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Songbird Symphony Receives most Adorable Gameplay Trailer

svgJan 29, 2019NewsMax

One of the most adorable games ever made, Songbrid Symphony just received a heartwarming trailer. The latest game by PQube Joysteak tells the story of the cutest little bird called Birb, who was discovered by a family of Peacocks that found Birbs abandoned egg. The game takes the player through a heartfelt journey. Check out the gameplay trailer below.

The game will release on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and PC later this year on July 25th. If you simply can’t wait that long you can try the Songbird Symphony demo right here for free.

About Songbird Symphony

Songbird Symphony tells the story of Birb, a young orphaned bird who, having been brought up by a family of Peacocks who discovered him when he was an abandoned egg, slowly starts to realize he’s somewhat different to the rest of his acquaintances. Setting out a journey of self-discovery, players take charge of Birb as he leaves the nest and heads out into a world bursting with life.

Key Features

  • An engaging adventure featuring Birb, a unique little bird with a love of singing and bouncing.
  • Dazzling pixel based graphics that interweave seamlessly with gorgeous sceneries and delightful animations.
  • Interacting with other characters adds layers of beat to the game’s soundtrack.
  • Singing in time with the music adds platforms to play that help the forest’s cast of creatures.
  • A vast world to explore with 12 interconnected levels featuring scores of secret, hidden areas.
  • Songbird Symphony will release on July 25 and will be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC


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    Songbird Symphony Receives most Adorable Gameplay Trailer