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    We currently have Palia, the cozy MMO with zero combat and a focus on some pretty neat world lore. This was released in open beta in August of this year. Then there’s Loftia, a cute solarpunk cozy MMO whose early access isn’t coming until 2025! Now, there’s another possible cozy MMO to keep an eye on. 

    WorldShards is a sandbox MMORPG set in a fantasy world. What was once a prosperous world inhabited by cat creatures called meowkle, a terrible catastrophe shattered the land. Then, evil wargs attacked. Now the world is made up of numerous flying islands, and you’ll have to explore these fragments, fight the wargs, and restore the meowkles to their former glory! 

    You’ll receive the use of your very own flying island to turn into your home base. There, you’ll be able to build a house to suit all of your WorldShards needs. Process resources you gather, access crafting stations to make equipment and weapons, and more. Even recruit a friendly meowkle friend to help you out around the house or in your adventures. 

    Otherwise, take time to explore a beautiful fantasy world full of stunning vistas. Discover the mysteries and secrets WorldShards has hidden in its islands. Set up a useful teleportation system to generate islands that will be useful to you and your play style. Even solve puzzles and complete quests. Gather various resources during your adventures that can be used in crafting or trading. Also go toe to toe with the evil wargs and their ruthless king to help save the world. Engage in stealth missions or defeat them in dynamic battles that depend on your play style. 

    Coming Soon

    WorldShards is currently being developed, but you can find the roadmap on their website. Early Access is intended for Q3 of this year, with a full release slated for Q3 of 2024! You can find it on Steam and Epic Games to add it to your Wishlist now!

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  • svgSep 14, 2023News

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    Palia is a free-to-play cozy MMO all about farming, cooking, fishing, and more. Expand your homestead and build a gorgeous home for yourself, while you’re at it. Play solo or with friends and immerse yourself in a beautiful new world full of interesting characters and compelling storylines. 

    August 10th, 2023 saw Palia enter the Open Beta phase, and the developers over at Singularity 6 have spent a lot of time patching bugs. This month also saw the very first game-wide event called the Maji Market. Players are able to set off mesmerizing fireworks, buy some tasty treats, complete a few quests, and take part in the Chappa Chase!

    What’s New

    Now, Palia has had its first update since entering Open Beta, and it’s got some fun content. Players can now explore the Temple of Flames and complete the bundles it has. Finish all four bundles to receive the very special Ancient Rock Garden item that can be placed in your yard. The fabled Kitsuu will visit the rock garden, and you can offer up items to it once a day for a chance at some rewards. Even more fun is that players can now befriend Tau, Hassian’s canine companion. You’ll even receive a cute Tau plushie for completing his friendship quests! 

    That’s not all this Palia update has to offer, though. You can pick up a brand new furniture set, the Emberborn Set. In celebration of the Temple of Flames being added, this new set is a beautiful, fiery addition to anyone’s home. Zeki’s Wondrous Machine has new items for you to win, too. And you can now multi-craft recipes on the workbench, which is such a relief to me. I couldn’t efficiently flood my plot of land with torches before! Players can now grow corn and spicy peppers in their gardens, as well as cook a number of new dishes:

    There’s also some cosmetic shop updates, which you can read about, as well as a list of fixed bugs, and a list of known bugs that are being worked on. You can access all of that, plus the full patch notes here on their website!

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    With Palia’s open Beta release on the horizon, and its lofty promises of a free-to-play cozy experience, I’ve gotten more and more excited at the idea of having cozy MMOs. We have a hoard of relaxing, cozy games to play these days, but sometimes you just want to have a whole community you can play together with. And now, Palia isn’t the only cozy MMO coming to the market! Loftia is another adorable MMO for the cozy gamer crowd.

    A Cute Solarpunk MMO Packed With So Much To Do

    Loftia is still in its early stages, but it shows great promise. Drawing inspiration from fan favorites like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, the game seeks to carve its own path into the genre with some familiar elements. 

    Set in a new, solarpunk world you’ll be able to play solo or even build your very own community of people. Loftia encourages socializing by utilizing group quests and server events. You’ll be able to celebrate events like Halloween together by playing special mini-games that will give you the chance to win prizes like wallpapers, skins, outfits, and more! Group quests will take you on adventures across breathtaking biomes with friends so you can uncover the secrets of Loftia

    Loftia allows for total customization, too. Design your character and dress them up in a number of different styles. Then, you can decorate your home to fit your aesthetic. Want to live out your cottagecore dreams? Or perhaps you want to set up the gothic home you’ve always hoped for. Maybe you even want to create a gamer’s paradise. Whatever you choose, you’re free to make your home however you wish! 

    While you build up the perfect set of decorations for your home, you can go out and explore the world or even settle in for some farming! Loftia has over 50 different crops you can plant and harvest. The game even focuses on sustainable efforts, so you’ll get to use a community garden or hydroponics to grow your crops. Plus, you can level up your farming by becoming a beekeeper or wine maker. And when you get tired of farming, gather resources to upcycle items! Turn an old tire into a pretty little garden planter for your home. 

    Plus, so much more. Loftia is absolutely packed full of things to do. Just chill with friends. Hang out with the local NPCs. Explore the world solo or with friends. Join an existing club or create your own. Even adopt a pet! You get to choose how your adventure goes.

    Release Date

    There’s currently no release date. Loftia is on Kickstarter now, where you can check out the stretch goals, but it has been funded! Expect to see this lovely game on PC and Switch when it does come out!

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  • svgMar 15, 2023Mobile Game

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    Explore An Open-World and Compete in Courses

    Some of you might be familiar with mobile game developer Foxie Ventures. They’ve put out games such as Virtual Sim Story, Wolf Tales, Dino Tamers, and Horse Riding Tales (which is also available for free on Steam). A few months ago they put out incredibly cryptic ads to sign up for their new game, Star Equestrian. Now, Foxie Ventures has released this new mobile game, and of course I’ve been playing!

    Star Equestrian is a beautiful open-world MMO adventure game that centers around, you guessed it, horses. You play as a character you create, with a name you choose, and experience a traumatic riding injury. Once recovered, you don’t allow that accident to keep you from horses, and re-establish yourself as an experienced equestrian.

    Explore an open world where you can collect items like carrots and lettuce to feed your horses. Go in search of your lost horse, Snowdrop, and complete quests for the residents of  Evervale to see if they have any information on him, too. Ride around practice arenas, sprint across cross country courses, and participate in show jumping to improve your horse’s skills. You’re not only chasing down your lost horse, but chasing your dream of becoming the best rider, the Star Equestrian. 

    You’ll also get to build your very own ranch, where you can customize the interior of your home and build stables to house your horses. And what I think helps set Star Equestrian apart from some other mobile horse games is the ability to interact with your horse. You can pet them to help raise the bond level, which unlocks certain skills. It makes the game feel a little more personal and cozy. I have high hopes for this game, as so far it ticks what I want out of a horse game (quests, competitions, story, and interaction).

    Available Now for iOS!

    Star Equestrian is currently available for iOS devices through the Apple App Store. There are plans for the game to be available on Android via the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, there’s no word on when the game will be released for Android, though. You can pre-register on the Play Store to have it automatically downloaded when it is available!

    You can also checkout Horse Club Adventures and Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch for more horsey fun!

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  • svgAug 3, 2022Indie Highlight

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    Adventure, Gather, and Create With Friends in a Vibrant High Fantasy World

    Palia is a free-to-play open-world MMO game that is still in the early stages of play testing. The game boasts sprawling and beautiful landscapes, as well as numerous avtivities. Players can look forward to an ever-changing adventure with quests and fun NPCs to encounter. However, the fun doesn’t stop there.

    Palia will also include all of the fun hallmarks that makes Animal Crossing so entertaining, and more. Players will be able to choose from activities such as fishing, cooking, hunting, foraging, gardening, bug catching, and mining. Building and decorating a home will also be available. So, gather some friends and adventure together, or relax and build your homestead alone in the beautiful world of Palia.

    The developers, Singularity 6, recently included a blog post about the update and the opening of the Alpha 2 testing phase, which shed only a little light on new features. What the update did reveal was new color palettes and new customization features for home decorating.

    A decorated room in a home showing decoration options added in Alpha 2 phase.

    Alpha 2 Testing Phase

    July 28th, 2022 saw the beginning of the Alpha 2 testing phase of play testing. Palia developers announced via their official Twitter and Facebook pages that they invited a new batch of players who signed up as playtesters, and Alpha 1 players are also able to return for Alpha 2. The developers are not only looking to remedy bugs and receive feedback on features, but they’re hoping to create a friendly and welcoming early game experience so players will be ready for what may come in the adventures later in the game.

    Palia still does not have an official release date at this time. However, while expected to release first on PC, there is the possibility of console releases at a later date. And while you may have missed your invitation for the Alpha 2 testing phase, sign-ups for future testing phases are still open at

    While you wait for the game to release, scratch that relaxing and cozy sim game itch by checking out Sun Haven.

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  • svgJul 25, 2019News

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    Temtem is about seeking adventure in the lovely Airborne Archipelago alongside your Temtem squad. Catch every Temtem and battle tamers around the world. This MMO is created by Crema and has just released its Alpha 0.2.5 with quite the large updates which you can read in more detail from Crema here. You can also check out all the other updates with us right here if you missed them last time. The game is estimated to release sometime in 2020 on PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4. Below you can read the highlights on the newly added Breeding system and more!


    If two Temtem are compatible, putting them together in the Breeding Center will create a new Egg. Eggs will eventually hatch into a new Temtem and they will be able to inherit some characteristics from their parents. The two parents will need to be one female and one male and of the same type (i.e. Fire, Electric). If a Temtem has two types, it will be compatible with other species from any of those two types.

    Temtem Fertility

    Breeding Temtem in captivity will generate stress for the participants during the process. This stress is reflected in the fertility value of each Temtem. The fertility value is used to avoid over-exploitation of perfectly bred Temtem. Each captured Temtem will begin with a fertility value predetermined by how good they are (genetically speaking – each SV over 40 will reduce the fertility).

    Each time a Temtem is used to breed an egg, they will permanently lose a fertility point. Additionally, the produced egg will inherit the fertility value from their parents (the lower value between the father fertility and the mother fertility). This way, fertility degradation will be pyramidal.

    Getting and Hatching Eggs

    At the Breeding Center, a new egg will be generated in 40 (real-time) minutes after the couple is deposited. If both deposited Temtem are part of the same evolutionary line, the time will be reduced to 25 minutes. When the time is up, you will be able to get back the couple of Temtem and the generated egg. The egg will hold a level 1 Temtem and the species will be the first form of the mother’s evolutionary line.

    The time required to hatch an egg can range between 5 to 40 minutes, depending on the capture rate of that Temtem species. Time will only pass as long as the Temtem is equipped in your Squad but you don’t need to move around in order for the egg to hatch.

    To read more about the breeding process in Temtem and how to inherit traits, can do the Kickstarter update here.

    FreeTem! Initiative

    The FreeTem! Initiative is our first approach to having methods of earning infinite Pansuns and to keep all players entertained after the campaign is over. Take into consideration that this is just one of the methods that will be available in the final game.

    The idea is to promote that all Temtem should be free and sent back to the wild. Therefore, you will be rewarded for every Temtem released. Furthermore, each week there will be an additional special reward upon reaching a certain number of freed Temtem. The rewards will be different every week so players are encouraged to check them frequently to not miss anything.

    Emotes & Quest Tracker

    Temtem is filled with sidequests and sometimes even the main quest can be a bit daunting due to all the different areas of the Archipelago. This is why there’s now a Quest Tracker!

    It will show the most recent quests with instructions on how to proceed. In the future, the Quest Tracker will be expanded with a full quest log which will allow you to check every single quest. The last highlighted feature is the emotes! Emotes will allow players to express themselves much better! Currently there’s four emotes available with new ones to come in the future.

    Of course for more creature-collecting goodness you can check our articles here: Pokemon Rumble Rush Now More Accessible and Pokemon Masters: A Closer Look With The New Trailer.

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  • svgMay 22, 2019News

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    Temtem is a MMO creature-collecting game heavily inspired by Pokemon and created by Crema, a studio based in Spain. The developers have ended their Kickstarter campaign back in July 2018 and are now in full production. You can get caught up on the basics of the game with us at myPotatoGames here. The game will be released digitally on all consoles and PC with no monthly subscriptions (online only). In addition, the creators intend to add cross-play with a cross-save option. See below for the latest blogs and updates.

    Digital Temtem and TemCards

    A group of scientists, Professor Konstantinos, Tihani, Yareni, Nalla, Dr. Sasaya, and Dr. Hamijo, have been researching technology and Temtem. Together they created a new type of Temtem; Digital Temtem, a Crystal-Electric hybrid. Furthermore, by studying volcanic crystals, they also created TemCards; items capable of storing Temtem (essentially the Pokeball).

    Alpha Content Update 1

    The first Alpha, available since April 2019, “Features the full first island, 30 Temtem, complete single-player mechanics (tamers, wild battles, catching and training Temtem, story, quests…), and basic multiplayer functionality (1v1 battles, chat, persistent online, seeing other players within the world…).” The Alpha updates will all be accessible to old and new backers. Meaning, a pre-order option is soon to come for the game and instant access to the Alpha (for Steam only).

    Aguamarina Caves

    The Aguamarina Caves are a complex of caverns that run deep under the Thalassian Cliffs. The better known entrance is through the Sillaro River, but they’re so huge they even cross the whole cliffs and connect the river to the upper area of the Indigo lake.

    The Caves have five different floors and they include a new gameplay feature: the crystal areas. We don’t want to spoil too much, so you’ll need to go ahead and discover it by yourself. The crystal areas affect how the player moves through the terrain and they will be very present along the whole Archipelago.

    Right now the Caves are a totally optional area to explore and they don’t have too much in terms of interesting new Temtem or items. In the future we plan to re-populate them with some more Temtem so they will become the first area in the game where you will be able to obtain them. They will also hold a special and unique shrine you will be able to reach with the climbing equipment…

    House Interiors

    One of the more prominent features missing from the current Alpha is the option to go inside the houses currently placed on Deniz. This ends today!

    With this patch you will be able to visit the houses and talk with the people inside them. Houses are also usually something optional, but they add so much richness to the lore and the overall feeling of the game we wanted to include them as soon as possible.

    You’ll notice some of the houses are still closed. These houses are “special” places that will open in future updates since they are related to some unavailable features right now. We added an Alpha sign to them so you will know where you can enter or not.

    By the way, almost everything you see in the NPC houses will also be available to player housing. We’re doing everything as flexible as we can so everything works for the player’s houses too.

    Alpha Content Update 2 and More

    The developers are currently working on another huge content patch for the Alpha, which will includes:

    • a whole new Island (Omninesia)
    • new Temtem
    • several new features such as gameplay mechanics
    • new original soundtrack by Damian Sanchez

    However, this second Alpha patch has been delayed a couple of months to approximately June 2019. Consequently, this will also delay the Early Access launch on Steam (estimated September 2019) as well as the final release of the game which was previously slated for May 2020.

    For other Pokemon news, check out our articles on Pokemon Rumble Rush, Pokemon Sword and Shield, and an unnamed Pokemon mobile game.

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  • svgApr 30, 2019Mobile Game

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    Tales of Wind is a mobile MMO filled with thousands of people who join together in the heart-filled place of Arlesdore, a mystical and fantasy like continent. Players can of course explore dungeons filled with secrets and discover the gorgeous environment. There are also over 20 different side activities in which you can solve quizzes, race each other and even get married.

    Marriage is a big part of the game. Many Harvest Moon fans will be excited to hear that players can get married to another player in the church, in front of all your friends that you invite to celebrate your love. Married players will be able to manage a farm together and enjoy many other activities in joined company.

    The mobile game features in-depth character customizations only seen on PC or console games thus far. You can change your hair, clothing, eyes and so much more – your creativity is the only limit! Tales of Wind also includes three character classes that players need to choose at the beginning of the game.

    • Warrior – Vanguards on the battlefield, they are courageous beings with minds of steel
    • Mage – Their raging magic spells are like deadly curses that befall their unfortunate targets
    • Assassinator – Dark fairies who walk a path between life and death
    • Cleric – Preachers who are the manifestations of love and faith

    While Tales of Wind does feature some combat, it is essentially using powers you learn throughout the game progression and trying to stay away from those cutsie animals in the forrest is extremely simple yet fun. The majority of your time in the game can be spent exploring the living world that looks breathtaking on the screen.

    Tales of Wind is now available for free on iOS and Android. You can even gift an invitation codes to your friends that you wish to play with.

    For more cute, adorable games check out Forager a popular new indie game.

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