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Spirittea: the SpecQUACKular Update 

I recently wrote a review for Spirittea, which is a lovely cozy game where you run a bath house for spirits instead of the usual farming that’s taken over the cozy genre. Overall, I enjoyed the game as the characters are fun and unique, the spirits add a sense of levity (especially your guide Wonyan), and the art is pretty. I’m really excited that there’s a new update for it called the” SpecQUACKular Update”! 

This fun new “SpecQUACKular Update” adds a few fun new things, plus fixes a bunch of bugs! Spirittea now has ducks, which I’m sure you could guess from the name of the update. The ducks can swim around the baths in the bath house, eating the algae that forms. So, not only are they cute, but they’re helpful too! There’s also a new vendor who will roll into town every once in a while carrying new items to sell. Seasonal mechanics are now present in the bath house, too. Depending on the seasons, the baths will fill with algae (hence the ducks), ice over, or fill with fallen leaves. You need to keep the baths clean and employ the new bath heaters! Bruce has new animations, and the fishing pole has a reticle so it’s easier to see where you’ve thrown your line. 

Bug Fixes

Fixed error where items could be lost by placing them on shelves and tables

Fixed issues with items disappearing within inventory


Fixed issue where NPC’s would disappear behind the restaurant

Fixed bug where NPC’s would become stuck on a path upon reload

Fixed issue with Quill where on Saturday nights at the food stall he would ask if you want to stop hanging out with him

Issue fixed with NPC’s appearing on the map at a certain location but them actually not being there

Fixed issue where NPC’s couldn’t be found during tutorial quests whilst with Amelia if you had quit to main menu mid game

Fixed multiple issues in Miko’s quest around the mysterious rabbit and cake

Fixed issues with a softlock during Leigh’s quest if you spoke to the spirit behind the canvas

Doubled ugligrass spawn rate

Fixed issue with Clarence’s quest where the statues wouldn’t come back if you left the room

Fixed issues with the boar where they could hit the player when they were passing into another room

You can find Spirittea on Steam, Switch, and Xbox now!


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