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    The latest mobile game from the creators Golf Peak is an adorable puzzler with cats and sushi!

    Games that revolve around cats doing anything are sure to be just about as cute as it gets. Throw in a little bento box preparation and you have the recipe for an absolutely darling mobile game. Inbento is a little puzzle game about kitty-cats packing lunches, bento style. The object of the game is to match your lunch with the example given, the ultimate goal being to provide your family with wholesome nutrition.


    The soft color scheme and the wordless storytelling make this mobile game a more heartfelt and relaxing approach to puzzlers. However, do expect there to be some not-so-relaxing moments, as the game has launched with over 100 levels. There are even bonus stages for those that master the basics. Inbento is currently out on iOS, and will be releasing on Android shortly. The game costs only $2.99, and offers a completely ad-free experience. For more information on Inbento and other titles by Afterburn, you can check out their official website. For more adorable cat games, don’t forget to check out Calico.

    Inbento Launch Trailer

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