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Princess Maker 2: Regeneration is a Lovingly Remastered Classic

Princess Maker 2 is a classic simulation game where you play as a father who raises a beautiful daughter the stars gifted you. Raise your little girl over the span of eight years. She grows from a sweet ten year old child into a lovely eighteen year old woman. Her dream in life is to become a princess, but you’ll need to choose correctly and raise her right! 

The Remaster

The charming Princess Maker franchise kickstarted the social simulation genre all the way back in 1991. Only a few years after that was Princess Maker 2 released for the first time. Now, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the sequel, a remastered version of the game is releasing. Princess Maker 2: Regeneration is a lovingly updated release. This redone version features some great new updates to bring the classic into the modern gaming sphere. 

Princess Maker 2: Regeneration has beautifully redrawn animations with high resolution. Takami Akai, the original designer of the franchise, redrew several scenes. Additionally, these redraws are in a similar style to the PC-98 version to keep the original charm. This includes a remastered ending and also vacation art. Plus, there’s a brand new opening animation by Yonago Gainax to get you into the excellent raising sim’s story. There’s been a great improvement to the English localization. 

So, the remastered version is the perfect opportunity for new and old players! 


Release Date

Princess Maker 2: Regeneration releases on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation July 10th! You can add the game to your Steam Wishlist to be notified of its release, too.

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    Princess Maker 2: Regeneration is a Lovingly Remastered Classic