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Pokemon Masters: A Closer Look With The New Trailer

svgJul 18, 2019Mobile GameNewsRiver

A new trailer has been released for Pokemon Masters that gives a much more detailed look at the game.

The recent announcement of the new mobile Pokemon game, Pokemon Masters, has had us all wondering what the game might truly be like. The original trailer, while revealing, has left us wanting to know more. Well, now we do since DeNA has released another, more in-depth, trailer. Pokemon Masters is still set to be released sometime this summer, and will be released for Android and iOS devices.

The new trailer shows us a few of trainers that we will be able to play as, including Barry and Iris. The recently released video also shows just a bit of the 3 on 3 battling that we’ve heard so much about. A small display of the sync move is given, showing what looks like Pikachu getting all charged up (or using Thunder)! There is also just a flash of the new Unity moves, where you and your two trainer teammates join together for one majorly damaging attack. One thing is for sure, this trailer has once again sparked our interest in this soon-to-be-released epic mobile title.

Pokemon Masters New Trailer

For more information, check out myPotatoGames original coverage of Pokemon Master. Don’t forget to check out the official Pokemon Website for up to date info on all things Pokemon.

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    Pokemon Masters: A Closer Look With The New Trailer