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Run, Jump, and Puzzle Your Way Through Tinykin

Solve Puzzles and Mysteries

From developers Splashteam, and publishers tinyBuild (the team responsible for Graveyard Keeper), comes Tinykin, a cute, cartoony 3D puzzle platformer. Milo the astronaut has re-discovered Earth! As he arrives on planet Earth, he realizes things aren’t as they should be. Milo is curiously small. Time has also stopped, and Earth is stuck in 1991. Even more mysterious is that everyone has disappeared!

Play as penny-sized Milo the astronaut as he skateboards around on his tiny soap-board, jumps up obstacles, and hovers around. Explore cities built by ants, beetles, and other insects, all located inside a giant house. Discover the stadium in the bathtub, restore the nightclub in the couch, and strike it rich at the casino under the bed!

Capture hundreds of strange creatures known as tinykin, and use their different abilities to solve puzzles and explore the house. Meet the society of insect characters along the way to hear their stories. Also collect upgrades for Milo’s bubble-pack, build a museum, and finish Ridmi’s mysterious machine. Do all of this all while seeking answers to Earth’s biggest mystery and help Milo find his way home. 

Coming Later This Month

Tinykin releases August 30th. You will be able to find it on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox X Series, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5. There is currently a demo available only on Steam and Xbox



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    Run, Jump, and Puzzle Your Way Through Tinykin