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  • svgJul 16, 2019News

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    Merchant of the Skies, created by indie developer Coldwild Games, is set to release on Steam Early Access here on July 30th, 2019! This strategic RPG and simulation game is all about becoming the captain of a flying ship! Sell items, gather resources, and build your own trade company in the clouds!

    It’s been a while since we last checked in with the development of this trade-empire-in-the-skies so here are some updates. Specifically, we here at myPotatoGames are pleased with our findings of this particular masterpiece: Majestic Carrot. See a video below of this adorable mini-game which has you playing along with a singing giant carrot.

    As mentioned in our previous article here, goals are a big part of the fun for Merchant of the Skies. Take a look at one of them below which involves rebuilding an ancient lighthouse used for airship navigation. In order to accomplish this goal you’ll need to gather resources and/or expand your base.

    How do you go about your search for valuable resources? Normally, your ship requires special tools (modules) to gather specific resource types. However, whenever you discover a new island with natural resources, you can scout it to gather what you can. As you accumulate more money, you can purchase resource producing islands. Once you have built some buildings on those islands and as the in-game calendar runs, your warehouses keep stockpiling gathered resources. You can either sell them or invest into building advanced production chains.

    You can find out more about their latest updates on their Steam page mentioned above! If you love the idea of being a merchant and selling some goods, then check out Mineko’s Night Market and everything we know about the upcoming game here.

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  • svgMay 24, 2019News

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    In Merchant of the Skies you’re the captain of an airship! Sell items, gather resources, and build your own trade empire in the clouds! Merchant of the Skies is the trading game with light base-building and tycoon elements. You start off as a captain of a small cloudship and work your way towards establishing your own trade company. The game is created by indie developer Coldwild Games and will be available on Steam Early Access July 30th, 2019.

    Key Features

    • Become a trader! Find the best trade routes and profit from them.
    • Discover the world! Travel between flying isles and face different encounters.
    • Sandbox gameplay: do what you want at your own pace.
    • Gain experience and become more savvy when it comes to trading, then start your own goods production.

    Current Updates

    Coldwild Games is currently working on adding set goals for Merchant of the Skies. In other words, you will have tasks to complete for those of you that like to have a purpose. For those of you that don’t, you can always set the game to “no objectives” and play at your own leisure. The goals will vary by length which you can often customize. For example, it will take 20, 40, 60, or 90 minutes to complete.

    Uncover new islands on your map and visit each destination for information and goals. Once you have discovered the area and see what it has to offer, you can easily plan your trade routes accordingly.

    With this game you can build a company in the skies. Similarly, check out our article on Flotsam where you build your village on the open seas!

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