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  • svgSep 1, 2021Feature

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    After receiving great feedback from one of my followers, I made a list of best cute games available for Switch.

    As I’m sure you’ve totally figured out by now, I really love playing cute games on my Nintendo Switch. Between the relaxation factor and the adorable graphics, I just can’t get enough of the Nintendo Switch. Now, I have put together a list of my favorite cute games that are currently available for purchase for the Switch. I hope you enjoy all these games as much as I do!

    Little Dragons Cafe

    Little Dragons Cafe home and farm
    Little Dragon’s Cafe

    Little Dragons Cafe is the latest game by Yasuhiro Wada the original Harvest Moon creator. In little Dragons Cafe players choose between a boy or a girl, who are twin siblings. You will be able to gather ingredients and cook recipes in order to run your very own Cafe. Furthermore players will be able to raise a dragon. A fully grown dragon can even be used as a method of transportation to reach far away spots on the map. MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town

    story of seasons friends of mineral town

    Despite there now being a rather saturated farming simulation game market, Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town still manages to earn a place amongst popular games such as Stardew Valley and My Time at Portia. In my personal opinion, it even manages to surpass such games in certain ways due to it’s adorable simplicity. The game features a charming close knit town, harvest sprites with unique personalities, and is unburdened with too many anxiety-provoking features. ( MORE INFO HERE )

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch.

    Dragon Quest Builders 2

    Dragon Quest Builders 2

    The game combines the best from an RPG game and mixes the formula with a crafting and building game. For the first time players in Dragon Quest Builders 2 will be able to go on a journey with up to 4 players in an online multiplayer coop experience. Exploring, crafting, building and more are all part of the game and can now be enjoyed with your friends. MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    Stardew Valley

    Stardew valley Multiplayer PlayStation 4

    You’ve inherited your grandfather’s old farm plot in Stardew Valley. Armed with hand-me-down tools and a few coins, you set out to begin your new life. Can you learn to live off the land and turn these overgrown fields into a thriving home? [steam excerpt] MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    Doraemon Story of Season

    Doraemon Story Of Seasons

    For the ones who are not familiar with Doraemon Story of Seasons, it is a crossover game that combines the best out the beloved farming sim Story of Seasons and the more adventure driven Doraemon. The game was already released in Japan back in July and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans. MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    My Time at Portia

    Start a new life in the enchanting town of Portia! Restore your Pa’s neglected workshop to its former glory by fulfilling commissions, growing crops, raising animals, and befriending the quirky inhabitants of this charming post-apocalyptic land! [steam excerpt] MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    Harvest Moon

    HM: Light of Hope

    In celebration of Harvest Moon’s 20th Anniversary comes an all new Harvest Moon title for Steam! Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition! The game encompasses twenty years of the spirit that have made the franchise what it is today! [steam excerpt] MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch


    Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Switch

    For those with their head in the ‘clouds’, who have not yet played or heard of Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, it is an aesthetic open-world adventure game. It was initially released for PC and PS4 on July 18th 2017. It will be released for Switch on 17th May 2018. The game can be purchased as a physical copy, or alternatively can be downloaded from the Nintendo eShop for a reasonable $26.99. MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening

    Zelda Link's awakening

    If you are like us, you just can’t wait to get your hands on the newly remastered version of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. The adorable graphics alone are enough to keep us on the edge of our seat, waiting to find out exactly what else is new with this awesome epic classic. With the recently released fact sheet from Nintendo, we now know just a little bit more about what to expect. Not that we needed more than the beautifully polished graphics, that is. MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    Luigis Mansion 3

    Luigis Mansion 3

    Of course, you are probably all aware of this title that released just this past Halloween on the Nintendo Switch! I have been playing the game myself and do agree with other critics that it is the best game of the series to date in terms of graphics, gameplay including the new moves (Slam is my new fav), and Gooigi. Another significant addition that made all the difference, the game autosaves every time you walk through a door. MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield

    Pokemon Sword and Shield is finally here for the Nintendo Switch as of November 15th, 2019! For those of you that will only be choosing one of those games and aren’t quite sure yet which one to go for, I’ve made a list of exclusives to help! There will be different things in either Sword or Shield which are as follows: Gym Leaders, Exclusive Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon, and Gigantamax Pokemon with a higher rate of appearance in Max Raid Battles. MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    Golf Story

    Golf Story

    Golf Story is an uber-cute and silly golfing simulator that combines the relaxation of golfing with the stress of crushing defeat looming in the shadows. Take pride in driving that little white ball all across the eight unique environments , cleverly designed to simultaneously inspire joy and rage! Enjoy going head-to-head with your friends in varied and select-able modes, difficulties and maps. MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    Cat Quest II

    Cat Quest II is a fast-paced open-world action RPG where you play as both a cat and a dog cooperatively. Explore a massive world filled with monsters, dungeons and quests, as you strive to bring peace back to your kingdoms during a time of war! See below for the newly released announcement trailer! This sequel returns to the world of Felingard to expand on the original with more explosive spells, expanded weapon options, an exciting new character switch mechanic, and local co-op! MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    Disney TSUM TSUM Festival

    Disney's tsum tsum

    In case you missed it, Disney Tsum Tsum Festival is an exceedingly charming party game that features the Tsum Tsum versions of your favorite Disney characters. It was released in Japan back in October, and is finally releasing in the West on November 8th. The game is so cute, in fact, you can even purchase a themed console! MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    A Hat In Time

    A Hat in Time is a game that has maintained overwhelmingly positive feedback on Steam since its launch in late 2017. A few months after its Mac and PC release, it was also brought to PS4 and Xbox One, but there were no plans to bring it to the Nintendo Switch at the time. That has now changed! Very recently the news surfaced that it was not only confirmed to be coming to the Switch, but has a physical release date of October 18, 2019. MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    Super Monkey Ball Banana Blits HD

    Super monkey ball

    It’s been 5 years since we’ve had any entries into the Super Monkey Ball series, and 7 since we’ve had any on a console. Fans of the series won’t have to wait much longer to catch up with Aiai and the gang, though. SEGA has officially announced an HD remake of Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz! MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    Untitled Goose Game

    This stealth game with a simple premise and slapstick humor created by House House, has recently become an internet sensation, memes and all. I have been following along Untitled Goose Game’s journey since 2017 and have been preparing myself to honk at, annoy, and steal from all of the townspeople. Thanks to the developers, I was able to play a copy on the Nintendo Switch and I was not disappointed. MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    Songbird Symphony

    Songbird Symphony

    In case you missed it, Songbird Symphony is an endlessly adorable side scrolling platform game with loads of heart. Go on a musical adventure of discovery to find what truly makes you special. Sing and chirp your way through a wonderful world full of adversary. Explore a beautifully rendered pixel world on a heartfelt journey to find your origins. MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom

    The sandbox game features a large number of charactersthat you can interact with, making the environment feel more alive, the developer promises.  WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom has been out on mobile devices for quite some time now, and has seen more than 50 recent updates. Each one of them brought new features, improvements and more. MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    What is your favorite Nintendo Switch Game?

    If I missed any cute games that you think should be added to the list, please let me know in the comment section below! If you need any other Switch related items, I’ve got you covered

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  • svgOct 11, 2020Feature

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    Halloween is coming up and I love nothing more than to cozy up with some of my favorite video games and celebrate the holidays in my favorite virtual worlds. Decorating my environment or simply enjoying the festive time with my favorite game characters is just so much fun. Here are some of the spooky or not so spooky games I look forward to playing this Halloween season!

    Animal Crossing New Leaf

    It has been 8 years that Animal Crossing New Leaf was released and I still pick it up frequently. Of course I am working hard to decorate my island in New Horizons, but New Leaf is still a lot of fun as well and I have yet to say goodbye to my old village on the 3DS.

    The game features a really fun Halloween event where you can collect lollipops and various candy pieces from villagers in your town. You then have the choice to exchange these goodies with Jack who will be in your town on October 31st, Depending on what you hand over, you will get Spooky or Creepy furniture! Animal Crossing New Leaf is currently available on the Nintendo 3DS / 2DS.

    animal crossing halloween chasing

    Night in the Woods

    Night in the Woods is an autumnal themed indie adventure game. Highly relatable to many, the game shows the crumbling former mining town of Possum Springs. After the protagonist, Mae Borowski drops out of college and returns to her hometown, she finds things as gloomy and hopeless as ever. But this time there’s something more. Strange and eery occurrences are happening. And there’s something in the woods. This charming game with beautiful music can be played on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Xbox One, Android, Macintosh operating systems, and iOS.

    Luigi Mansion 3

    Nintendo announced during their Nintendo Direct at E3 2019 that Luigi’s Mansion 3 is coming to the Nintendo Switch on October 31st, 2019. Now a year after its initial release, Luigi receives a dream vacation package with Mario and friends to a luxurious hotel. Once there however, King Boo reveals everything had been a ploy and now everyone is captured! Each floor of the hotel is its own unique level but this time, you don’t have to do it alone!

    Thimbleweed Park

    Thimbleweed Park is a puzzle-mystery game that features pixel graphics. The tiny town of Thimbleweed Park is home to 80 very strange people. Five people with nothing in common are drawn to the town. Although they might not yet know it, they are all deeply connected. They’re also all being watched. From a rotting corpse to an abandoned circus, the game is a far cry from Stardew Valley. The game is available to play on Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Linux, and Mac.

    Costume Quest & Costume Quest 2

    Costume Quest is a Halloween-themed party-based RPG game. The game is developed by Double Fine Productions and published by THQ. The player controls a kid who is out trick-or-treating with their twin sibling. When their twin is kidnapped by a monster, the player must travel around the neighborhood and collect candy, items for their costume, and other children to aid them in fighting the monster and rescuing their sibling.

    The game was released on October 19th, 2010, and can be played on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android. The game’s sequel, Costume Quest 2 was released on October 31st, 2014. You can check out Costume Quest and Costume Quest 2 on Steam for more details!

    Little Nightmares

    Little Nightmares is a stop-motion-esque game, with an environment uncomfortably reminiscent of one’s childhood nightmares. The game is a puzzle-platformer horror adventure game that utilizes imagery, empathy, and strange and bizarre encounters (as opposed to overused jump-scares) in order to evoke a sense of horror. With the PC version of the game garnering a score of 81/100, critics praised the game’s atmosphere, graphics, and audio.

    Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

    Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the mobile version of the much beloved Animal Crossing series. While it doesn’t offer the freedom of the console games, it still does a great job at delivering a super cute gaming experience. During the month of October there will be plenty of Halloween themed events with spooky furniture and decoration items that you can use to turn your campsite into the ultimate Halloween Haunted House.

    Pocket Camp Halloween

    If you are on the lookout for a new game, check out my list of 13 magnificent pixel-art games that you don’t want to miss out on!

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  • svgMar 4, 2020Quick Bits

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    The recent addition to the multiplayer pack for Luigi’s Mansion 3 adds all kinds of great new content, plus bug fixes.

    Everyone has been absolutely loving Luigi’s Mansion 3, so far. However, there have been a few bugs that players have encountered over time, and some of these are now being addressed in the latest update.

    Not only that, but there will be a bunch of great new items and game modes to check out as part of the patch. There will be some new outfits, the Scream Park will get some games added and the Scarescraper will get new modes as well.

    See the video below for the full breakdown of what’s included in the multiplayer pack.

    Luigi's Mansion 3 Multiplayer pack

    From Nintendo

    The ghost hunt continues into 2020 with the Luigi’s Mansion™ 3 Multiplayer Pack DLC! This DLC adds chilling-yet-charming costumes that Luigi can sport in the ScareScraper mode and matching themes that transform the look of the tower’s floors!

    Keep your flashlight close, because new surprises might even be found lurking the halls of this ghoulish gauntlet! When you and your friends aren’t slamming and strobing your way through the ScareScraper, the new minigames this DLC brings to ScreamPark can make for some frightening…er, friendly competition.

    Pre-purchase now to get access to both Part 1 and Part 2 of the DLC as they are release, plus an adorably spooky Flashlight Type-P that you can use in the game right away…a certain spectral sidekick may even make an appearance!

    Luigi’s Mansion 3 Muliplayer Pack Video

    The new multiplayer pack costs $9.99 through the Nintendo eShop. For more great games like Luigi’s Mansion 3, check out my coverage of what’s new in Mario Kart Tour.

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  • svgFeb 11, 2020Feature

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    Valentines Day is almost upon us and what better way than to share the day by perfectly working together in harmony in one of these adorable co-op games!

    If you have a valentine or would just like to play some fun co-op games with your loved ones then you might want to take a look at these adorable co-op games you can play right now!

    Garden Paws

    When you play online in Garden Paws, you have the choice to create a server room and allow up to 4 players into your world. They can help you farm, fight monsters in the dungeon, and pretty much anything else you can do in single-player campaign.

    This is also a particularly useful way to share rare items. Creative Mode is basically a sandbox mode where you already have access to every single item the game has to offer with some added bonuses which include: a jetpack and magic carpet to fly around, the lawnmower from the Summer games festival, confetti canon, and more! 

    Garden Paws is available on Steam and coming to Nintendo Switch!

    More info on Garden Paws here!

    Tools Up!

    Tools Up is a local cooperative game about home renovation developed by The Knights of Unity and published by All in! Games. Wait! I promise you it’s a lot more fun than that sounds.

    With 2 or up to 4 players you can make your way up several floors of a skyscraper and play a level in every apartment. You must successfully follow the instructions of your blueprints (i.e. by painting the right walls the right colors) in a race against the clock! 

    Available on Steam and Nintendo Switch!

    More Info on this game right here.

    Knights and Bikes

    Knights and Bikes is a quirky adventure set on a fictional British island in the late 1980s. The charming Co-Op journey is now coming to Nintendo Switch! 

    You can play as two characters: Nessa & Demelza cooperatively online or even locally! They’re tough and imaginative girls exploring the island of Penfurzy in search of mysteries and on a quest to find the legendary treasure.

    Available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

    More info on Knights and Bikes right here!

    Don’t Starve Together

    Don’t starve together is a game about survival in the cutest and fun way possible. Together you will have to collect materials to make tools, grow food, build a camp and more to survive the every day challenge.

    Available on Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

    More info on Don’t Starve Together

    A Hat In Time

    A Hat in Time is a game that has maintained overwhelmingly positive feedback on Steam since its launch in late 2017. A few months after its Mac and PC release, it was also brought to PS4 and Xbox One, but there were no plans to bring it to the Nintendo Switch at the time.

    That has now changed! Very recently the news surfaced that it was not only confirmed to be coming to the Switch, but has a physical release date of October 18, 2019.

    Available on Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

    More info on A Hat in Time right here.

    Luigis Mansion 3

    Luigi is invited to a luxurious hotel with Mario, Peach, and the others. But of course, not long after Luigi arrives, things take a dark turn for the gang. The other guests turn out to be ghosts and they are rather aggressive!

    Luigi has to save everyone and face every challenge thrown at him. There are many floors to this hotel with each one having uniquely themed designs, ghosts, and puzzles. For example, the floors range from a medieval castle to a museum/production studio!

    Available on Nintendo Switch

    More info on this game!

    Mario Maker 2

    The perfect game for two people as you create together as a team! Play, build and share in Super Mario Maker 2 a Mario meets Minecraft combination. Set in the world of Mario, players will be able to create their own levels in the style of many old and new Mario games.

    The levels can be played with up to 4 player locally as well as with friends all over the world via internet – you know, the thing you use to read this article right now.

    Available on Nintendo Switch

    More info on Mario maker 2 right here!

    Stardew Valley – Co-Op

    Stardew Valley is one of the most engaging games and the only way to make it better is to play together! Invite a loved one to your farm, share a wallet and farm together, mine together, explore together and so much more!

    Available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam!

    More info Stardew Valley right here!


    Temtem is a creature collection game inspired by Pokemon. Some might say heavily inspired, but there are certainly some key features that help Temtem stand out above the rest. The heavy multiplayer focus is certainly what made me wanna keep an eye on, so I have… and its a perfect game to play with your valentine as well!

    Available on Steam

    More info on Temtem right here


    Wattam is a puzzle adventure game developed by Funomena, published by Annapurna Interactive, and imagined by the beautiful and weird mind of Keita Takahashi (creator of Katamari Damacy).

    In this game you are the Mayor and you can make friends and have fun in single-player or in local co-op. I’ve been looking forward to holding hands with creatures that resemble toilets and poop, food and utensils, for a while now.

    Available on PlayStation 4 and PC via Epic Games Store

    More info on Wattam right here!

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  • svgDec 27, 2019Feature

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    I had a chance to look back at all of the games I’ve reviewed this year and started off with the Most Wholesome Farming Sims of 2019. There have been some great first-party Nintendo Switch games as well as so many great indie gems I had the chance to play thanks to all the amazing indie developers and publishers! Below is a list of games I’ve played the most that are both online and local multiplayer, which you can play with family and friends during the holidays!

    Luigi’s Mansion 3

    It’s been really great that Nintendo has been adding a cooperative feature to their latest games and Luigi’s Mansion 3 was a wonderful surprise with the addition of Gooigi. This game is so much more fun with another player and adds some unique puzzles and maximum vacuum power! Want to play with even more players? You can do so with 8 others online or locally with ScareScraper and ScreamPark modes.

    Unravel Two

    Unravel Two technically released for the first time on PC, PS4 and Xbox One back in late 2018. However, I played it upon its March 2019 release on the Nintendo Switch. It’s only a 2-player game but with features like PlayStation’s Share Play and Steam’s Remote Play Together, you can play locally or online. This game has the highest review score I have ever given for its fantastic physics-based mechanics and cooperative play when it comes to platforming and solving puzzles!

    Tools Up!

    I’ve only had this game on the Nintendo Switch for a short while but I still find myself thinking about it foundly and hoping for some DLC or extra levels. Play up to 4 players on local co-op and renovate homes according to the blueprints! Much like Overcooked, it can be chaotic but extremely rewarding when you perfect your coordination. It’s available for Steam’s Remote Play so you can play online with friends.

    ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove

    This remastered classic is just as silly and laid-back as ever now on PC and all major consoles. Play this locally with 2 players or online with 4 players if you want something a bit more relaxing and without puzzles. I recommend ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove for younger kids to play this holiday season!

    Of course, all of those games mentioned above are the games I had a chance to play in 2019. There are still so many cute wholesome games available now, and more multiplayer games to look forward to in 2020 like Trash Sailors, Pile Up!, and Grabimals. Stay tuned for more reminiscing!

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  • svgDec 18, 2019News

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    Luigi’s Mansion 3 is one of Nintendo’s best Switch games this year, even earning my vote and ultimately winning the award for Best Family Game during the Game Awards 2019. Nintendo has just announced today, December 18th, 2019, that Luigi’s Mansion 3 DLC is available for pre-order now and releasing in 2020! The Multiplayer Pack will be releasing in 2 separate parts; Part 1 on April 30th, 2020, Part 2 on July 31st, 2020.

    Luigi’s Mansion 3 has local co-op with the main story where the second player can take control of Gooigi. There’s also a local or online multiplayer mode with up to 8 players called the ScareScraper where you work together to clear floors of ghosts. Since then, there’s been an additional multiplayer versus mode called ScreamPark which allows up to 8 local players to play various mini-games against each other.

    What’s in it and is it Worth the Price?

    For the price of $9.99, Part 1 of the DLC will include the following: 3 new mini-games for ScreamPark mode, 6 new Themed Ghosts, 3 new outfits for Luigi to wear, and 3 new floor themes in co-op ScareScraper mode. Part 2 will come with additional new features and content for both ScareScraper and ScreamPark modes but has yet to reveal exactly what those are. Nintendo has showed off Luigi’s Mansion 3 Luigi outfits and one of them has him dressing up as Elvis! The other two is a suit of armor and mummy wraps.

    If you want to pre-purchase Luigi’s Mansion 3 Multiplayer Pack, you can go to the official website here. As a special bonus for purchasing this DLC, you’ll immediately get the new in-game Flashlight Type-P that shows Polterpup’s adorable face on on the walls when illuminated! New players of Luigi’s Mansion 3 can access this item only after meeting Professor E. Gadd and when he establishes his lab (Gallery). I love Polterpup so much so it’s worth the price just for that flashlight!

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  • svgNov 7, 2019Feature

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    Of course, you are probably all aware of this title that released just this past Halloween on the Nintendo Switch! I have been playing the game myself and do agree with other critics that it is the best game of the series to date in terms of graphics, gameplay including the new moves (Slam is my new fav), and Gooigi. Another significant addition that made all the difference, the game autosaves every time you walk through a door.

    Playing with someone cooperatively as Gooigi reduces the time it takes to suck everything up and significantly helps in boss battles and when surrounded by ghosts. The best part, Gooigi can die via enemies and water, but he can always come back shortly after without using lives. With all of these exciting new features in Luigi’s Mansion 3, I wanted to take the time to focus on Polterpup, the star of the show, as he should not be overlooked.

    Polterpup is Part of the Family

    During the end of the second game, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon on the 3DS, Luigi actually adopts this lovable and hyper ghost-doggy, My heart melted when I started up the new title which has Luigi and co. riding the train to the Last Resort hotel along with the family pupper. Polterpup’s in-game bio is as follows: “A ghost dog who loves Luigi and is always by his side. He’ll come to Luigi’s aid when he’s in truly dire situations!” Every time Polterpup helps Luigi, I love to hear him respond with: “Aw, Polterpup” as lovingly as possible.

    Instead of having to use your Dark-Light and chase this little troublemaker everywhere, his role is that of a guide. At the beginning, he will show you which buttons to press and when, as a sort of tutorial. Throughout the game your guide-dog will show you either the right direction to follow to complete your objective, or show you a secret spot with either money or gems to collect.

    Polterpup Saves the Day

    There still isn’t much to purchase with all of that cash you save up that is very useful, besides the Golden Bones again. Especially when you can only purchase so many until they’re sold out before needing to progress the story. When your health reaches 0 and you have a Golden Bone in your inventory, Polterpup will lick Luigi back to life and take the bone with him as payment. Although I know he would do it for free.

    I had a lot of fun playing Luigi’s Mansion 3 and it was nice that this time around the levels were a little shorter, as well as the overall game. Which actually makes it perfect for the portability of the Switch. You can also use your joy-con motion sensors to make using your Poltergust G-00 surprisingly easier to use when changing directions. My only wish now is to get a spin-off all about Polterpup, and Polterkitty, on an adventure Homeward Bound-style!

    I loved every minute playing this game from the wacky ghost shennigans to the sneaky Easter eggs, and of course every scene with Polterpup. I highly recommend you purchase the game on the Nintendo Switch eShop right now or you can grab it on Amazon for a small discount right here!

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  • svgOct 31, 2019News

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    Luigi’s Mansion 3 released today and the critics are buzzing!

    Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to get my hands on this especially spooky title…yet. But many critics and reviewers have tried the game and, overall, everyone is loving it. Luigi’s mansion 3 is shaping up to be the best holiday release for Switch that we’ve seen thus far.

    In case you were still on the fence about giving this installment in the Luigi’s Mansion series a try, many reviewers have already given us the scoop on what to expect. The Nintendo UK YouTube channel just added a video to that reveals what a few critics thought of the game, which you can view below.

    Here are few raves for Luigi’s Mansion 3

    Nintendo Life: “Luigi’s Mansion 3 is not only a graphical powerhouse and showcase for Next Level Games’ unrivalled mastery of video game animation, it’s also an immense helping of spooky fun as well. The amount of care and consideration poured into every facet of the game is abundantly clear, and it all results in one of the most enjoyable and attractive Switch titles of the year….”

    Washington Post: “Luigi’s Mansion’s 3 is my kind of haunted house — a place that’s more funny than scary. For anyone who likes Nintendo games of the Mushroom Kingdom variety there are many reasons to book a stay.”

    USgamer: “Luigi’s Mansion 3 occasionally suffers because of its fixed camera and a ghastly boss fight here and there, but the “goo” overwhelms the bad in this haunting adventure. Sucking up stuff with your Poltergust is still satisfying, and slamming ghosts into each other feels so right. Add buckets of charm, and you have a game that proves—yet again—that Luigi is the superior Mario Brother.”

    If, like me, you are now completely sold on this game, you can secure your very own copy on Amazon. For more games from the Mario universe, check out my coverage of Mario Kart Tour.

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