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Super Zoo Story Is An Open World Stardew Valley Inspired Game

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Super Zoo Story is an upcoming indie game where you can build your very own Zoo.

Stardew Valley has long been a fans favorite farming game. Even though the game is out for more than three years, players from around the world are still enjoying the adorable farming game.

Super Zoo Story aims to capture the spirit of Stardew Valley with its charming pixel visuals and life simulation / RPG elements sprinkled in.

In Super Zoo Story you will jump into the role of a Zoo keeper. You start out in an open world that is yours to explore. Your job is simple, build a thriving, beautiful Zoo and make sure animals are happy.

Build a home for new animals and add some trees, ponds and other natural elements they need to stay happy. Of course you will also have to get down to cleaning the areas and always make sure your Zoo looks neat and tidy.


There is life outside the Zoo

The game goes beyond just being a simple Zoo management game such as the popular Planet Zoo. Super Zoo Story invites you to explore the other side as well. The life simulation and RPG elements in this game haven’t been discuessed much by the developers but according to the images released, there is plenty to do outside of Zoo Keeping.

As you create and build your very own Zoo from the ground up you will also be exploring a beautiful and adorable wide open world filled with treasures and cute animals that you may recruit for your Zoo.

As you build designated areas for your animals it is your job to ensure every animal has the things it needs to be happy and thrive. So there will be plenty of decorating and customizing to ensure your inhabitants happiness.

Crafting, Mining, Exploration

An observatory and even a blacksmith will be in the game indicating a rich crafting system. Perhaps making tools for exploration and mining purposes is one way to use the Blacksmith for. The open world will possibly function as a means to gather resources needed for the crafting and building system.

Super Zoo Story Release Date

Super Zoo Story currently in development and no exact release date has been given. I reached out to the developers for some more information on this cute title. You can follow Super Zoo Story on Twitter right here.


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    Super Zoo Story Is An Open World Stardew Valley Inspired Game