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  • svgJan 28, 2018News

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    2017 wasn’t all doom and gloom. It brought us (or rather, game developers Infinite Fall brought us) the well-received, atmospheric, and story-rich game, Night In The Woods. Fans of the game, Nintendo Switch owners, and those who simply haven’t got round to playing it, will be pleased to hear that the game will be available for Nintendo Switch on February 1st.

    The adventure-platformer game will cost $19.99 on Nintendo Switch.

    Additionally, the Switch version of the game will include the new Weird Autumn edition (which was released December 13th for other platforms).

    The Weird Autumn edition has been described as ‘a director’s cut’ of the original game.

    Those who bought the standard version needn’t fret however, as they can download the Weird Autumn patch for free.

    It was also announced on Twitter that the game will be released for mobile at some point in 2018.

    About Night in The Woods

    Mae Borowski, a female feline college dropout returns to her hometown of Possum Springs, only to find that it’s more depressing than ever.

    Things are the same as they have always been, yet entirely different.

    It seems that adulthood has hit her friends in the face with a frying pan.

    As Mae attempts to rekindle friendships and adapt to new circumstances, she suspects that sinister things are occurring. People are disappearing and somebody is following her.

    As the nights grow longer, and the trees become bare, it soon becomes apparent that there’s something in the woods.

    But will people take the worries of a disliked dissociative dropout seriously?

    The description on Steam describes the game as:

    ‘An adventure game focused on exploration, story, and character, featuring dozens of characters to meet and lots to do across a lush, vibrant world.’

    Highly relatable, vibrant, and tinged with dark humour, Night In The Woods is a must-play.

    If you’d like to find out more before purchasing the game, why not check out IGN’S review of it here.



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  • svgDec 21, 2017News

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    Cat Lovers rejoice! ? Mineko’s Night Market has recently appeared on the Steam store. Meaning that fans can now add the game to their wishlist and be notified of any updates. It also means that the developers (Meowza games) are one step closer to publishing the highly anticipated game!

    Mineko’s Night Market is an indie casual adventure game. You play as Mineko, a girl who has recently moved to a superstitious island overrun by cats. Help Mineko become a successful young entrepreneur with her night market stall by gathering and crafting items. Additionally, you can undertake quests, engage with villagers and unravel the story of the Sun Cat.

    The game will hopefully be released in late 2018. Just recently we compiled a list of newly announced in-game features from Meowza Games’ Twitter update. They can be read here.

    To wishlist the game on Steam, click here.

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  • svgNov 14, 2017News

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    [dropcap]M[/dropcap]ineko’s Night Market is a cute cat-themed upcoming game for PC by Meowza games. You play as Mineko, a girl who has just moved to a superstitious island overrun with cats. The aim of the game is to find materials, craft items and sell them at the Night Market. You can befriend villagers, fish, undertake quests, play mini-games, plus more! The game is expected to be released late 2018.

    Meowza games have recently posted some Twitter updates regarding whats new in the game’s development. New features include more resources, character development, friendships and mini-game development. For even more on the cat loving game, check out this exclusive interview with Mineko’s Night Market creator Brent.


    There is now a larger variety of fish to catch, gems to mine and flowers to pick. Even better, they change with the seasons!


    Crafting will now involve playing mini-games. Different crafts such as sewing, pottery and woodwork (plus more) have their own unique mini-games.


    Nearly everything found or made, can be sold at the Night Market. However, you won’t make a lot of money until you have become relatively good friends with villagers.


    Villagers now have unique schedules, phrases and favourite things. You can befriend villagers by choosing gifts you think they’ll appreciate.


    More super cute collectibles have been added, which include Boximals (the latest craze), which you can either gift to other villagers, or add to your own collection.

    The Night Market

    The Night Market looks very sorry for itself at the beginning of the game. However, buying and selling, plus doing well at market events, can improve the ‘health’ of your market.


    Finally, more cats have been added. Yay for more kitties!

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