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Roller Champions: Rocket League on Rollerblades

svgJun 12, 2019NewsRiver

Ubisoft announces limited time free-to-play version of their new eSports title “Roller Champions”.

At this years E3 conference, Ubisoft announced that they have released a free to play version of their new game “Roller Champions”. Many have compared this new title to being in the same “league” as Rocket League. However, with the roller derby elements that are implemented, this game appears to be a much different creature entirely. Rollerskating games are certainly making a comeback, and this new title should fit right in to the ever expanding genre.

Roller Champions E3 Trailer!

A bit about…

Super fast paced action lines the path to victory in this exciting new eSports game by Ubisoft. Become a part of a raging and rampaging team of three in a race to get the most laps. You must wall ride to the best of your abilities to dodge the competition. Or shimmy yourself directly into their path for that epic slam! Just like with any other sports title, the better you do the more awesome customization items you receive. The small tracks definitely give it that personal feel, much akin to the levels in Rocket League.

Where to go to play Roller Champions?!

Roller Champions will only be free to play until June 14th, 2020. Think of it sorta like a pre-alpha that was released just to get some feedback from the fans of the growing genre. If you would like to give it a try yourself, you can begin the very short process of doing so by clicking here. For more totally-awesome rollerskating themed games, check out our coverage of Neon Tail by clicking here.

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