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PHOGS! Is Double Doggo Action

svgAug 19, 2019NewsRiver

Now you can have twice the dogie love with the two-headed dog, Red and Blue, in PHOGS!

PHOGS! is a super cute and funny exploration and adventure puzzle title that allows you to control both ends of the same creature, kinda like Fling to the Finish. Think Cat-Dog, but without the cat. Just two adorable canines with a knack for adventure. The two dogs are linked by a stretchy belly with much elasticity, aiding in special and unique movements. PHOGS! is being created by the amazing team at Bit Loom Games, a UK based gaming studio.

A Bit About PHOGS!

In PHOGS!, you play as a doggie duo connected by your stretchy belly, and you must bark, bite and bounce your way through a puzzle filled world. You will get to adventure through 24 levels spread across three adorably themed worlds. Live the life of the happiest doggo as you bounce and trounce through Play World. You can then get some much needed R&R by doing a little lazy exploration through the Sleep World. Finally, you finish it all off with a chompy romp through Food World. This silly title lets you exist vicariously through two puppers living in the best dog universe ever. PHOGS! is sure to be one Phun title that no dog lover will want to miss. PHOGS! is currently looking at a release date of early 2020, and will be available for PC and Nintendo Switch.

For more information about PHOGS!, be sure to check out the official website. For up to date information on this title and others by Bit Loom Games, you can follow the developers on Twitter.

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    PHOGS! Is Double Doggo Action