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Pretty Princess Magical Coordinate Gameplay Footage

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I talked about Pretty Princess Magical Coordinate a few days ago and detailed the many features it has to offer. The Nintendo Switch demo for the game has finally gone live ahead of the games full release on December 5th.

Pretty Princess Magical Coordinate allows you to live the life of a princess and essentially become one as well. Decorate 20 rooms in the worn down castle and restore it to its former magical glory. Once your castle is all shiny and cute again you will want to become a real princess by learning the do’s and don’ts.

The first 15 minutes of gameplay gives us a good look at a wide variety of activities the game has to offer. You can download the free demo from the Japanese Nintendo eShop starting today. Remember the Switch is region unlocked so you can download games from any eShop you wish.

Pretty Princess Magical Coordinate Western Release Date

I have reached out to the developers for a western release date of the game. I will be sure to update this article ones I receive the information.


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    Pretty Princess Magical Coordinate Gameplay Footage