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Roots of Pacha 1.1 Update Coming This Month

svgNov 2, 2023NewsChelsea

Roots of Pacha is a lovely farming and life sim set in the Stone Age. You and your tribe mates will discover new ideas and inventions, as well as bring those ideas to life. Improve your community as you explore the world. Tame animals, make friends, even get married! And of course, you’ll run your own farm where you plant a variety of crops to use in jams and other recipes. 

Now, Roots of Pacha is receiving another fun update that brings more content, and goodies! This update will add a new animal, called the auochs. This cow-like creature will be tameable by playing its own unique song. Move them to a barn on your land and gather fur and milk from them. Plus, they may even play a major role in future game updates! 

Roots of Pacha is adding quite a few new additions for NPCs, too. Voda will be romanceable now. You can join her in the woods to visit with the wolves, and more. Plus, there will be new NPC cut scenes, as well as gifts from those NPCs you’ve achieved a high enough friendship level with. Receive 16 new recipes, 10 new hats/masks, 11 furniture pieces, and 2 new accessories. Then there’s unions. Players have wanted to be able to break unions (marriages) for a while now, and now they’ll be able to! So, if you like to marry everyone in a game for completionism, this is your chance! 

Then there’s these fun new Roots of Pacha additions: 

  • Sitting on chairs will restore your stamina
  • You can now grow herbs and mushrooms
  • Use traps in savanna to get meat, or butcher animals you’ve raised
  • The race maps were polished
  • Performance optimizations implemented
  • Fruit tree costs lowered, plus a new one added that makes animals never get sick
  • Fish will have quality levels
  • Japanese language added as a playable option
  • Cross play will be available with Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox releases.

Finally, and perhaps the most exciting, is that Roots of Pacha is coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation November 28th! An Xbox port will come sometime next year. You can also find it on Steam now.



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    Roots of Pacha 1.1 Update Coming This Month