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Paralives: Everything You Need To Know!

svgSep 16, 2019NewsRiver

The SIMS franchise will finally have some real competition with Paralives!

Solo developer Alex Masse has been working diligently on his beautiful and structurally amazing title, Paralives! Since our first time touching base on this upcoming epic, there have been few changes and updates that we would like to share. In our initial coverage we discovered that in Paralives, players will not only build their dream houses with tools Sim-fans could only dream of until now, but the game also features a small open world town and an engaging life simulation aspect. We at myPotatoGames are all about games that let us create our own world, and live and love as we choose in a land of our own design. In this regard, Paralives will be the next SIM game that takes us away.

What’s new in Paralives

In a recent interview with GameInformer, we learned a lot about what drives Alex, and what inspired him to create a game that just looks to put SIMS to shame. In the interview, Alex mentions “I think what life simulation games have been missing is powerful and intuitive tools that allow players to easily create any house with precision…A lot of people want to recreate themselves and their own house in the game so it’s important that everyone is able to achieve this. Paralives is also built from the start to take place in an open-world neighborhood, offering many fresh options for exploration and story making.” It is clear that with motivation like this, Paralives will be the game we always wanted the SIMS to be, but never was.

Paralives has grown much in popularity since hitting the scene not too long ago, and Alex has been doing his darnedest to keep up with the fans clamoring to know all there is to know about his game. If you want to be a part of the buzz and inspiration in making Paralives the best it can be, you should feel inclined to join the discussion on Discord! There you will find updates for the game as well as have the opportunity to add inspiration for the making of Paralives. For example, in a recent announcement on Discord, we learned that in Paralives, a person will be called a Para, and the inhabitants of the land will be called Parafolks. These names were decided through an AMA on Patreon, which is where true followers go to support this currently-being-developed project.

A Bit of Building in Paralives

For more information about Paralives, you can check out the Paralives hub. Be sure to follow the game on Discord. You can also keep up-to-date on this title by following Alex on Twitter.


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