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Skatebird Gives Tony Hawk The Flutters

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We here at myPotatoGames are quite the couch potatoes, however we do enjoy some sports, like power sitting and extreme eating and of course virtual sports such as skating with a controller. Skatebird is an adorable take on the once so popular Tony Hawk skateboarding series.

Skatebird is an indie game developed by Glass Bottom Games – a tiny 4 people studio creating adorable things. In Skatebird players will slip into the roll of “Skatbird” an adorable bird listening to tunes through headphones and following his (her?) passion to skate away.

Skatebird in action!

Anyone who has played the classic Tony Hawk games should feel right at home with smooth, easy to use and fun controls. The variety of tiny worlds are Skatebirds playground and filled with little objectives and even tinier secret traps, which the developers say, are mostly made out of scotch tape.

You can of course just free roam and get the best possible grind, ollie and other amazing tricks in, but there are many aspects of the game that will push you to do better in order to make our adorable bird friend happy.


Furthermore the game will feature multiplayer where you can organize skate events to be shared and enjoyed with your Skatebird friends, we can only imagine this to be a very feathery party much like a pillow fight.

Update: A little bird from Glass Bottom Games told us the game will release with single player mode only, the developers may be adding a multiplayer mode to the game later on.

Skatebird is expected to release sometime this year. You can already wishlist this cutesy indie title on Steam.

Skatebird Features

  • Drive smooth flowing, physical-feeling skating with simple buttons, not stick gestures
  • Feel immediately at home with the controls, if you dig Pro Skaters of a Hawk variety
  • Explore a series of tiny worlds full of little objectives and secret tapes (scotch tapes mostly)
  • Make bird friends by completing challenges, or just trying really hard
  • Organize skate events with your new friends! Become a skate bird legend!
  • (or just be really happy all your buds are having a good time with you)

If you enjoy Skate games as much as we do, check out Neon Tail where you cruise and groove to funky tunes!


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    Skatebird Gives Tony Hawk The Flutters