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Pupperazzi Take A Capture Of A Dog In Rapture

svgMay 25, 2019NewsMax

Sundae Month is an indie studio that just announced a new game called Pupperazzi. As the name already reveals, this title will include adorable puppies as well as paparazzis? That is right, players will have to stray through a town in order to spot cute pups and take pictures of them.

In Pupperazzi you will have to come up with creative ways to hunt down the pups by jumping across buildings and running all over town in order to get the best shot of a pup! This is how you get a good snap of the pup in its natural environment and undisturbed.

In the first little trailer that Sundae Month shared, we already spotted some doggies and most of them gave us a good chuckle as the dogs may be found relaxing by the pool, sleeping on the beach and generally just being super adorable. We couldn’t be more excited about this pup-alicious game! Check out the cutsie video below.

The game of courses features lots and lots of dogs, but besides having fur friends running around Pupperazzi also comes with a couch-competitive gameplay mode, this means you can compete with a friend to get the best snaps of the funniest, cutest dog in the game. All the cute pictures you take in the game can easily be shared with your friends via social media, this should make for some great fun!

Sundae Month did not specify a release date yet, but the game is expected to launch sometime this year and you can already wishlist it on Steam!

Pupperazzi Features

  • Lots ‘n lots of dogs
  • Single-player and couch-competitive gameplay
  • First person photographer action
  • Dogs With clothes
  • Custom matches for a variety of gameplay challenges (Not enough dogs? Too many people? It’s your problem now!)
  • Saving your favorite shots for worship sharing online
  • Music that will definitely get stuck in your head, I’m humming the main theme right now
  • Togetherness and promises of fulfillment

For more adorable and quirky games make sure you add Untitled Goose Game to your list of upcoming video games. Even though Untitled Goose Game currently has an uncertain release date, it is defiantly worth checking out already!


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    Pupperazzi Take A Capture Of A Dog In Rapture