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Spirit City: Lofi Sessions Drops Fantastic New Update

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions is perhaps the pinnacle of cozy productivity programs. Not only can you create to-do lists to keep track of your busy schedule, but you can use the journal option to just let things off your chest. There’s even a Pomodoro timer built into the game. If you’re unfamiliar with the Pomodoro timer, it’s a technique that breaks your work down into manageable intervals that are separated by breaks. This allows you to be productive while also ensuring you take appropriate breaks for stretching, food, and water! 

What makes Spirit City: Lofi Sessions so much more than just a simple productivity tool are all the added extras. You get to customize your own character using a variety of hairstyles and colors, clothing options, and even accessories. Plus, you get to decorate your room! Choose from fun paint colors or wallpapers, flooring options, and fun furniture options to create the perfect cozy room.

Hop between activities, change the time of day, and pick one of several background noise options like chirping birds of gentle rain. You’re not alone in your comfy room, though. You’re accompanied by an adorable spirit companion named Lenny, and as you earn experience points to level up, you’ll unlock new companions who each come with a number of different colorways to unlock. You just have to follow the hints to find them! 

The Update

The developers at Monocube Games recently released an excellent update to Spirit city: Lofi Sessions, too. They have added three new spirit companions for you to discover, bringing the total up to 18! And of course they each come with different color options. Plus, you can now customize your character with bunny ears and a variety of adorable tank tops to reflect those summer vibes.


There are now 7 different bubble tea drinks you can decorate your desk with, too. Half walls can have a different paint color or wallpaper than the rest of the walls now, so you can further customize your room. Perhaps the most exciting part is the addition of rotational playlists, though! These playlists will change periodically. Currently, there is a limited-time playlist perfect for Spring, which is great if you need some background music to get that spring-cleaning done. 

Where You Can Find It + Giveaway

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions is listed on Steam, and is actually on sale until June 6th! Of course, you can add it to your Steam Wishlist to save it for later, but now is a great time to grab it. You can also try your hand at grabbing a copy for free by going over to my Twitter page and entering the giveaway!


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    Spirit City: Lofi Sessions Drops Fantastic New Update