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  • svgOct 11, 2020Feature

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    Halloween is coming up and I love nothing more than to cozy up with some of my favorite video games and celebrate the holidays in my favorite virtual worlds. Decorating my environment or simply enjoying the festive time with my favorite game characters is just so much fun. Here are some of the spooky or not so spooky games I look forward to playing this Halloween season!

    Animal Crossing New Leaf

    It has been 8 years that Animal Crossing New Leaf was released and I still pick it up frequently. Of course I am working hard to decorate my island in New Horizons, but New Leaf is still a lot of fun as well and I have yet to say goodbye to my old village on the 3DS.

    The game features a really fun Halloween event where you can collect lollipops and various candy pieces from villagers in your town. You then have the choice to exchange these goodies with Jack who will be in your town on October 31st, Depending on what you hand over, you will get Spooky or Creepy furniture! Animal Crossing New Leaf is currently available on the Nintendo 3DS / 2DS.

    animal crossing halloween chasing

    Night in the Woods

    Night in the Woods is an autumnal themed indie adventure game. Highly relatable to many, the game shows the crumbling former mining town of Possum Springs. After the protagonist, Mae Borowski drops out of college and returns to her hometown, she finds things as gloomy and hopeless as ever. But this time there’s something more. Strange and eery occurrences are happening. And there’s something in the woods. This charming game with beautiful music can be played on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Xbox One, Android, Macintosh operating systems, and iOS.

    Luigi Mansion 3

    Nintendo announced during their Nintendo Direct at E3 2019 that Luigi’s Mansion 3 is coming to the Nintendo Switch on October 31st, 2019. Now a year after its initial release, Luigi receives a dream vacation package with Mario and friends to a luxurious hotel. Once there however, King Boo reveals everything had been a ploy and now everyone is captured! Each floor of the hotel is its own unique level but this time, you don’t have to do it alone!

    Thimbleweed Park

    Thimbleweed Park is a puzzle-mystery game that features pixel graphics. The tiny town of Thimbleweed Park is home to 80 very strange people. Five people with nothing in common are drawn to the town. Although they might not yet know it, they are all deeply connected. They’re also all being watched. From a rotting corpse to an abandoned circus, the game is a far cry from Stardew Valley. The game is available to play on Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Linux, and Mac.

    Costume Quest & Costume Quest 2

    Costume Quest is a Halloween-themed party-based RPG game. The game is developed by Double Fine Productions and published by THQ. The player controls a kid who is out trick-or-treating with their twin sibling. When their twin is kidnapped by a monster, the player must travel around the neighborhood and collect candy, items for their costume, and other children to aid them in fighting the monster and rescuing their sibling.

    The game was released on October 19th, 2010, and can be played on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android. The game’s sequel, Costume Quest 2 was released on October 31st, 2014. You can check out Costume Quest and Costume Quest 2 on Steam for more details!

    Little Nightmares

    Little Nightmares is a stop-motion-esque game, with an environment uncomfortably reminiscent of one’s childhood nightmares. The game is a puzzle-platformer horror adventure game that utilizes imagery, empathy, and strange and bizarre encounters (as opposed to overused jump-scares) in order to evoke a sense of horror. With the PC version of the game garnering a score of 81/100, critics praised the game’s atmosphere, graphics, and audio.

    Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

    Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the mobile version of the much beloved Animal Crossing series. While it doesn’t offer the freedom of the console games, it still does a great job at delivering a super cute gaming experience. During the month of October there will be plenty of Halloween themed events with spooky furniture and decoration items that you can use to turn your campsite into the ultimate Halloween Haunted House.

    Pocket Camp Halloween

    If you are on the lookout for a new game, check out my list of 13 magnificent pixel-art games that you don’t want to miss out on!

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  • svgNov 23, 2019Animal Crossing

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    With the festive season fast approaching, it was inevitable that Pocket Camp would create festive-themed content for the app. Yet hardly anything festive for the game has been announced. Pocket Camp fans needn’t worry however, as a recent data-mine/leak suggests that there is plenty of festive fun in store for fans of the game.

    Before getting to the festive stuff, there are some rumours of a few other cool things that may be added to the game.

    Animal Accessories

    According to the following image, some animal ears/headbands and tails could be up for grabs.

    New Animals

    New characters such as Olivia, Tammy, Gloria, Drift, Jeremiah, Cleo, Yuka, Queenie, Boris and Cole could make an appearance.

    Festive Clothing

    Festive clothing including warm coats, new boots, and festive hats could be obtainable. Additionally, it looks as if more backpack style accessories will be made available.

    Festive Furniture/Items

    These super cute gingerbread items could also be ‘baking’ their way to the game.

    Festive Fortune Cookie

    Festive fortune cookies may also be up for grabs, with the one below potentially containing angel wings, a new type of tree, and a variety of other cool Christmas themed items.

    A Gardening Event?

    Could the following images of unseen flowers and butterflies suggest a new gardening event?

    N.B. It’s important to note the items featured in this article have not been officially confirmed. Therefore they are not guaranteed to be featured in the game, or items could change in appearance

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  • svgOct 25, 2019Animal Crossing

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    Yesterday on October 24th, Pocket Camp players logged in to a pleasant surprise. After an influx of spooky Halloween themed items, the newly added Pastel Glazier Cookie offered a breath of fresh air.

    Based on Apple’s Glazier Cookie, the Pastel Glazier Cookie offers players the opportunity to obtain the following super cute items:

    The stained-glass fountain is this fortune cookie’s spotlight item.

    The following video showcases the items obtainable from the cookie:

    As is the norm in Pocket Camp, this fortune cookie costs 50 Leaf Tickets to purchase, and players will receive a stamp for each cookie that they buy. Also, if players buy a 5 pack of cookies, they will receive a bonus stamp, meaning 6 stamps in total.

    The Pastel Glazier Cookie will be available to buy until 5:59am on 01/22/2020.

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  • svgAug 11, 2019Feature

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    Those who are already addicted to mobile gaming need no urging to try all the great games available on their smartphone or tablet. Those of us who find it physically awkward, or who don’t like the format, might need a little encouragement. But games of every type, from casual card or arcade games to story-rich adventures and RPGs, are all available on mobile. And mobile gaming can be adjusted to your comfort, too. Did you know that mobile controllers exist?

    Mobile gaming, YOUR way

    You can make any mobile device feel like a dedicated gaming device. There are many different controllers designed to fit to your mobile device (phone or tablet), giving it a comfortable grip and buttons and control sticks to take charge of the action. Have you tried a mobile controller like this?

    Most Popular Mobile Games

    As for games, the selection is nearly endless. There are so many farming games available on mobile that it’s hard to sort through them all. FarmVille, Family Farm, Hay Day, oh my. But to start you off with a familiar face, don’t forget that Stardew Valley is available on mobile!

    Stardew Valley – iOS, Android

    You can even get a farming or gardening theme in game genres you might not expect. Gardenscapes is a surprisingly tricky and addictive match-3 game. It allows you to repair and rebuild a mansion’s beautiful garden in whichever style you choose. You can even go back later and change the fountains, paving, shrubs, flowerbeds…anything in any area you have unlocked.

    Gardenscapes mobile
    Gardenscapes – iOS, Android

    If you like to build and have even more control over design, Minecraft is also very popular on mobile! You can get the Pocket Edition on both iOS and Android.

    Minecraft on mobile
    Minecraft – iOS, Android

    More interested in games that feel a little more social? Why not try the mobile game that took the world by storm in 2016? Pokemon Go is still popular and still alive with players and content.

    Pokemon Go – iOS, Android

    If Pokemon is not your thing, then how about Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? New features are always being added to the mobile extension of our beloved Animal Crossing. The animals are still all their lovable (or annoying!) selves, whether you meet them on your 3DS, your Switch, or your smartphone.

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – iOS, Android

    RPGs and Adventure

    If there’s anyone left still sitting there, looking bored…how about some RPGs? Mobile gaming has those, too! There’s Nintendo’s own Dragalia Lost. It’s set in a world where the royal family has the ability to transform into dragons, if they have a pact with them. You begin the story as the seventh prince, who has yet to make a pact with any dragon, but must set out to do so immediately when the protection around his city begins to fail.

    Dragalia Lost – iOS, Android

    Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space is also a popular, large-scale RPG available on mobile. The story was written by Masato Kato (who also wrote Xenogears and Chrono Trigger). If that’s not enough, the game’s beautiful soundtrack is by Yasunori Mitsuda, who also worked on Xenogears and Chrono Trigger. That’s some good stuff! Another Eden has 26 main story chapters focusing on the protagonist, Aldo, and his sister, Fienne, and involves time-travelling through both the past and the future, as well as dealing with the present.

    Another Eden: The Cat Between Space and Time
    Another Eden – iOS, Android

    If you want something cute, colourful, and inspired by a classic, how about Egglia: Legend of the Redcap? Strongly influenced by Legend of Mana, you must revive your world by finding precious eggs. Each has had a part of the world sealed into it, and can be restored by hatching it on the map. Explore and gather resources with movement based on a roll of the dice, like a cross between a board game and a strategy RPG.

    Egglia: Legend of the Redcap
    Egglia – iOS, Android

    Story-driven games

    But maybe what you like are story-driven games, which the mobile platform is often criticized for not having. But the market is growing all the time, and if you have a look, you’ll find some very special story-driven games waiting for you on your phone and tablet. Like the beautiful GRIS, which will be coming to iOS this month! A game about dealing with grief using light platforming and puzzles, it’s hard to know if this is a game, a storybook or a piece of art.

    GRIS – iOS coming August 22!

    Forgotton Anne is also an iOS exclusive, and takes place in a world of “Forgotlings”. Personified socks and toys and scraps of paper…items that have been lost or forgotten in our own world. With hand-painted backgrounds, Forgotton Anne has a charm reminiscent of a Ghibli movie. It’s a game by Square Enix. We had to look it up to make sure Miyazaki really had nothing to do with it!

    Forgotton Anne
    Forgotton Anne – iOS

    And lastly…only because soon this list will be too long…is To the Moon. An emotional tale of an old man’s dying wish to go to the moon. This is another game that, like Gris, feels like it may be as much ‘artistic expression’ as ‘game’. It was born of Canadian game-designer Kan Gao’s response to his grandfather’s struggle with his failing health. You must explore old Johnny’s memories to understand his life’s dream, and help him see it come true.

    To the Moon
    To the Moon – iOS, Android

    Still not convinced to make mobile gaming your own? As always, we want you to enjoy games in your own way. Especially if you are here for farming games in particular, please check out our list of farming games on console.

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  • svgApr 25, 2019Animal Crossing

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    The Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Twitter account shared a delicious video yesterday. This video included some rocking brand new items coming to our beloved mobile game!

    Timmy and Tommy helped bake a devilishly delicious cookie for Cherry the Dog. This cookie gives the player a chance at receiving a piece of the “Li’l Devil” furniture and clothes series! Check out the items that you can receive:

    Just look at those Li’L-Devil Wings!

    Cherry’s Rockin’ Cookie is only available on Animal Crossing Pocket Camp from 4/25 at 11pm PT until 7/24 at 10:59pm PT. Each cookie will contain a random item and keep in mind that these fortune cookie items may become available again in the future.

    Check out the full video and Twitter post below! And click HERE for an update on Animal Crossing Switch. Happy Gaming!

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  • svgMar 2, 2019Animal Crossing

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    Celebrate the coming of spring with Pocket Camp’s latest fortune cookie, Diana’s Fay Cookie, which contains beautiful Flower Fairy themed items. 

    As is standard for fortunes cookies, Diana’s Fay Cookies cost 50 Leaf tickets each to purchase. A pack of five cookies with an extra stamp can be bought for 250 Leaf Tickets. 

    With both flower fairy clothing and furniture up for grabs, you can look fabulous, and also create your very own fairy grotto by combining the furniture with the recently released Fairy Forest terrain!

    The rare spotlight item for this cookie is the Giant Fairy Flowers item, a huge flower which animals can bounce, spin, and fly around. 

    Here’s the full list of items that can be obtained from Diana’s Fay Cookie:

    • Giant Fairy Flowers – 5 stars
    • Fairy Jar – 4 stars 
    • Giant Dandelions – 4 stars
    • Fairy Wings (a new type of accessory within the Animal Crossing franchise) – 4 stars
    • Giant Daisies – 3 stars
    • Giant Sweet Peas – 3 stars
    • Leaf Umbrella – 3 stars
    • Giant Grass – 3 stars
    • Daisy Hairpin – 3 stars
    • Daisy Dress – 3 stars

    The cookie is available to purchase throughout spring until May 30th. 

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  • svgOct 14, 2018Animal Crossing

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    [dropcap]F[/dropcap]ollowing on from last month’s Splatoon event, the Poke Ball Scavenger Hunt is now a GO on Pocket Camp.

    With an Eevee costume, an adorable giant Eevee plushie, and other Poke ball and Eevee themed items, this event is one that Pokemon fans won’t want to miss! The event will last until October 23rd, so ‘catch ’em all’ whilst you can.

    Throughout the event, players can find Poke balls around the campsite, which they can then use (alongside Leaf tickets) to craft the special event items.

    Players can obtain an Eevee hood in their mailbox by just logging into the game.

    Additionally, director of Pokemon Let’s Go: Eevee!/Pikachu! Junichi Masuda is joining in with the fun and tweeting about the event.

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  • svgApr 11, 2018Animal Crossing

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    Memories, pastries and even the fortune cookie, this is in update where you won’t want to play hookie!

    [dropcap]N[/dropcap]intendo have recently announced that the next Pocket Camp update is going to be a big one. With the ability to obtain much-needed new furniture and clothing from fortune cookies, we here at MyPotatoGames can’t wait for the next big update!

    Fortune cookies:

    A fortune cookie shop will open in the Marketplace. When players eat the mysterious cookies, they will be awarded with furniture or clothing. The stars on a fortune cookie indicates the rarity of the prize contained inside them.

    Some fortune cookies can be obtained with Leaf tickets or bells, whilst others can only be obtained with Leaf tickets.

    There are a variety of fortune cookies available for purchase. Cookies will be changed occasionally, so make sure you check back.

    You can also be gifted fortune cookies as a reward from animals.

    Stamp cards:

    For every cookie you buy with leaf tickets, you will earn one stamp. Once you’ve earned ten stamps, you will get a stamp card. You can trade stamp cards in for various items, depending on how many stamp cards you have.
    You can also trade them for items you would normally only get from fortune cookies.


    New furniture with associated memories is also coming. Upon obtaining certain furniture, as well as fulfilling other necessary requirements (such as having certain animals come to visit), you will be able to view exclusive memories featuring those animals.

    Cookie introduction:

    Nintendo have said that more information on fortune cookies will be available over the next few days. For now though, they’ve given us the following information:

    Marshal’s pastry cookie – Marshal’s pastry cookie will contain cute pastry-shop themed items that coincide nicely with spring. We think that a pastry-shop themed campsite is just what is ‘kneaded’.

    Pastry shop kitchen – The pastry-shop kitchen will also be added, along with a corresponding memory. After fulfilling requirements, you can view a special memory that features both Marshal and Goldie.

    Filbert’s rocket cookie – Filbert’s rocket cookies will contain space themed items. You can have an adventurous looking campsite and feel like a real astronaut by changing into the exclusive space outfit.

    Rosie’s pop star cookie – Inside these fortune cookies you can get pop-star themed items, allowing you to reproduce a live-stage performance. Invite your favourite animals to your campsite and let them take to the stage.

    More to follow!

    In between updates, we recommend checking out the 15 cutest Nintendo 3DS Games here.

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