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    The new Drawn To Life game will be releasing on Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS and Android on December 7th.

    The Drawn To Life series will see a new game release soon, and it is called Drawn To Life: Two Realms. One of the most customizable games ever is back, and its coming to enough platforms for everyone to enjoy this new installment in this renowned series.

    For those that don’t know, the Drawn To Life series is most renowned for allowing players not only to customize their characters, but also the items in the game and the levels themselves. Use the customization tool to design any piece of the game that you like. The new game is reputed to have nearly infinite customization combinations.

    Drawn to life two realms

    In the game, you are tasked with traveling between two different worlds, the Raposa world and the Human world, to uncover the secrets of the Shadow and save yourself and your friends in doing so.

    This will be the third game in the series and, as the developer mentioned, was made with the new generation of gamers and platforms in mind. This means tons of never before seen content to the series, as well being a bigger game than ever before.

    Drawn To Life: Two Realms Announcement Trailer

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    For more information on Drawn To Life: Two Realms, you can check out their official Steam page.

    For more great games coming soon to the Switch, check out my coverage of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory.

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