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Review: Chill Town is a Vibrant, Relaxing Life Sim

svgApr 4, 2024ReviewsChelsea

Thanks to the developer Low-Hi Tech for giving us the opportunity to play Chill Town. Please also note this game is still in Early Access, which means this is not its final form.

ACNH came out in a time when we all needed it. It provided a cozy, comfortable little escape where we could forget about the horrors of the world and just exist. That game was even the first in the franchise for some of us, me included! However, it left behind an itch for similar games that just hasn’t been scratched since. Until now, anyway. Recently, Chill Town hit Steam in Early Access and so far it’s done well trying to pick up what ACNH has put down. 

What Is Chill Town?

Chill Town is a cozy life sim where you help a small island town grow. You get your very own house, which you can decorate, plus you can settle in new neighbors by building their houses, which you also get to decorate. Decorate the island with a variety of plants, lights, outdoor furniture, and more to make it a comfortable little home. Spend your days (and nights) fishing, farming, catching Pals and bugs, and collecting resources. Take a flight to nearby islands to discover different fish and bugs, plants, and crops. Sell your items to earn money and buy more decorations for homes or the town. Complete quests to help the mayor and other residents. Or just sit and enjoy the beauty of your little island while listening to the soothing lo-fi soundtrack that’s built into the game. 

My Experience So Far

First and foremost, I love the low-fi soundtrack that Chill Town has. Not only is the music relaxing and soothing, but you’re able to switch between the different songs at will. Plus, fishing is less stressful than in other games. If you accidentally pull the line up too early, it doesn’t disappear, so you can try again. Though, if the fish pulls the bobber underwater and you don’t click in time, you lose it. And, only your first catch (including bugs) pops up with a message that interrupts you to label the item. You still show it off to the camera, but it takes far less time without every catch having a message. It makes fishing and catching far more enjoyable. 


Unfortunately tool durability is a feature, but it’s been really easy to earn money to buy new tools. Or if you want to make them with the recipes, resources are abundant. So, either option is super easy to achieve. The tools also feel like they have a good amount of durability before they break, and they have a durability amount you can keep track of in your inventory. Both make planning much easier. 

Chill Town does have a day/night cycle similar to Stardew Valley. It’s not a real-time cycle like ACNH, which I actually enjoy more. I haven’t run into any consequences for staying up late, either. So, I’m able to work into the night on projects, but can hop in bed to advance the day. The seasons change, too! So, you can catch seasonal critters without waiting the whole year to do it. What the game needs, though, is the ability to pause. There’s no pause function, so if you want to walk away for a bit, make sure to save and quit to the main menu. 

The Road Map

Low-Hi Tech released a road map for this fun sim game that promises a lot of cool features that I look forward to. Many of these new additions will add some great value and freedom to the game, too. Unfortunately, there aren’t set dates for the release of the features since development doesn’t always go to plan. 

Chill Town’s road map promises the ability to add pathways to the island as well as fruit trees to cultivate. Social functions will be added to deepen player connections. Island sharing and island visiting are planned so you can allow others to visit or you can visit others. A trade system will be implemented so players can exchange decor items with each other. 

What I’m most excited for is the addition of seasonal festivities, which will have fun mini-games, festive items, and experiences. Plus, there’s plans to improve on the seasonal flora and fauna that appears as the weather changes. A museum where you can display your artifacts and critters is coming, plus new bugs, Pals, and island ecosystems. 

Final Thoughts

I have run into some issues where the game lags a whole heck of a lot, and my only option is to just shut it down. However, that doesn’t happen often. So, I’ve been able to just explore and really enjoy what the game has to offer. Again, this game is still in Early Access so not everything has been smoothed out or perfect, but the developer releases frequent patches and bug fixes to address problems. They’ve also been up-front with their roadmap, which is great!

I’ve very much enjoyed my time playing Chill Town, and look forward to the improvements that will be made. It’s a laid-back, relaxing little game that gives me the freedom to do my own thing while giving me some structure via quests. It’s fun to explore and decorate. Catching bugs and fish is great. And the overall environment, plus dynamic weather is just lovely. I’d highly recommend it for the ACNH lovers. 

I give it: 

You can find Chill Town on Steam!


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    Review: Chill Town is a Vibrant, Relaxing Life Sim