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Planet Zoo Devs Talk Zookeepers and Staff Paths

svgJul 25, 2019NewsRiver

What we learned from the most recent addition to the developers journal for Planet Zoo.

Planet Zoo

The same amazing developers that brought us the Tycoon series, Frontier Developments, have been working super hard on their new project, Planet Zoo. In case you missed it, Planet Zoo is a massive simulation game where players will get to create and run their very own zoo. We’ve already touched a bit on this title, with our coverage of how you will manage your animals behavior in Planet Zoo. Now, the developers have gone into a bit more detail with their discussion of the Zookeepers and the Staff Paths.

Staff Paths and Zookeepers in Planet Zoo

Zookeepers in Planet Zoo will function exactly as they do in real life. They will help you maintain your zoo and keep your animals happy. They will feed them, keep them hydrated, and even clean up after they defecate. The game is set so that you not only need to employ the zookeepers, you must also keep them happy. This way they will be more inclined to keep your animals happy. Negative treatment toward your employees will surely impact your business in the same regard.

Planet Zoo

Much of the games difficulty is experienced through your relationship with your crew. Manage them wisely, lest you face the consequences. The developers have mentioned quite an in-depth interaction system between the players and the employees of the park. The relationships you have with your employees will directly affect the visitors to your zoo. Having proper zones for them to function will be a key aspect in keeping the flow going. Staff paths are the zones that only your employees can traverse, giving them opportunity to avoid congestion of visitors, and meet the needs of animals in the most expedient manner. This will also prevent visitors from accessing zones that will negatively impact their opinion of the park.

For more in-depth information on the topic, you can check out the developers journal at Frontier Developments Forum site.


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  • James

    July 25, 2019 / at 9:34 amsvg

    My daughter will want this, as she is still and early reader and doesn’t use computers my pocket book will stay a bit heavier for now.

  • Joelle Lavoie

    July 25, 2019 / at 4:52 pmsvg

    Yes there probably will be a lot of reading for this game. I’m so excited that you’ll see more interactions with the Zookeepers in Planet Zoo ❤. The attention to detail and visuals are ????.

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