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Reus 2 – Exciting Sequel to Fun Colony Sim

Reus 2 by developer Abbey Games is the exciting and long-awaited sequel to the 2013 God game and colony sim, Reus. Become a God and utilize 6 powerful Giants to terraform the world. Create ecosystems for resources in order to enable the survival of humans. Your ultimate job is to shape humanity and determine which direction they should develop. Your choices matter in this game. Everything you do will decide the fate of humans, so choose wisely.

You have 6 Giants at your disposal to do your bidding. Each of the Giants in Reus 2 is a master of a unique ability that will help you shape the world. Their abilities in plants, animals, and minerals will let you create unique biomes for your humans to settle into. As the game progresses, you’ll unlock new useful abilities for the Giants so you can further shape the world. In order to help the humans flourish, you need to create livable environments beyond just the plants and animals. Work to evolve their primitive societies into advanced civilizations and reach for the stars! Just make sure to meet their needs appropriately, or they will rebel, and rebellion can lead to the end of the world. 

Release Date

Reus 2 is set to release on Steam May 28th, 2024! You can go ahead and Wishlist it now, though. 

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    Reus 2 – Exciting Sequel to Fun Colony Sim