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Rolling Hills News – Maki Your Own Sushi

svgJul 3, 2019NewsJoelle

Rolling Hills is a simulation game about owning your very own sushi restaurant, created by indie developer Catch & Release. To get all of the updates on this game you can follow the developers on Twitter here and their Discord channel here. You can also see below on everything we know so far with tons of new screenshots!

Here are some of the bigger changes coming to Rolling Hills this month:

  • Conveyor belt sushi! We’ve finally come up with a fun way to learn what each customer likes while still letting you flex your creativity as a sushi chef.
  • Procedurally generated customers, therefore a sci-fi convention might bring a dozen different robots to your restaurant instead of just the one.
  • Occasional special orders that you can fulfill for big bonuses.
  • Plates that need to be collected and washed for a more realistic restaurant sim vibe.
  • Super cute receipts at checkout and lots of ways to reward different play styles (rewards for quality, for variety, for speed, etc.)!

Once all of these changes have been implemented, the developers plan on working on their long-term goals; the storyline, lots of recipes and ingredients to discover, and new people to meet! By people we mean adorably weird humans and talking animals.

Feast Your Eyes on This!

Below are a few animations from the prototype of the game to tie us over until we can get our hands on it for Steam and the PlayStation Store. As you can see, we have been shown three customers: a chicken wanting our recommendations, a caveman that’s free at last, and a wizard making ‘punny’ jokes. We also get to take a look at the overall aesthetics of the restaurant so far and what seems to be the way we can fill our displays with sushi. Moreover, that making sushi will require you use your skills at pressing buttons just at the right time.

Want more games with sushi in them? Check out our most recent article on The Sushi Spinnery, and own another restaurant. Because sushi is yummy.



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  • Totorori

    July 3, 2019 / at 7:04 pmsvg

    Oh… Wow. As soon as I saw the characters, I was sold. How cute is this design?? I’m just… Wow. Sooo sweet! The theme is adorable, the design is great, can’t wait for this game!

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