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  • svgJul 4, 2020Mobile Game

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    Level-5 have recently announced that a HD version of Professor Layton and The Lost Future launches for mobile this month. Set to release on both iOS and Android devices on the 13th July, the game is an enhanced port of the Nintendo DS version, which released over a decade ago! As a HD port, the game will have significantly improved graphics and cutscenes in comparison to the 2008 original version.

    Chronology & Plot

    Professor Layton and The Lost Future is the third game in the first Professor Layton game trilogy. However, the first trilogy chronologically takes place after the events of the three games in the second trilogy. A little confusing, but the puzzle games are enjoyable nonetheless.

    Just like the chronology of the Professor Layton games series, the plots can also be slightly confusing initially, albeit very clever. However, the mystery of each game always becomes clear by the end of each game, owing to the sharp-witted Professor Layton.

    In a nutshell, Professor Layton and the Lost Future starts with the professor receiving a letter from his apprentice, Luke. This may not seem strange, but the ‘Luke’ writing the letter claims to be from ten years in the future. He initially thinks that Luke is playing a trick on him, until he recalls the events of a week ago. At an unveiling ceremony of a supposedly fully-working time machine, a disaster occurs. The time machine explodes, and a number of people have disappeared, including the Prime Minister.

    Deciding to follow the instructions of Future Luke, The Professor and Luke head to a clock shop on Midland Road. After a seemingly small earthquake-type experience whilst inside, the duo are dumbfounded upon exiting the shop. To their utter disbelief, their surroundings are entirely different, and they discover multiple things that suggest that they have travelled into the future.

    Dubious as ever, the Professor is determined to uncover what exactly is going on. He’s certain that he is not in fact in a future version of London. However, he is not certain of who he can trust.

    A more in-depth plot synopsis as featured in the official Level-5 ‘The World of Professor Layton’ book.

    Key Features

    • HD cutscenes
    • An intriguing and captivating plot
    • Numerous puzzles that span over time
    • A plethora of interesting characters to meet
    • Three unloackable mini-games that can be accessed via the Professor’s trunk

    Some of The Main Characters

    • Professor Layton
    • Luke
    • Future Luke
    • Flora
    • Dimitri
    • Celeste
    • Bill Hawks
    • Don Paulo
    • Inspector Chelmey & his assistant Barton

    The Three Minigames

    • The Toy Car Minigame
    • The Parrot Minigame
    • The Picture Book Minigame
    A brief explanation of the three Minigames you can play. This was also featured in the official Level-5 ‘The World of Professor Layton’ book.

    Whilst no price has yet been confirmed, the two previous games in the series to get HD mobile ports both cost £9.99 each.

    Artwork Competition

    In celebration of the HD remake of the game, Level-5 are hosting a competition. You can create a piece of artwork relating to Professor Layton and The Lost Future and then post it to Twitter with a short sentence on why you chose to create that specific piece of art. The winner will receive a diorama of Professor Layton’s office, alongside a pure gold Professor Layton art card. Five runners-up will also receive a pure gold art card. The competition closes on the 31st July. You can find out more about the art competition here.

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  • svgSep 27, 2018Mobile Game

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    [dropcap]P[/dropcap]rofessor Layton And The Curious Village was initially released by Level-5 for Nintendo DS in Japan in 2007. Fast forward to 11 years later, and Layton fans can play a remastered HD version of the enigmatic game on either iOS or Android.

    The game features the gentlemanly Professor Hershel Layton, a puzzle-loving archaeologist, and his young assistant Luke Triton, an easily nettled boy with a huge appetite and an ability to talk to animals.

    The first game has the duo searching on behalf of a wealthy widow for an elusive artefact supposedly hidden by her late husband, the Baron. Whoever finds the artefact will inherit the Baron’s immense wealth.

    With a beautiful animation style synonymous of Level-5, captivating music and plenty of suspense and emotion, the game remains entertaining despite its age, hence why a remake was made.

    The trailer for the polished puzzle game can be watched below.

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