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  • svgApr 21, 2022Indie Highlight

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    Photography Game with Cute Animals and Scenic Island Landscapes

    Can you even handle this much cuteness? Petit Island is a 3D open-world photography adventure game. You play as Lily, an adorable anthropomorphic cat, following in their “grandpaw’s” footsteps as a great adventurer! Customize Lily with different clothes, bags, and even fur colors and markings.

    Explore a beautiful island, fish, find treasure, meet tourists and locals, and take photos! You’ll find lots of scenic areas and wild animals you can snapshot with your camera while making wonderful memories! You can even take photos with the NPCs, whom are just as cute as the ones in Hokko Life.

    Wishlist Petit Island on Steam Now

    Petit Island is being developed by Xelo Games and published by SOEDESCO (Lemon Cake). It’s in early development but you can Wishlist the game now on Steam here. Petit Island will also be coming to Switch, PS4/5, and Xbox One although there are no set release dates.

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