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  • svgJun 1, 2023Indie Highlight

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    Reshape Reality With Photographs, Paintings, and More

    Viewfinder will challenge your perceptions, as well as redefine reality, and reshape the world around you. Armed only with your instant camera, you will embark on a mind-bending first person adventure. Play through hours of interesting and fun experiences and uncover the mysteries of the world.

    Masterfully utilize your instant camera to solve puzzles by filling in the blanks, but don’t stop there! Also make use of the paintings, sketches, screenshots, and postcards you find in your adventures to reshape the world and solve puzzles. As you explore, you’ll learn about the world, as well. Discover the secrets of Viewfinder and why the world was created as you engage in a player-driven narrative. 

    Experience as much as you want, when you want, too. There’s no pressure in Viewfinder. It features an approachable gameplay experience for everyone. Do you just want to complete puzzles? You can! Or are you the type to explore every little bit to learn every tiny detail about a game? Well, you can do that, too! The game is thoughtfully built for both types of players in mind.

    So, step into the world of Viewfinder, and find the answers to the impossible.

    Coming Soon!

    This perception altering puzzle platformer is coming to Steam sometime this year, as well as PlayStation. You can Wishlist Viewfinder on Steam now.

    For more puzzle games, check out A Little to the Left and Marbelous Animals.

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  • svgJul 19, 2022Indie Highlight

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    Jump, Climb, Play, Run Away!

    Stray is a third-person cat adventure game where you get to navigate a ruined cybercity with droids and dangerous creatures. You’ll befriend small flying drone B-12, and together, escape said derelict place! The narrative and atmosphere may be a little dark but the gameplay is quite casual as a platformer.

    Stray is approximately 5 hours long with an ancient mystery and puzzles to solve. Although, you can spend a lot of your time climbing and jumping on rooftops, balancing on wires and beams, and just generally being a cat. Moreover, you may find toys to squeak, bottles to shove off ledges, other kitties to boop, and snoozes to take.

    Out Now on PC and PlayStation 4/5

    Stray is developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive. It is available as of today (July 19th, 2022) for PC (Steam) and PS4/PS5 exclusively — for a limited time.

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  • svgAug 16, 2019News

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    A Hat in Time is a game that has maintained overwhelmingly positive feedback on Steam since its launch in late 2017. A few months after its Mac and PC release, it was also brought to PS4 and Xbox One, but there were no plans to bring it to the Nintendo Switch at the time. That has now changed! Very recently the news surfaced that it was not only confirmed to be coming to the Switch, but has a physical release date of October 18, 2019.

    Get ready for a big journey

    A Hat in Time is a very cute 3D adventure platformer featuring a little girl in a big top hat, known simply as “Hat Kid”. Hat Kid’s goal is easy to sympathize with: she wants to get home. But as she is on her way there, the Mafia of a nearby planet attack her ship when she won’t pay their ‘toll’. All of her ship’s fuel (magical hourglasses called ‘Time Pieces’) is scattered to the world below. She must gather them all up before she can resume her journey. Looks like she’ll need to look pretty hard!

    It won’t be easy…

    Some rather morally bankrupt characters surround Hat Kid. In addition to the Mafia, there is ‘Mustache Girl’. Mustache Girl wants to use Hat Kid’s Time Pieces to travel in time so that she can become a superhero. In refusing (because disrupting time is very dangerous), Hat Kid gains a rival in collecting her Time Pieces back up. Mustache Girl now wants to find them and keep them for herself!

    And so your trials begin! In addition to collecting Time Pieces, each level also contains yarn balls, and Hat Kid can use them to make herself some new hats. Each hat imbues Hat Kid with a different power! Each different ability will be useful in traversing the world across which Hat Kid’s Time Pieces are scattered. Relics must also be collected, as each one is part of a puzzle.

    But it will be FUN!

    This cute adventure looks like a great fit for Nintendo Switch. We’re all eagerly keeping an eye on the Nintendo eShop to see when it will appear. The ‘Seal the Deal’ DLC that was available on PC will be included free with a physical copy of the Switch version. (You will have to download it separately from the main game.) We hope that the DLC content will also make it to PS4 and Xbox One in the future.

    The Switch version of A Hat in Time will also include a new co-op mode! Check out this trailer for a very cute overview of the game:

    If you’re looking for more information on A Hat in Time, you can check out the Steam page. Or go to the official site. If you like 3D platforming games, then look into Tamarin, as well! If you want a cute platforming game you can play right now, try The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince.

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