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  • svgFeb 22, 2018News

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    [dropcap]R[/dropcap]eleased on 21/02/18, Gleaner heights is a challenging yet charming Harvest Moon and Twin peaks inspired farming simulation game. Evoking a 90’s themed character art style and sharing similarities with SNES and Gameboy versions of Harvest Moon, the game is certainly nostalgic. That being said, it is also current and relevant, allowing players to have dyed hair and to be gay and bisexual.

    The game has been likened to Stardew Valley, with many criticising the developer of copying Stardew Valley’s mining and character customisation features. However, the game has been in development since before the publication of Stardew Valley, and the developer claims to have purposely avoided playing Stardew Valley as to not copy from the popular game.

    The game includes the elements of traditional farming games such as animal care and husbandry, crop growing, relationships with townsfolk etc.

    Additionally, it caters for gamers who like a good mystery with a town full of:

    – Residents living double lives. You can choose to help or sabotage their plottings and betrayals.

    – Spooky happenings. Unravel the town’s supernatural history, from it’s founding, right up to present day.

    – Mysterious powerful creatures that appear to be guarding lost treasures.

    Gleaner Heights Main Features Include:

    -Play as a male or female character.
    -Over 30 villagers with their own schedules, habits, likes and dislikes.
    -Extended farming mechanics with over 40 different crops.
    -Animals like chickens and cows, as well as a horse. Extended sub-mechanics include growing mushrooms in a mysterious cave, or breeding silkworms.
    -Extended crafting system with lots of recipes, from fences to explosive arrows to cheese makers.
    -Cooking with over 110 recipes.
    -Complete town upgrade projects. Have your very own boat and explore the river and waterfall, and even explore underwater with your diving suit!
    -Romantic interests and marriage.
    -Day/night cycle, seasons, and weather system.
    -Skills, perks and equipment (clothing) with set bonuses.
    -Tool upgrades and mining.
    -Fishing! Over 40 fishes populate various water bodies around the town and in underground lakes.
    -Town events and festivals.
    -Main plot with different “endings”.
    -Explore and discover hidden areas and dungeons.
    -Surprisingly fluid combat for a game of this genre, with players being able to charge ther tool attacks while moving, roll, dash, perform power attacks etc.
    -Multi-language support (in progress).
    -Gamepad/mouse support.

    The game’s standard cost is $9.99 (£7.19), but it is currently on sale at $8.99 (£6.47).

    For more farming games check out the upcoming Ooblets game, it features gardening and a crafting system as well, you can check it out here. We also can’t stop playing Lullaby Gardens in which you can roam a huge area to build, craft, farm and more. Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, in which players can farm, fish, explore, build relationships and more has recently been announced for Switch.

    The latest Harvest Moon Lights of Hope on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Playstation 4 comes with an adorable pre-order bonus, have you seen it yet?

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  • svgNov 14, 2017News

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    [dropcap]N[/dropcap]atsume just released a brand new trailer to celebrate the release of Harvest Moon Light of Hope. The game is now available on Steam for PC. According to Natsume the latest Harvest Moon will be available on Nintendo Switch early 2018. Check out the brand new Harvest Moon Light of Hope Release Trailer below. For more information on Light of Hope check out our preview article right here.

    If you want to win a free copy of the game via Steam, leave a comment below and let us know what you are most excited about in Light of Hope. Winners will be randomly selected by Nov 15th, 6pm PT.

    This contest is now closed. We will announce the winner shortly! 

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    [dropcap]N[/dropcap]atsume announced that Harvest Moon light of Hope will release in early 2018 on Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4. The popular farming simulation will release on PC much earlier than the console ports. The publisher will release the latest Harvest Moon game on November 14th for PC. The game will exlusivly be available via steam for $29.99.

    Not only will Harvest Moon Light of Hope be available on PC months before the Switch and PS4 version, but it is also the first time the franchise becomes available on PC.  For more information and gameplay footage check out the latest right here.


    In celebration of Harvest Moon’s 20th Anniversary comes an all new Harvest Moon title for Steam! Harvest Moon: Light of Hope! The game encompasses twenty years of the spirit that have made the franchise what it is today!

    Looking for a fresh start and some new surroundings, you set off on a voyage to begin your new life! Unfortunately, the weather has different plans, as your ship is hit by a monsoon, and goes down! You drift into a small harbor town, now in a shambles from the storm, where a young doctor named Jeanne saves your life.

    The town has essentially been deserted, but you’re never one to back down from a challenge! It will be up to you to help rebuild the town and save the lighthouse…but it won’t be easy! Nevertheless, with some hard work growing crops, tending livestock, and gathering materials for repairs, you will be able to make new friends, start a family, revive the lighthouse, and save the town, your new home!

    • Collect important materials to rebuild the town and restore the lighthouse!
    • Complete requests from villagers to unlock new areas and items!
    • New and unique festivals, including the Dog Racing Festival!
    • Learn to grow and mutate crops with user friendly UI and tutorials!
    • Play as a boy or a girl, get married, and start a family!

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  • svgOct 25, 2017News

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    [dropcap]N[/dropcap]atsume is working hard on making Harvest Moon: Light of Hope the best game in the series thus far. Many fans of the series are waiting impatiently for more details on the farming simulator. Harvest Moon Switch will be released in early 2018 according to a recent press release by Natsume. Furthermore the game will cost $30 on steam, it is safe to assume that the price on Nintendo Switch will be in the same ballpark. Below are some additional information and a trailer for the upcoming Harvest Moon game.

    In Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, players begin the game as they set out looking for a fresh start and new surroundings. During their voyage, their ship is hit by a monsoon and goes down. As they drift into a small harbor town, now in a shambles from the storm, it will be up to the player to help rebuild the town and save the lighthouse…but it won’t be easy! Nevertheless, with some hard work growing crops, tending livestock, and gathering materials for repairs, players will be able to make new friends, start a family, revive the lighthouse, and save the town!

    Harvest Moon: Light of Hope includes new features such as repairing, which enables the player to repair destroyed homes and unlock new shops, characters, farming tools, and farming land. The Farming Friend is another new addition, which helps players grow abundant crops. The game also introduces a retro plus feel, with classic SNES inspired graphics alongside some modern features in honor of the 20th anniversary. And in addition to these new features will be some familiar faces from previous Harvest Moon titles.

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  • svgOct 22, 2017News

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    [dropcap]P[/dropcap]athea Games, developer behind my Time at Portia has create a sandbox farming game heavily inspired by Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. The developers have now announced that the game will be ported to Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. A release date for the port has not yet been announced. The game is receiving frequent updates, extending the already feature rich gameplay. If you want to learn more about my Time at Portia, check out our first look and gameplay trailer right here. My Time at Portia is currently in alpha testing, if you want to find out how to join the alpha test check out our guide right here.

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    [dropcap]M[/dropcap]arvelous announced Harvest Moon The Tale of Two Towns on Nintendo 3DS merely a few days ago. The first gameplay trailer for the upcoming farming game reveals a first glimpse at the farming simulator. There are very few details available at this point. Marvelous however, did say that Streetpass would be supported. Players will also be able to choose between liking fishing or animals at the beginning of the game. Harvest Moon The Tale of Two Towns+ will be available on Nintendo 3DS beginning December 14th for $39.99. A brand new Harvest Moon game will come to Nintendo Switch at a later point, you can catch up on Harvest Moon Light of Hope for the Switch right here.

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    [dropcap]M[/dropcap]y Time at Portia is a 3D sandbox RPG adventure game. The developers are aiming to capture the hearts of Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, and Harvest Moon fans. In My time at Portia you will be able to meet different kind of NPC characters, with a deep relationship and marriage system in place. Furthermore players will be able to farm, fish, explore, and so much more. My Time at Portia is currently seeking funding via kickstarter. With more than 1,300 bakers the developers have almost met half their target. If you want to help fund the game you can do so here.

    The developers will release the game on PC, but are also considering a console version on Playstation 4 , Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. A playable alpha demo of the game with up to 6 hours of gameplay is available here. You can check out the steam page of the game right here.  For more information on My Time at Portia check out some of the features, and the first gameplay trailer below.

    My Time at Portia Features

    Workshop – The player inherits a workshop at the start of the game and has to collect resources and complete commissions to grow the workshop into the best in Portia. The workshop is the home space of the player, and many parts of it can be upgraded. The homestead can also be customized through placement of different furnitures and different room upgrades.

    Farming – Unlike most other farming games where you have to take care of your crops everyday, consuming lots of time and energy, the farming in this game will try to be more industrialized, more modern, such as using a planter box or semi-automatic irrigation systems. We want to keep the essential part of farming, such as planting your own crops and watching it grow, while taking out much of the daily routine associated with it to give the player more time to explore the world.

    Relationships – The player will able to befriend or romance most characters in the game. The relationships are tied together with the economy system. If a player has a good relationship with a certain NPC, there might be perks such as new missions, cheaper goods, or a willing hand. Going the romance route will allow the player to go on dates with the NPC, go through with a storyline for that NPC, and eventually marry that character.

    Character Customization – The player gets to pick to be male or female, with an assortment of hairstyles, facial styles, and colors to choose from. The face can be tweaked as well. There’s even a barber shop in the game to allow for hairstyle changes.

    Battle – The player will fight an assortment of monsters, robots, and baddies. Weapons and armor can be upgraded.

    Skills – There is leveling in the game, skill points gained can be distributed by the player.

    Marriage – When the player and NPC relationship reaches a certain threshold, marriage will become an option. After marrying, the NPC will become a helper in the workshop. There might also be some more storyline that happen after marriage. We’d like to add children to this game, with your support, we hope it’s possible.

    Fishing – There are multiple spots to fish in this game, from the pristine rivers, to dark swamps, to tropical islands. The player will get to keep fish in a fish tank for viewing pleasure after a house upgrade.

    Big thanks to one of our readers – Kikki – for submitting this news story!

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    [dropcap]H[/dropcap]arvest Moon Ligh of Hope has been announced a few months ago. Fans of the series have long been waiting on more details and gameplay footage. Natsume has finally kicked of a new video series, in which the developer will release gameplay footage detailing all the features in the upcoming Harvest Moon game. This week Natsume released a video showing some gameplay on how to rebuild your village. Check out the Harvest Moon Light of Hope Gameplay video below. Harvest Moon Light of Hope is set to release on PC and Nintendo Switch early 2018.

    For more information on the upcoming Harvest Moon check out our preview right here.


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