This comes as great news to all those die-hard Doctor fans that have been dying indulge in this addictive creation at a moments notice. You will have your classic arsenal of pills at your disposal, but since this is a mobile game, there will be new additions to the series to add a little pizzazz to this otherwise simple puzzle title.

    Welcome to Dr. Mario World!

    For more awesome puzzle action, check out our coverage of Tetris 99 by clicking here, and Harvest Moon Dash by clicking here!

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  • svgJun 17, 2019Interviews

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    Elliot & Ko is a Paper Mario inspired game about cute animal friends exploring! This slice-of-life platforming game is about interacting with many areas each with their own lovable anthropomorphic animals to meet and puzzles to solve. The sole developer is Jacob, with the help of Angel who has done some wonderful concept art and designs for the characters and the architecture. The game is still in very early development but is planned for PC and mobile on both iOS and Android.

    We here at myPotatoGames would like to thank Jacob for taking the time to answers our many questions about Elliot & Ko and we are very excited to share everything with you down below!

    Right to left: Elliot and Ko

    Meet the Elliot & Ko Team

    Play as Elliot, accompanied by Ko, and meet new friends along your journey. Some characters are sassy, some are anxious, some neurotic, but all tend to be charming and friendly (in their own right), and always ready to chat. There’s a big focus on interactions and dialog so you’ll really enjoy talking to these quirky villagers.

    Elliot: a sleepy sheep boy. They recently learned to count to 50, enjoys 12-hour naps, and is a little too hard on themselves.

    Ko: a frosty deer that loves the cold (see t-shirt), relaxing, and eating food. He tends to be very quiet but certainly isn’t unfriendly!

    Nettles: the cutest little bird witch around. She has too many plants, makes plans and immediately forgets about them, is a huge nerd, and wants you to like her boots and books.

    Lily: a precious little frog that loves to skip around. More will be revealed about her at a later date.

    Milk: loves Boba tea and growing her little garden. She grew up rather sheltered and became materialistic. However, she wants a chance to change and leave behind the boring daily grinds of the city.

    Your Adventure Begins…

    In the prologue, you are in an ‘origami ocean’ in a lovely papercraft boat sailing toward the main town to the east. During this time, you will be given small challenges and taught the basics of controls, mechanics, and turn-based battles. When you reach the dock, you’ll enter the hub world. This Victorian area is a sophisticated town in beautiful pastel colors where posh aristo-cats live. Jacob continues to narrate the intro: “Its residents all take to the two little explorers quite quickly, if not in kindness at least in attention. Various interactions with the townspeople will set off plots and (side)quests throughout the game, including setting the first chapter in motion with the sprawling, dark, industrialized metropolis hidden beneath, unseen and unheard, an unspoken secret. Surely it’s nothing sinister, but a sign that the perfection and high society whimsical life above is not without its costs.

    Origami Ocean

    Four Areas, Four Very Different Environmental Designs

    Among the other residents, in the pastel town you will meet Meringue; a lazy cat that picks fights with the sailor rabbit down by the harbor. You’ll also meet his sister Muffin who owns her own little bakery. They are both very sassy and very rich.

    This industrialized metropolis has very glamorous and large skyscrapers, with a heavy cyberpunk theme. Elliot and Ko quickly discover that many of the little workers here seem overworked.

    There are currently two other worlds with two more chapters that Jacob is working on: a train that will lead you through a western canyon and directly into space, and a little snow-covered village. This mysterious and naturalistic town houses spirits and hidden ruins. The people that you will meet here aren’t immediately willing or able to speak with you. Below you’ll see images of the area-in-progress with snowflakes, steps made of ice, and northern lights.

    Snowy Village

    Battles, Quests, and Items

    When you meet Lily, Nettles, and Milk, they will join you on your adventure and even in battle. You can choose your own party of three at all times. Each party member will have their own unique abilities. Re-enter past areas or keep checking out the hub world to discover new ways to use your partners’ abilities and gain access to new areas you weren’t able to reach before. Don’t forget to frequently speak to all of the NPCs for quests and other things to do, as well as shopping for supplies. These items include crafting materials and new abilities. You can also forage for items or receive them from enemy-drops.

    Jacob emphasizes that the battles themselves will not be either repetitive nor a grind. You’ll be able to do microgames to pull off special moves and therefore should be plenty unique, fun, and engaging. Each battle may even have different conditions to fulfill. If enemy drops are wearing you down, the developer plans on creating cute little couriers that are more than willing to come and fetch any excess baggage you may want dropped off back in town. Jacob says he plans on having these couriers be adorable little puppies that come to you by parachute.

    For More Information

    To learn more about Elliot & Ko’s development and progress, you can follow along on Twitter here and the Discord channel here. We wish Jacob all the best and can’t wait for the finished product of this adorable game and sweet/charming art style.

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