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  • svgJan 16, 2021Indie Highlight

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    The hilarious party game Moving Out is soon to get an update that will allow players to move back in.

    Moving Out is the latest and greatest in the recent stream of well-made couch co-op indie games. It is a whacky and hilarious adventure title that has you taking on the role of a mostly inefficient moving crew. 

    Become a Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician (F.A.R.T), and help the inhabitants of Packmore move from one place to another. You and your team at Smooth Moves (see… hilarious) must do everything in your power to move all the furniture you can in the shortest amount of time.

    moving out

    About the update.

    Well, the new mode is still going to pack the same crazy action, only this time players will be moving everything from the van, back into the house. The new mode will be available on 12 of the original levels. The update will also bring a new assist option that will help to snap the items into the correct places. You will also be able to customize the look of your characters shirt, once the update drops. The update is going to be a free expansion across all the platforms upon which the game is available.

    In another recent Tweet, the developers mentioned that the game is currently 40% off in the US eShop. Click here to see if its still on sale.

    More info.

    For more information on Moving Out, you can check out my coverage here.

    For more great party games, check out my coverage of what’s been happening in Overcooked.

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  • svgApr 28, 2020Quick Bits

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    Today marks the official release of Moving Out on Nintendo Switch.

    Moving Out is the latest and greatest in the recent stream of well-made couch co-op indie games. It is a whacky and hilarious adventure title that has you taking on the role of a mostly inefficient moving crew.

    Become a Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician (F.A.R.T), and help the inhabitants of Packmore move from one place to another. You and your team at Smooth Moves (see… hilarious) must do everything in your power to move all the furniture you can in the shortest amount of time.

    With the release of the game came a new launch trailer, which can be viewed below. The game is currently available through the Nintendo eShop for $24.99, where you can find plenty more info on the game, as well as a demo if you’d like to try before you buy.

    Moving Out Launch Trailer

    For more great couch co-op action, check out my coverage of Biped.

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  • svgMar 27, 2020News

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    The airing of the Nintendo Direct Mini a few days ago was not the only surprise Nintendo had for us, in addition to the 25 minute stream the big N also revealed a brand new game and its hilariously adorable.

    Good Job is Nintendo’s latest game that dropped out of the blue. The quirky gameplay trailer introduces us to a fast paced and fun gameplay much like Snipper Clips one of the launch games for the Switch.

    Good Job Hilarious Action Puzzle Game

    However in Good Job you strive to become the employee of the month and eventually climb the corporate ladder by fulfilling tasks efficiently and more importantly – quickly.

    The game is listed as an action puzzle game, you will find yourself in a large office space with plenty of things you need to do. Complete puzzles in many different ways. Water the office garden and make flowers sprout, or spray the hose all over the office destroying everything in your way while still watering the garden, you decide how the job is done, keep in mind that you are working against the clock!

    Once you start a game, you will be tasked to solve different puzzles within a given time frame, there won’t always be enough seconds left to do everything neatly. Getting from A to B might take too long so you will just have to break through the office walls in order to get your job done.

    Good Job

    Good Job Multiplayer

    Of course most things are more fun together and Good Job is no exception. The game allows you to invite one other friend to join the chaos.

    No words can describe how adorable and fun the game is when seen in action, lucky enough Nintendo released a perfect little trailer during yesterdays mini Nintendo Direct! Take a look below.

    Play Good Job Now!

    Not only was the announcement of the game a surprise but Good Job is also available now on Nintendo Switch for only $19.99 you can grab it here!

    More Coop Puzzle Games

    If you enjoy playing games with a coop partner take a look at Moving Out another fun puzzle game that you can play right now!

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  • svgFeb 24, 2020Quick Bits

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    Games like Animal Crossing and The Sims are great in a way that they let you design your own perfect world filled only with joy and things you actually enjoy doing – Adorable Home is exactly that!

    Adorable Home captures that feeling of your home being your sanctuary, a perfect little bubble where you do only what pleases you and the main currency is love.

    Decorate Your Home

    Of course there is a natural feeling within us to make our space reflect our personalities. in Adorable Home you can choose from hundreds of different furniture, stairs, wallpapers and more to really make your sanctuary your own. Don’t have money? you don’t need it! In this game everything is purchased by love!

    Cats, Cats and more Cats!

    A home would not be a home with at least one or two… three, five or even seven little furry friends! You can adopt a bunch of kitties and share your home with them! Petting, feeding and generously spoiling your cats will generate love which you can use to make your place even nicer.

    adorable home cats

    Cooking, Work and More…

    Of course there are some things we still need to do, your husband or wife might need to go to work and while he or she is gone you can take care of the house, do some cleaning maybe some light re-modeling and prepare a delicious dinner for the two of you at night.

    Play it now!

    Adorable Home is currently available on iOS and Android devices for free. The game as you may have guessed does offer some in-game purchases but there is a lot of fun and wholesome experiences to gather without having to put real money forward, after all its a game designed around love and compassion!

    More Relaxing Gaming for You!

    If you love this relaxing game style you might want to take a look at Unpacking a zen game about organizing your home.

    For the ultimate relaxation check out this Animal Crossing themed Gardening kit – these Tiny Garden Pals include everything you need to start growing your own zen garden in form of a Japanese Succulent or Vibrant Green grass in time for New Horizons!

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  • svgSep 3, 2019Feature

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    We can’t imagine anyone actually wanting to do chores but unfortunately that’s just the way of life. Dreading larger tasks, that hopefully don’t happen too often, such as packing or unpacking, and also the repetitive daily tasks of mowing the lawn and doing laundry? Well you’re not alone! We here at myPotatoGames haves the answers to your problems below! Just follow our instructions below and get ready to do more relaxing and/or playing without much fuss.

    Moving Out

    Having to move all of your furniture and household appliances to a new location can be quite the exhausting and time-consuming affair. That’s why we recommend hiring certified Furniture Arrangement Relocation Technicians and letting them handle everything! These contractors have watched the necessary training videos and are capable of smuggling giraffes and busting ghosts. They are even willing to traverse across rivers and lava for those of you that have homes in rural areas, and running through traffic and train tracks foe those of you that live in urban areas. You’ll only suffer minor inconveniences like broken windows and damaged items. These FARTs will only be available sometime in 2020 but you can find out more right here.

    Totally Reliable Delivery Service

    Need to move your furniture from point A to point B? We’ve got you covered with the Totally Reliable Delivery Service! They guarantee an attempt to deliver your items and the crew even own trucks! These TRDS will handle your precious goods like no other company and aren’t afraid to take several means of transportation and use various machinery to get the job done. Furthermore, if you need to ship live fish, they’re ready and willing to do it! These couriers will be available soon and can be contacted here.


    Nothing’s more satisfying after moving into a new home and unpacking everything you own. It can be quite cathartic when you find the perfect place for your posters on the walls or arranging your books alphabetically on your shelves. If you love this feeling but have already finished with your living quarters, why not help others in need and unpack their belongings too! You are invited to create a satisfying living space pulling possessions out of boxes and fitting them into a new home. Eight houses are currently looking for workers sometime in late 2020. To find out more about those locations, go here.

    Mowin’ and Throwin’

    Maintaining the grass in your yard in the summer time can be such a drag and extremely boring. Why don’t you turn it into a competition instead? This amazing new sport offers you the chance to team up with friends, dress up as lawn gnomes, ride souped up lawn mowers, and be the first to mow the grass during your allotted time! This is especially necessary if your grass grows quickly and you constantly deal with large stones getting in your way. All the details and rules to make this chore a lot more fun, are listed here. You might not end up with lasting friendships and completely finished or visually-appealing lawns but hey, it’s a price worth paying for an enjoyable home life.

    Laundry Game

    After such a long day of mowing the lawn, you’ll probably have some grass-stained clothing that needs washing. Luckily for you, we’ve found quite the amusing laundromat! Why do your laundry in the creepy basement of your home or make your way to a dull laundromat that isn’t run by a talking skeleton. You can also spend your time having a conversation with a very punny sunflower. This laundromat is only just getting started but looks to be well worth the wait! To keep track of its progress and locations, you can check out the website here.

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  • svgSep 2, 2019News

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    Moving Out is developed by SMG Studio in collaboration with Devm Games but now they have announced today that they are partnering with Team17 as their publisher! Team17 has published amazing games such as Overcooked, Automachef, Yooka-Laylee, and more, so we’re very excited that they’ll be helping out this hilarious cooperative action and simulation game! Moving Out is now coming out sometime in 2020 on PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam), Xbox One. If you’re going to PAX West this weekend, you can even try the game for yourself at Team17’s booth on the show floor! The luckiest among you can receive these wild free plushies.

    Below we have a new trailer in the form of a training video to becoming a F.A.R.T. and we are so here for it. Looks like we can customize the heads of our characters (i.e. a lizard’s and flower-pot head). Also new in the trailer is the rounding up of farm animals, because farmers can move out too. Expertly move furniture with friends, get creative, and enjoy the beautiful frustration of this physics-based game! Moving in this game also seems to be quite the dangerous affair with the running through traffic and being chased by ghosts so we’re in for a good time.

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  • svgMay 16, 2019News

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    Moving Out is created by SMG Studio in Australia (and in collaboration with Devm Games in Stockholm), an indie game development studio that won awards for their games such as Death Squared. This hilarious action, puzzle, and physics-based moving simulator game is a nice mesh of Frogger and Overcooked! I mean who doesn’t want to become a F.A.R.T (certified Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician)? For now, you can wishlist the game on Steam, which has a release date window of 2019.

    Complete the 50+ levels that will let you get into all sorts of shenanigans. For example, unloading cargo off moving planes, smuggling giraffes out of the zoo, and transporting goods to strange locales like haunted houses and outer space. Furthermore, customers appreciate prompt delivery so you can break down the walls, throw things, and use technology like portals and ray guns!

    Local Co-op and Multiplayer

    Be an independent contractor or team up with a friend! Moving Out features both local and online play across its arcade, story, and versus modes. Each level also adjusts the experience dynamically to account for the number of players on screen, thereby welcoming Smooth Move employees of all ages and skill levels. Moreover, with party mode you’ll be able to compete for the highest score locally or against the community.

    Character Customization

    As you can see in SMG Studio’s latest Tweet, you can change your avatar’s hair and skin color. You can be blue, purple, or green; anything goes in this quirky game!

    Check out their website here if you want to sign up and follow them for more information. For another wacky and cooperative game, check out our article about Knights and Bikes. If relocating and unpacking is your thing, check out Unpacking.

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