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Sunrise’s Order – A Cute Farming-Focused Adventure

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Sunrise’s Order by Misstic Studio is a super cozy and adorable farming sim that pulls inspiration from great games like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. You landed yourself in some hot water with your job after losing track of time and binging a brand new farming sim game. The game was just way too fun and you lost track of time! You decide in the moment you’re ready for a change of pace, anyway, and would love to live out the farming life in real life. So, you sell your things and buy an island to start your new dream! 

While an exciting new adventure to face, buying an uninhabited island and taking up farming doesn’t come without its challenges. With some cheeky humor and hard work, you can turn your island into a paradise, though. You’ll have to rely on a delivery service to get your seeds and tools! In Sunrise’s Order, you’ll utilize the extremely useful Animazon for all your needs.

Buy starter tools, start farming with seeds you order, and unlock more items for farming, decor, and crafting as you progress through the game. Animazon will be an unimaginable help for turning your simple home into a flourishing farmstead! The builder app on your computer will let you expand your farm, too, but clearing out and claiming new parcels of land across the cozy, quiet island. 


Your main source of income will be from fulfilling customer orders. Of course, you can sell the items you gather or the fish up, but you’ll make more of a profit completing orders. Use the wood, stone, ore, crops, and whatever else you can grow or find to craft items that customers need. Set up different workstations to craft items a variety of things. Catch fish and grill them up.


Grow food crops and flowers. Or even craft decorative items to beautify your home with or to sell. Fulfilling customer orders will help you unlock even more workstations to upgrade your crafting skills and abilities, too. So, the more orders you fulfill, the more money you make, and the more you progress! 

Skill Progression

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Sunrise’s Order is that there’s a dedicated skill tree and development progression. As you complete chores around the island, you’ll earn experience points that level up individual things (ex: each crop has levels; foraging, fishing, and wood cutting do too). Leveling up these things levels up your farm.

You earn a skill point each time the farm gains a level, and you can spend that skill point on useful things like more stamina, receiving more wood when you chop trees, and lowering the amount of stamina used during an activity. The development progression lets you unlock a bigger house, animals, and much more. It all gives the game a great sense of direction without strong-arming you into specific cutscenes or storylines. 

Where to Find It

You can find Sunrise’s Order on Steam now! There’s even a demo to try out first, but if you really like farming without the pressure of being social, this game is perfect for you!


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    Sunrise’s Order – A Cute Farming-Focused Adventure