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  • svgJun 10, 2022Indie Highlight

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    Soul Jump, Play the Ukelele, Customize, and Explore the Islands

    Continuing today with The Summer Game Fest, Epic Games had their own showcase and caught my eye with Tchia. This sandbox adventure game is inspired by New Caledonia with mountains to climb, lagoons to dive in, and archipelagos to sail across! The new video with developer Awaceb below, gives us a look at the game feature of “soul-jumping”.

    Soul jumping allows Tchia to take control of, not only over 30 types of animals, but over 100 objects as well! For example, you can fly in the sky as a bird, explore the ocean as a fish, and dig for treasure as a dog. With different abilities, you can solve puzzles and uncover hidden secrets. I mean, check out that coconut with sunglasses enjoying the beach.

    Coming Early 2023 for PC and PS4/5

    Tchia is coming to The Epic Games Store, but also the PS4 and the PS5 in early 2023. For more fun in the sun, check out Koa and the Five Pirates of Mara.

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