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  • svgDec 4, 2022Indie Highlight

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    Farm, Craft, Explore

    We introduced Meetlight and the Secrets of the Universe back in April, but now there’s so much more gameplay information to gush over. Currently located on Kickstarter, this gorgeous game has taken the word “wholesome” and run away with it. Inspired by Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Ori and the Blind Forest, Stardew Valley, My Time at Portia, and My Neighbor Totoro, Meetlight looks to be a beautiful game with a comfy, cozy atmosphere.

    You will play as Anna. Anna has faced a terrible tragedy and lost her spouse. Now, Anna has taken over her great-uncle’s forge and become the new blacksmith. You’ll build your house from scratch (and decorate it too!), customize your character appearance, and befriend animals, nature, and your neighbors (some are even romanceable!). You’ll even be able to complete quests for the villagers or trade with them.

    That’s not all, however. With the loss of your spouse, you’ve gained the ability of clairvoyance, which you’ll slowly develop and perfect as you play. Enter the magical world of energy where you’ll meet new inhabitants, explore lost places, and discover the secrets of the universe. In this 3D open-world, with 19 places to visit on the map (so far), there’s just SO much to do and see.

    Featuring Customization, Farming, Blacksmithing, and More

    If you’re not feeling like exploring, don’t worry. Meetlight and the Secrets of the Universe also has farming. Plant and care for your own set of crops, and perhaps even a fairy will drop by to help you out with them. You’ll be able to create your own farm layout and decorate your fields how you wish. Also available for your farm are animals! You will choose a companion (a cat, a dog, a rabbit, a goat, or something else!) when you start, but you’ll also be able to tame wild animals like foxes and crows. It will take time to get close to wild animals, but eventually they’ll learn to trust you. Breed your animals and collect things like wool from them to use in crafting. It appears there’s at least one horse, too, that you’ll be able to explore the map on.

    You’ve also taken over as the local blacksmith, so naturally you’ll be able to create things in the forge. Your uncle left his trade secrets behind. Of course, you’re new to blacksmithing, so you’ll have to practice the skill to get better and make greater quality items! You’ll also be able to discover new blueprints as you play the game.

    Cooking and alchemy will be in game, too. Cook over 50 different dishes, each one giving its own buff to help you. When cooking isn’t enough, though, there’s alchemy! You’ll learn how to make potions that can also help you. For example, you can learn to make a potion that increases the duration of your clairvoyance. 

    With all of the crafting and cooking that can be done in Meetlight, it is only natural resource harvesting is a feature. Much like everything else, you’ll have to work on your gathering skills too in order to gather a higher number of resources and higher quality resources. You’ll have to craft tools to help you harvest, too.

    Kickstarter Stretch Goals

    Meetlight and the Secrets of the Universe is currently only for Steam. However, should the Kickstarter meet certain stretch goals, the game will become available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Playstation. What’s perhaps even more exciting, are the other stretch goals. One goal is for MORE map areas, expanding the already big map. There’s also a goal for total character design control where you’ll be able to choose gender, the name, and the shape of the character’s face and body. And the one I’m most excited about is the goal for co-op. If that stretch goal is met, Meetlight will have co-op for up to 4 players AND cross-platform play. How cool is that? 

    Coming 2023

    The game is successfuly funded on Kickstarter with multiple stretch goals met, which also means it’s not yet available. Unfortunately, we’ll have a while to wait as Meetlight and the Secrets of the Universe only lists 2023 as the release date. You can also wishlist it on Steam. Meetlight will come to Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Playstation.

    Chek out Kitaria Fables for another beautiful farming sim, or even Aka, where you play as an adorable red panda.

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  • svgApr 15, 2022Mobile Game

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    Customize You, Your Partner, Pet, and Home

    Pocket Love is a mobile game where you can move into a tiny adorable home of your dreams! Start by creating your character and even your partner avatar, then choose to adopt either a kitten or a puppy. Once settled in, you’ll have thousands of customization options to choose from with regards to furnishing and decorating your home! Right now, you have the option to include Easter-themed items such as bunny plush toys, egg-plant trees, chocolates, and flowers!

    Available Now for Mobile

    Pocket Love is developed and published by HyperBeard and is available now! It’s still in the Beta version with a lot more to come but now is the perfect time to try it out with the Easter Event ending in 6 days. You can download the mobile game with Android here or for iOS here.

    Check out other recent mobile games with Easter Events recurring again this year with our handy guide here: Easter Events in Games for 2019.

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  • svgNov 8, 2019News

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    I’m so excited every time I get to share updates with you on Critter Cove, a town-building and exploration game by Gentleman Rat. The main focus of this update, Devblog 8, is the increasing variety of player character customization and a look at the changing island to which you’ll be meeting plenty of interesting characters. Critter Cove is still in early development so things are still subject to change as they progress.

    Mix and Match Body Parts

    We got to see a video of the early character creation featuring a human character and a fox character. As the developers have mentioned previously, you’ll be able to swap limbs and heads with any other animal options and change their colors. The mechanics are now in place and we have a good sample size of all of the animal variations with a video below. Looks like you can be a mouse, an owl, an otter, a lemur, a dinosaur, a raccoon, a beaver, and everything all at once! The list is still growing so I can’t wait to see what’s next.

    Help Fix Up the Town

    Previously, the town was barren and you had to build it up to make it great again. This is done by fulfilling requests from the villagers and befriending them. Villagers that will be going about their daily routines and reacting to things that you do and accomplish. The developers have decided to go another route with the town as it ” it looked and felt barren at the start.” Now all the buildings are already in place, however, they need major repairs. It’ll be a great way to know what you’ve fixed and how much work there’s left to do!

    Next up, we get our first view of the interior of a shop run by an adorable raccoon critter. You’ll be able to physically view all of the shop items as they are and purchase them by walking up to and selecting them. Once purchased an item is sold out until it is restocked the next day. Shops can be upgraded to display more wares.

    To follow along another town-building game, I recommend checking this one out here: Rolling Hills: What We Know About This Sushi Restaurant Management Game.

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  • svgSep 6, 2019News

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    The developers of Critter Cove stressed with us last update the importance of the visual design for their underwater environments. You will be spending a large amount of the game exploring to depths of the sea as your main role is that of a salvage ship captain collecting fun and interesting resources below. The adorable critters that live on Critter Cove hire you to explore these beautiful underwater areas so that you can get what they need to upgrade their shops and homes, but also to make gifts for their friends.

    Since our last update and interview with Gentleman Rat, the creators of Critter Cove, we have indeed been treated to beautiful animations of the sea and some diving on their Twitter page. We here at myPotatoGames were in such awe that we wanted to know exactly what they’ve been up to lately. The developers have been kind enough to send us the following information along with some quality screenshots!

    New Toxic Biome

    As you might already know, there will be a wide range of dive sites to explore including shipwrecks and ruins of sunken cities. Now we get to take a look at one of those dives sites currently in progress; a toxic biome! If you brave these hazardous environments you’ll gain access to special resources. Many dive sites will often have their own challenges to overcome by using the right equipment and special tools. For example, in order to dismantle an engine, the player must first acquire a wrench. You may have to go looking in several different locations like this in order to complete certain projects for the town.

    How to Find and Prepare for Dive Sites

    When you’re steering your ship around the open seas, you might notice clues on the surface indicating that there’s something directly below to discover. For example, an oil slick on the surface might indicate a sunken vessel below. When this happens, jump off your ship and start searching! After upgrading your ship later on, you’ll eventually be able to use a sonar device to help you with finding these treasures. You should also speak with the NPCs often as their will let you know of any rumors or tales which can lead to new locations. Finally, there are all sorts of charts and maps available for purchase from both legitimate and not-so-legitimate sources.

    Find out what special outfits or equipment upgrades you will need for particular dive sites before you go exploring as some sites will be too deep, too cold, or too toxic. Rebreathers will help increase the time you can spend underwater and toxin sealed wetsuits can protect against poisonous and cold waters. Selecting the right equipment for a dive is essential to ensuring the dive’s success.

    Don’t forget you can take some adorable companions as crew mates with you on these expeditions! Stay tuned with us as we learn more about Critter Cove which is currently in early development.

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  • svgAug 15, 2019Feature

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    If you haven’t yet heard of Garden Paws, it’s a farming simulation RPG created by Canadian indie developers Bitten Toast Games. We here at myPotatoGames have been playing the game on Steam but you’ll also be able to play the content-complete version on the Nintendo Switch December 2019. This game has been one of our favorites this year if you want to check out our previous review.

    Spring 15 Easter Egg Hunt

    We’ve given you a list of tips for beginners, and now we’d like to share with you all of the Easter Egg locations in the town of Florens, including screenshots. Spring will be the first season you start with and every single year on Spring 15, Ester comes to town with the most amazing of prizes! If you’ve played through several years, like us, and get excited every time Spring comes along but you can’t quite find all of the eggs, well this is the guide for you! However, if you haven’t unlocked every new villager in Florens so far, know that there may be spoilers ahead.

    If you want to try and find them on your own, you have until the end of Spring to do so but know that if you find all 20 eggs before, Ester will give you a bonus 10 Tickets! You’ll also want to do this all in a day or two as there is no indicator of which egg you found and haven’t yet found. There is an in-game achievement tracker but it only displays the amount you’ve found. Keep all of the eggs in your inventory (which you’ll probably need to expand at least once) and open all of your eggs at the same time.

    Some eggs are rarer than others and will contain better randomized prizes as well as some Tickets. These prizes alone are worth the effort but on top of that, once you’ve collected enough Tickets, you can trade for select Easter-related prizes. You’ll probably need to save up and try again next year for the bigger prizes. Now onto the hidden Easter Egg locations!

    All 20 Easter Egg Locations

    • At the town gate, on the other side of Charlie, inside a wood bush.
    • Climb inside the walled part of the town’s gate, go past the treasure chest to the other open edge.
    • Hidden inside one of Malu’s cabbages behind their stall. Malu is the one that sells cloth.
    • Go to Boris, the one that sells backpacks and storage upgrades, and find the egg directly behind their stall.
    • Next to some crates directly behind Abby’s stall. Abby is the one that sells crops.
    • Inside a Plant Fiber near Ester. Go past Ester and just beyond the first tree near the hill at the bottom where there are stones.
    • Inside of the well in the middle of the town square.
    • Inside a Plant Fiber just behind Miller’s wheat farm. You may not have unlocked Miller yet so go near the pond at the second cave in the town.
    • Inside the town’s first mining cave, go to the left next to a torch you can light. Nestled in between a giant pointed stone and two other little ones (inside the inner edge of the pond) is where you’ll find the egg.
    • Inside the exact same cave, jump on either the minecart or the lower stones to get to the very top right-hand corner above a tunnel entrance that you cannot enter.
    • Inside the pond on the opposite side of the Plant Fiber cave entrance in town. You may not yet have a dock there yet but you can see the egg submerged underwater inside some seaweed.
    • In the same pond area in town, jump on top of the stones to the Plant Fiber cave entrance. The egg is a bit hidden by the grass.
    • Go directly behind the Mayor’s house (next to Beltran) which is on a bit of a hill. The image below may look a little different if you haven’t upgraded their home to the Town Hall. Either way, it will be in the middle near the sign on the wall,
    • There’s an unused red-roofed home right across from Beltran, the town’s Blacksmith, Go to the back where there’s a door and find the egg under the steps next to a large tree,
    • If you don’t yet have the Wanderer and his house/Museum, you’ll want to climb one of the tallest hills in town close to Mr. Jones. It’s inside one of the Plant Fiber bushes just below the highest point on the side facing Mr. Mooney.
    • Inside the closest water bucket behind Mr. Jones and in his chicken coop. You can jump over the fence where it’s lowest or stand on something to glide over.
    • Right next to Mr. Jones’ house in the front there are two buckets and a barrel. The smallest bucket has the egg inside.
    • Inside Mr. Mooney’s barn area there are three stacks of hay next to the entrance. You’ll find the egg wedged in between there.
    • Across from Mr. Mooney on the beach facing some islands, you’ll find an egg under a bench.
    • Go all the way back around to Frank’s little balcony at the back of his house. You’ll need to climb the hill next to them to either glide or do very well-timed jump to be able to reach this egg.

    Trading Tickets for Easter Prizes

    Now you’ve found all of the Easter Eggs in Garden Paws! The prizes range in Ticket prices (10, 25, 75, etc) for the following items: several skins for your character, different colored bunnies (i.e. purple) for your habitats, balloons you can hold or use as decoration, decorated egg-shaped storage items, an egg tree, a bird bath, a large egg centerpiece, several aprons and crowns/hats, and a large blue flower fountain.

    We hope this guide was helpful to you and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave us a comment! Next time we’ll be making a post about the newly added Summer Festival which includes several mini-games and summer prizes! Save up your coins because you’re going to need them!

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  • svgAug 10, 2019Feature

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    No sooner do we write an article about console accessories than do a flood of new controller designs for the Switch hit the market! Like everything we’ve shown before, all of these new controllers are licensed by Nintendo. We’re talking some cute stuff here, guys.

    This Spyro-themed Nintendo Switch controller…well, what can we say? Just LOOK at it! And it will release on August 31st; just in time for the release of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy on the Switch on September 2nd. The reasons to want it are immediately obvious to us…we all want it. One of our spuds got starry-eyed even though they’ve never played Spyro! This controller is currently available on Amazon. It’s by PowerA, and you can bet we’ll be looking into them to see what other goodies they carry. We’ve already spotted a Switch case that matches this controller!

    Also new to the market are two Pokemon-themed GameCube-style controllers. The Pichu and Jigglypuff designs are brand new, adding to the nice selection already on offer by PDP. The Pichu design is available on Amazon already, but the Jigglypuff design is yet to be found. They will release on October 31.

    If you love these themed controllers, don’t overlook our article on even more ways to customize your console.

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  • svgAug 5, 2019Feature

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    A little while ago we wrote about ways to make your gaming life more comfortable and convenient. Today we’re going to talk a little about making it look better. Skins (often called decals) are available for just about any modern console and can drastically change the appearance of those ubiquitous black plastic boxes. You can customize your set-up in almost any way you can imagine, whether you have a PS4, Xbox One or a Nintendo Switch. The options are so ample, it can be hard to choose.

    And though it is smaller to suit its hybrid nature, the Nintendo Switch also has many skins to customize it to your taste. One of the sprouts in this potato patch has the Sheikah Slate decals on their own Switch right now. They can make your console look so different that you’ll clear a more prominent space for it. No more hiding them away…you’ll want to feature it, to better admire its appearance.

    And since the Switch is meant to be portable, there is another opportunity to customize it beyond console decals. Carrying cases! Did you know you can get ones that look like Mario or Luigi’s overalls? And there are plenty of cases to match almost any other game-themed skin you choose, too.

    Keep in mind that if you have a comfort grip or other custom features on your Switch, you’ll need to choose a case that fits the Switch with the grip on. That, or the grip will have to be removed and carried separately. Some over-eager little potatoes forgot about that fact when buying their own carrying case. And we still haven’t figured out how to make the cords pretty. What does your gaming set-up look like? Have you done any customization? Did you go to any trouble to keep it tidy or organized?

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  • svgAug 1, 2019Feature

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    If you’re a gamer (and you probably are!) it’s likely because you think playing games is fun. You know what’s not fun? Carpal tunnel syndrome.  Your family complaining about your game or television’s volume isn’t great either. Dropping your handheld console and picking it up to realize it’s damaged? Not the best experience.

    Comfort Grips

    There are accessories that solve or greatly reduce the incidence of such issues! What’s more, they can significantly improve your gaming experience in the process, and many of them are surprisingly affordable. Those featured today are licensed by Nintendo. Voiding your warranty is not a fear, here!

    One type of accessory that is near and dear to these potatoes’ starchy hearts is the comfort grip. Ever since finding a cozy, densely squishy grip called Dream Gear for the 3DS (comes in multiple colours and reduces the chance of the 3DS being damaged if dropped) these potato gamers have been big fans.

    The Switch already has many comfort grip options too, including colourful rubbery ones like the Dream Gear for 3DS. This time, we chose the firmer GoPlay Grip for the angled hand holds.  It offers less protection, but makes handheld gaming a joy. It keeps your wrist position straighter and your grip more secure due to the shape and texture of the rubberized hold. The joy-cons can be removed easily with the grip still attached so that you can use it as a stand to play in tabletop mode. If you decide to get the packaged set, the grip will also come with a carrying case which the Switch will fit into even with the grip still on.

    Comfort grips can be great for anyone, allowing you to hold the system in a more comfortable way, but tend to be especially helpful for those of us with bigger or longer hands. Portable gaming suddenly feels so much better. These spuds are in love!

    Audio Controller

    Released for sale very recently is also the first integrated audio controller.  It has an audio jack, into which you could plug earphones or even a full headset (if using an integrated voice chat feature as in Fortnite). In shape and layout, it is nearly identical to Nintendo’s own pro-controller, though it is a third of the price. 

    Keep in mind that it cannot be played wirelessly, and it doesn’t use rumble or motion controls. If those features are important to the games you play most, PDP’s Faceoff Deluxe+ audio wired controller probably isn’t for you. But if you want to be able to play your Switch docked and still keep the sound to yourself in crisp quality, and at whatever volume you like, this isn’t a controller to overlook.  It also comes in 4 colour options.

    These are just the accessories we’ve tried ourselves…there is an entire world of options out there to let you customize your playing experience and improve your physical comfort at the same time.  If you know of any gems, or discover new ones, please tell us about them!

    We’re sure the upcoming Nintendo Switch Lite will also soon have a plethora of great accessories. You can even pre-order the Lite itself right now!

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