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  • svgDec 3, 2019News

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    Toripon, created by Victoria Smith, is a low-poly and pixel bird photography game releasing on here in only 2 days! On December 5th, 2019 you’ll be able to discover several types of birds around your fancy apartment and capture adorable moments of birds just being silly birds. Catch some birds partying to some tunes, playing around with household items, or getting into trouble, and share it with the world.

    About Toripon

    Take photos of cute birds doing cute things, and make people happy on the internet! Explore a surprisingly spacious inner-city apartment filled with far too many pet birds doing their own silly things. Take photos and share them with your internet friends to spread the love around. The more bird pictures you post, the more your follower count will go up! Just like real life! Unlock new birds by taking the right pictures and try to find them all…

    Key Features

    • Over 40 types of birds to discover
    • Relaxing, no-pressure gameplay
    • A colourful, delightful apartment to explore
    • Learn some mildly interesting bird facts
    • Cutting edge pixel graphics for maximum cuteness
    • Share all your photos on a completely unrealistic social media simulation
    • Share your best photos on Twitter directly from the game
    • Optional pixellation toggle for easier viewing

    Once you’ve taken millions of photographs of the cutest birbs, may I suggest looking forward to also taking pictures of doggos and puppers in Pupperazzi? There could never be enough games where you take pictures of little precious sweet baby animals.

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  • svgAug 3, 2019News

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    Just a clown who’s lost his doggo…

    Adorable graphics and lovely characters pave the path in this marvelous side-scrolling plat-former by Cloud M1. With a level design reminiscent of Mario and Donkey Kong, Ayo the Clown is on an adorable and in-depth adventure to save save his lost dog, Bo.

    With a rich story and some awesome RPG elements, like earned skills and an ever-growing health bar (kinda like Legend of Zelda), Ayo the Clown looks to be bubbly and cheerful addition the classic platform genre.

    A clown on a mission.

    Akin to the Legend of Zelda, you begin the game with no skills, and accumulate them over time. Alongside many uber-helpful abilities, we will see such classic actions as jumping, sliding, climbing and stomping, all with a touch of whimsy.

    The unique and varied stages keep the heavy humor fresh, with many hilarious obstacles to heed progress along the way! However, even the haughtiest hilarious hindrances can’t halt a hovering helicopter, or a torrential tank! With plenty of ponderous puzzles and kooky characters to pave the path, Ayo the Clown takes platform games to whole new level!


    For more information about Ayo the Clown, you can follow Cloud M1 on Facebook and Twitter, as well as check out their dev page. Ayo the Clown is still in development, and is now on Kickstarter!! There has never been a better time to check out the most charming platform game we’ve seen in ages!

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  • svgJul 26, 2019News

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    City builders are the go-to genre if you want to relax and lose yourself for hours. There’s something the MyPotatoGames fam loves about being able to build a town or world and watch it flourish. Add in some gorgeous graphics, and the ability to colonize space…Before We Leave, in development by Balancing Monkey Games, definitely has our attention.

    About Before We Leave:

    Your people emerge from underground to a world they’ve forgotten about. You have to rebuild civilization, which includes an assortment of fun tasks. There are resources to manage, huts to build, and potatoes to harvest. Once you’ve expanded your world, you can expand across the universe.

    By expanding through space, you’ll create a multi-planet system of colonies to care for. The needs of your civilization aren’t going to be your only concern. There’s a reason your people were forced underground – disasters. These disasters left their mark on your planets and with improper management, they can once more cause issues.

    On top of that, there are ancient guardians – remnants of your ancestors – that will challenge cities and demand attention. Oh, and the space whales. Yup, there are giant planet-munching space whales floating about.

    Watch the announcement trailer:

    There’s no set release date yet but the game will be coming to PC. You can wishlist it now on Steam. You can also follow development updates on Twitter and the dev blog.

    We love talking about city-builders of all shapes and sizes! For the city-builders with a love for animals, make sure you’re up-to-date with Planet Zoo. Love to micromanage? Two Point Hospital is coming to consoles!

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  • svgJun 29, 2019News

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    Robot Army

    From one islander to another…

    Seeing as how the myPotatoGames headquarters is located on the beautiful island of Kauai, we figured it would behoove us to make mention of this wonderful island-style title. Leilani’s Island is currently in production, and being developed by Craig Forrester, an indie game designer with an expansive list of titles that he has helped create. This title is currently in development for PC, and there is, as of yet, no mention of future platforms or a release date.

    Map Design

    Leilani is “Royal Child”…

    In Leilani’s Island, you must use the abilities at hand to destroy the robot army and stop Kuila from taking over! In this tropical 2D platformer, you will roll/dash through many enemies and obstacles to obliterate every mechanical menace in your path.

    With magical powers and endless agility, you’ll roll, jump and smash your way to a robot free home! With tons of fresh island-style tweaks on this classic genre, Leilani’s Island will surely be a truly u’i (beautiful) game to explore.

    Roll Ability

    Gameplay for Leilani’s Island

    For more information about Leilanis Island, you can follow Craig Forrester on Twitter, or follow the dev log for this game. 

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  • svgJun 22, 2019News

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    Ailuri is an adorable 2D side scroller that promotes awareness of endangered species.

    Games that feature cute and cuddly animals are basically our bread and butter here at myPotatoGames. From the big hits like Animal Crossing: New Horizons down to the epic Indies like Snacko, we just can’t get enough of games that contain charming critters. Not only does Ailuri have one of the cutest pandas that you have ever seen, the game also has the wholesomeness of delivering a powerful and meaningful message. Having a protagonist in a video game that is a part of an endangered species is a wonderful and ingenious way to spread to awareness.

    Ailuri is currently in production and being completely hand drawn, to help add to the alluring aesthetic. The current planned release of this charming title is late this year. The initial release will be on Steam for $14.99USD, but it may come to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. With such a beautiful message, and what appears to be some pretty delightful artwork, we will certainly be keeping an eye on Ailuri, and will have more information when it becomes available. For up-to-date information about Ailuri, you can follow the artist on Twitter by clicking here. For more 2D side scrolling action, check out the adorable Ayo by clicking here!

    A bit of footage…

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  • svgMay 24, 2019News

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    Japan’s indie game festival is just around the corner, and here’s what we know so far!

    For those who don’t know, BitSummit is an indie game festival mainly for Japanese indie game developers. We at myPotatoGames cannot get enough of our beloved Indies, so we are quite excited to see what’s in store at BitSummit 2019, or BitSummit 7 Spirits. This is the seventh (obviously) running of BitSummit, and should be a rather huge event, as BitSummit has been growing since it’s inception. There will be many new games featured by Japanese indie devs that will even be playable.

    A bit more about BitSummit…

    This event will be so large, in fact, that Nintendo themselves will have a booth. While Nintendo is not an indie company, they have recently made it their business to support indie devs in creating games for their platform. At this booth, Nintendo has already revealed that they intend to feature such awesome Indies as Cuphead, Untitled Goose Game, and Slay the Spire. Seeing as how Cuphead (more info here) and Untitled Goose Game (more info here) are already on out Potato radar, we will be sure to keep an eye on what’s happening at this years BitSummit.


    The event will be held on June 1st. and 2nd., and will run from 10:00am to 5:00pm. This festival will be held at Kyoto’s Miyako Messe convention center, so if you are in Japan, or plan to be in the near future, this is one gaming event that you’re not going to want to miss. However, if you’d like to view it without traveling internationally, keep an eye out for BitSummit Roadshow, the virtual satellite stream of the event. For more information about this auspicious event, feel free to hop on over to their website by clicking here.

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  • svgMay 3, 2019News

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    With a new month comes a new devlog update from Éloïse Laroche, the sole developer behind Alchemy Story, an adorable farming simulation game. If you missed our demo summary and gameplay footage of Alchemy Story last time, you can catch up with us right here. Now, let’s dive in to the new features added or changed as the developer continues to progress with the development of the game.

    William Sharpleaf

    A new character has been added to the game that will also need saving and help transforming back into a human. William is the town’s lumberjack. He will sell lumber, mushrooms, and better axes. The axes will help you to explore further into the forest as you need to cut down trees to find keys.

    New character: William Sharpleaf

    Gnome Builders

    Three adorable gnomes have been added as a reward for transmuting William. With their help, you’ll be able to build and upgrade different buildings around town. As of now, you’ll be able to build a hot air balloon and upgrade your barn and coop. The developer intends to later add more buildings that will be available for construction such as a market, fishing nets, and a house expansion.

    Helpful, happy gnome builders

    Hot Air Balloon

    The hot air balloon in our opinion will be a most valuable item to build as it will allow you to fast travel into the forest to previous levels you’ve already unlocked. No more having to restart at the beginning of the forest every time you enter.

    Handy hot air balloon

    Coop & Barn Expansions

    The barn and the coop both have three different sizes now. Both buildings start as small with about 3-4 spaces each and you’ll be able to upgrade them two more times. The expansions allow you to keep new types of animals or more of the same ones. It’s always great to have more animals.

    More space, more animals!

    Feedback & Development

    The creator has heard everyone’s comments and has made improvements based on the feedback she has received this past month. See below for all of the new changes!

    • The groundhog is easier to find as she stays out of the ground until you talk to her and start managing your garden.
    • Charlotte sends a letter to better explain how the garden works.
    • After adopting your first animal, Noah will send you a letter to explain how to feed and take care of them.
    • The main interface will notify you of which area you are in. I’m still working on a map, but this information will let you know quickly where you are.
    • I’ve fixed collisions so it’s easier to interact with certain objects.
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  • svgApr 20, 2019News

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    A bit of R&R for these super-busy devs!

    In a recent tweet from @MinekosMarket, it has been revealed that production of Mineko’s Night Market will be slowed due to some near cat-astrophic health concerns. That might be a bit exaggerated on our part, but maybe not! The creation of such a beautiful and whimsical game is sure to be a fur-midable endeavor.

    While it was mentioned that this is more of a slowing than a halt, un-fur-tinately, it doesn’t appear that a new release date is as soon as we might hope. We here at myPotatoGames know the importance of peace and pace, however, and fully support the Mineko team in taking all the time they need.

    If hiss-tory has taught us anything, it’s that slow and steady wins the race. Of course, all new updates will still be mew-sic to our ears, but all good things come in time! We would like to say thank you furry much to the Mineko’s Night Market team for all the hard work on this pur-fectly paw-some title. We wish you all the best going fur-ward!

    For more information about Mineko’s Night Market, feel free to check myPotatoGames coverage of this lovely title! For up-to-date information, be sure to follow @MinekosMarket on Twitter!

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