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  • svgAug 26, 2022News

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    Restore the Magic, Garden, Fish, and More

    Disney and Pixar characters once lived in harmony in picturesque Dreamlight Valley. That is, until the Forgetting happened. Memories were severed by the growth of Night Thorns, and the inhabitants were left with nowhere to go. Feeling hopeless and lost, they locked themselves inside Dream Castle.

    Now, it’s your job to return that magic to Dreamlight Valley. Play as a unique, customizable character. Spend your time gardening, cooking, fishing, and so much more. Embark on an adventure to restore the magic to Dreamlight Valley. Unlock the doors of the Dream Castle to return the characters to their homes. Forge friendships with characters and experience their rich backstories. Discover secrets as you complete quests, and earn rewards. You will even be able to design your own home and design the valley however you wish!

    Early Access Available November 6th

    Dreamlight Valley will be free-to-play when it releases in 2023. Early Access opens November 6th, but that isn’t free. However, players can choose from three Early Access packs: Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, or Ultimate Edition.

    Standard Edition will include 2 wearable items, 9 furniture items, 3 design motifs, and 8,000 moonstones currency.

    Deluxe Edition will include all Standard Edition cosmetic items, plus 10 decoration items, the Celestial Sea Turtle companion, 7 wearable items, the Deluxe Jersey and matching Mickey Mouse Donut Headband, 3 design motifs, and 14,500 moonstones currency. 

    Ultimate Edition will include all Standard and Deluxe Edition cosmetic items, plus 15 decoration items, the Royal Fox companion, 2 wearable items, the Ultimate Jersey and matching Mickey Mouse Donut Headband, 3 design motifs, and 20,000 moonstones currency. 

    For another upcoming magical life sim game, check out Witchbrook.

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  • svgAug 2, 2022Indie Highlight

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    With Complete Creative Freedom Build to Your Heart’s Content and Invite New Villages to Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labour

    Publisher Team17 and developer Wonderscope just released a new announcement trailer for the release date of Hokko Life! A lot of new features and updates have been added since receiving the feedback of fans and now the game has it all! You can craft, mine, fish, catch bugs, build, gather resources, farm, and befriend the anthropomorphic animal villagers!

    The greatest game feature is the extensive item editing and customization options! You get to design and place every single building in town, including homes, from the exterior to the interior. Redecorating is made easy as you can freely move anything anytime anywhere. The same goes for individual items such as furniture! You can modify every separate piece of decor with different shapes, sizes, colours and textures.

    Coming to Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC September 27th, 2022

    Hokko Life has been in Steam Early Access for a little over a year now and it’s finally time for the launch of the full version! The Animal Crossing-like life and farming simulation game is officially coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 27th, 2022!

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  • svgJul 26, 2022Indie Highlight

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    Explore, Fish, Farm, Befriend, and Build as Momo the Purple Cat

    Play as Momo, a kitty that craves a new rural lifestyle, and travel with best friend Mikan to a deserted island. However, the island you’ll settle on is cursed and attracting monsters! Players will have to explore dungeons, mines and new regions, all while revitalizing a ruined village.

    To help along the rebuilding effort, farm, cook, craft, fish, and give gifts. Send job postings to other furry friends and invite them to live in your community! You can even take on part-time jobs yourself. Snacko also has quite the extensive decorating mechanic with snap-grids and free rotation to all buildings and items. With a free camera, you can easily move, place, dye, or put away any object anywhere.

    Coming Soon to PC, Switch, PS4/PS5

    Snacko is developed by Bluecurse Studios and published by Armor Games Studios. They recently announced with their new trailer below that their cute cat sim adventure is also coming to PlayStation. The game is releasing soon in 2022 on PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5.

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  • svgJul 19, 2022Indie Highlight

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    Jump, Climb, Play, Run Away!

    Stray is a third-person cat adventure game where you get to navigate a ruined cybercity with droids and dangerous creatures. You’ll befriend small flying drone B-12, and together, escape said derelict place! The narrative and atmosphere may be a little dark but the gameplay is quite casual as a platformer.

    Stray is approximately 5 hours long with an ancient mystery and puzzles to solve. Although, you can spend a lot of your time climbing and jumping on rooftops, balancing on wires and beams, and just generally being a cat. Moreover, you may find toys to squeak, bottles to shove off ledges, other kitties to boop, and snoozes to take.

    Out Now on PC and PlayStation 4/5

    Stray is developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive. It is available as of today (July 19th, 2022) for PC (Steam) and PS4/PS5 exclusively — for a limited time.

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  • svgJul 7, 2022News

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    Forge Friendships with Disney and Pixar Characters in this Life-Sim

    We have even more great news from the recent Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase for those that love games that include established beloved cartoon characters from other franchises. Disney Dreamlight Valley is a simulation and adventure game where you create your very own avatar and solve puzzles and encounter challenges in order to rescue Disney and Pixar characters and bringing them back home.

    With the help of the new residents, you can collect, craft, and rebuild the Valley. The neighbourhood is yours to fully customize with creative landscaping and thousands of themed decorative items. This even includes the interior of your very own home where you can use bought items or the Touch of Magic tool to create your own designs. Furthermore, you can hangout with NPCs such as Goofy, Rapunzel, Buzz Lightyear, Moana, and more while fishing, cooking, gardening, etc!

    Releasing in Early Access September 6th, 2022 on all Platforms

    Disney Dreamlight Valley launches on all platforms September 6th, 2022 in Early Access. You may be wondering how you can play an Early Access game on the Nintendo Switch. The answer is with a Founder’s Pack. More on that will be announced in detail at a later time. For now, you can Wishlist the game on the Nintendo eShop here, or get more information on the other platforms here. The full launch date (out of Early Access) is still sometime in 2023.

    You can also expect to be able to continuously check back for more in-game content with its live service. Meet new characters in the Valley, check out the latest clothing and furniture collections in Scrooge’s Store, and complete challenging in-game events! Hopefully, Disney Dreamlight Valley will be our latest fixation for a while to come since Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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  • svgMay 26, 2022Indie Highlight

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    Fly on a Magic Broomstick, Explore an Open-World Island, and Deliver Packages to Friends

    Not only are we getting Koa and the Five Pirates of Mara in 2022 from studio Chibig, but we’re also getting Mika and The Witch’s Mountain! Together with developers Nukefist, Chibig will basically be bringing us Kiki’s Delivery Service as an adventure game. Who wouldn’t want that?

    In Mika and The Witch’s Mountain, you play as Mika the witch delivering packages to townspeople on a magic broomstick! Since you’re still in training, with every successful delivery, you will earn upgrades to help you navigate this sandbox island. Not only will flying be a bit of a challenge, but so will be protecting your packages from the elements!

    On the island, there are also secrets to uncover along with the overall narrative. Even the townspeople will have interesting stories to tell as you get to know them better!

    Coming in 2022 on Steam and All Consoles

    You’ll be able to soar the skies later this year on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC (Steam).

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  • svgFeb 8, 2020Indie Highlight

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    Developed by Peachy Keen Games and published by Whitethorn Digital. Calico is a magical, relaxed and family-friendly simulation game where players are given an opportunity to run their very own cat cafe.

    The game is expected to be released on Steam at some point during Summer 2020. The game will most likely release on the following platforms shortly afterwards:

    • Nintendo Switch
    • PlayStation 4
    • Xbox One
    • macOS
    • Macintosh operating systems

    About Calico

    Calico came about due to the game developer’s obsession with cats, magical girls and fluffy animals. However, wanting to create a game that would appeal to everyone, she also included creatures such as lizards, birds, deer, raccoons, dogs, turtles, red pandas, foxes, etc.

    She then shares about how she wanted to publish a game that would make players feel ‘soft, happy, cuddly and cozy’. If that wasn’t wholesome enough, she has said in an interview that she just wanted to create a game where the only goal is to have the best time possble.

    However, simply running the cat cafe is not the only things that players can do. The game also incorporates enjoyable aspects from other popular gaming franchises such as Animal Crossing. Similarities between Calico and Animal Crossing include the simulation aspects of both games, and the ability to place furnitire and decorations in your buildings. A perk about Calico however, is that the animals will not leave, the shop never closes, and crops never die.

    Calico Key Features

    • As all animals are interactive, players can explore the village to find cats and other animals, including raccoons, deer, dogs, turtles, red pandas, foxes, lizards, etc. The animals can be befriended, petted and played with
    • Players can ride on giant cats ( as you do? ?)
    • Run your café by filling it with animals, furniture and yummy café eats!
    • Use magic potions to change your animals and environment
    • Meet magical girls, witches and other townspeople who you can help and befriend

    According to the Steam Website, Calico won’t playable until at least Summer 2020. However, there’s no need to be disappointed, as you can play these cat-themed games in the meantime to tide you over 🙂

    For more updates on how the game is progressing, check their Twitter here.

    More Magic Games!

    Checkout Witchbrook the Stardew Valley of magic as well as Little Witch in the Woods and adorable magic and life simulation game!

    If you love life simulation games, take a looksie at this game about Japanese Rural Life!

    Japanese Rural Life Game
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  • svgDec 31, 2019Feature

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    It’s already a new year and we’re off to a good start with some wholesome games releasing in January 2020. I’m still keeping on eye on games that haven’t been officially announced with a specific date but will be coming out sometime during the winter such as Garden Paws (Switch version) and Rune Factory 4 Special. For now, take a look at the games releasing soon and let us know what you’re most excited to play!

    Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3!? – January 2020

    Cook, serve, delicious! 3 poutine

    The first Cook, Serve, Delicious! game came to PC and mobile devices in 2013. Selling more than a million copies, it was more than popular enough to warrant a sequel. Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2 was released for PC, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One, as well as Mac and Linux. Now a third entry into the series will be releasing on Steam Early Access in January 2020.

    Mythic Ocean – January 9th, 2020

    This wonderful adventure under the sea about building relationships and making choices that will change the fate of all of creation was created by indie developer Paralune. Mythic Ocean has a free demo now and will be releasing on Steam on January 9th, 2020.

    Bunny Park – January 14th, 2020

    Bunny Park is a small little simulation game from creator of Alchemy Story, Éloïse Laroche. Expand and decorate your park, and collect and take care of various bunnies! The game will be releasing on Steam on January 14th, 2020 for a very inexpensive price!

    Temtem – January 21st, 2020

    Become the best Temtem tamer and explore the six islands of the Airborne Archipelago! This creature-collecting MMO, created by Crema, will be available in Early Access January 21st, 2020 on Steam and Humble Bundle.

    Coffee Talk – January 29th, 2020

    Coffee Talk is a casual talking simulation game developed by Toge Productions. This game caught my eye in early development due to your customers being fantasy characters! Now, not only do we know that Coffee Talk will be releasing January 29th, 2020, but that it will also release simultaneously on PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One!

    You can catch up with last month’s game releases with this article here: Most Wholesome Game Releases in December.

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