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    [dropcap]K[/dropcap]ingdom heart fans have long been waiting for this moment. As many have left older consoles like the Playstation 3 behind, fans were unable to play Kingdom Hearts. Now with the remasters edition, fans of the series can enjoy all the games on the Playstation 4 starting today.

    You can buy the Kingdom Hearts complete Edition on Playstation 4 for $49.99, for the ultimate Kingdom Hearts experience. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX is an HD remastered collection of 6 the beloved Kingdom Hearts games. All available one single disc for the first time on the PlayStation 4. The HD collection includes the following games:

    • Kingdom Hearts FINAL MIX
    • Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories
    • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (HD Remastered cinematics)
    • Kingdom Hearts II FINAL MIX
    • Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final MIX
    • Kingdom Hearts Re:coded (HD Remastered cinematics)
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    Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure for Nintendo 3DS has been out for a while. The game is currently available on the Nintendo eShop. You can buy the game for $14.99, however, Mastiff the developer behind The Action RPG is now looking into possibly releasing the game on a cartridge. If you are in favor of a physical release you can show your support on their twitter below.

    If you do not know much about Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure yet. You can watch the game trailer below as well.


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    [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Nintendo Switch remains to be sold out at major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Toys “R” Us and more. If you are in the market to buy a Switch, you may be in luck – Nintendo has recently announced that more stock would be arriving soon. However, if you already own the hybrid console – you can check out the newly released games.

    Has Been heroes and Snake pass, which we reviewed here have been released on the Nintendo Switch eShop today. Both games are priced at $19.99.

    Snake Pass is a platform puzzle game, in which you have to slither around as a snake to master each and every level. The game has received a solid score in our review.

    In Has Been Heroes you will embark an epic journey, a group of legendary champions once celebrated throughout the kingdom – almost forgotten until the King has one more quest, the most epic of them all. You cam watch the Has Been heroes launch trailer below.

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    [dropcap]W[/dropcap]e are taking an in-depth look at what appears to be the most mind bending and most beautiful puzzle game released on Nintendo Switch so far. Snake Pass is set in a 3D world that only on the Nintendo Switch you can take on the go, and play whenever, and wherever you want.

    Let’s Start Slithering

    Slither, Curl, Climb – rinse and repeat!

    Snake Pass is a beautifully designed level based puzzle game. You slither, curl, climb and sometimes you will fall – but the goal is to make your way through the stunningly beautiful crafted levels. You will pick up all sorts of collectables along the way to master each of the 15 levels. The first time you start up the game you will be greeted by a cheerful, quirky little humming bird. This bird will be there when help is needed, not only will it lead the way, but it can also provide a lift. Pressing Y on the joy-con controller will call the humming bird to lift your tail. This is especially helpful when you are about to slip, or loose grip. The bird never leaves sight, and makes the entire experience a little less lonely and more cheerful as you slither through the levels.

    snake pass bird

    Oh boy, does it look pretty!

    One of the most gorgeous, and best looking game on the Nintendo Switch to date. 

    One thing you will notice right at the start, is the gorgeous look of the game. The 3D world truly comes to life on the crisp and vibrant screen of the Nintendo Switch. If you climb high enough you can get a good look of the entire level, spotting the collectables and planning where to go next. Trees, grass, water and everything else is beautifully animated. You will find butterflies flying around, waterfalls dripping down, and trees swinging with the wind. It’s an absolute pleasure to explore each of the levels, and the harmony and lovely attention to detail invites the player to explore the levels even more.

    snake pass Level


    Go up high or down low. Caves and hidden spots are waiting to be explored.

    Talking about exploration in Snake Pass. You may chose to run through the levels, as the main goal is to find the lost keystones to open the gate in order to advance to the next level. But if you wish – you can take the experience a lot farther than that. Every level has hidden caves, secret spots and more to explore. The exploration is usually being awarded by finding gold coins and more. Each level has 3 keystones, 5 gold coins, and 20 blue bubbles to collect. While the keystones are necessary to advance, the other 2 kinds are optional. Finding the gold coins becomes especially more challenging as you advance. Locating the coins may take you some time, but reaching them can be an even more challenging experience.

    Refreshingly Challenging

    The Game reinvents itself as you advance. 


    Most games become more difficult as you advance. This is also the case in Snake Pass, each level brings new challenges. You will have to climb higher to reach coins that become more and more difficult to get to. But beyond just making things harder, Snake Pass succeeds in finding new ways to challenge the player with each new worlds to explore. Not only is it becoming more difficult making the game more fun, but it also adds new mechanics to keep players entertained. For example underwater exploration, or pulling switches and levers all add to keeping the gameplay fresh and preventing it from becoming scale. It almost feels like as if the game reinvents itself with every new world you enter. This is especially necessary to prevent the game from becoming stale and repetitive. Snake pass never felt like you had to do the same task over and over again, but instead challenged us to discover new ways to master each and every level.

    snake pass underwater

    Even though Snake Pass is a rather short game, given that it only costs $19.99 on the Nintendo Switch eShop – it provides hours of entertainment. And while the main game can be finished in a matter of hours, we believe the replay-ability of the game is high. We found ourselves returning to the same level multiple times in order co collect everything. Exploring little caves and hidden areas make it a lot of fun to revisit a level and slither around to discover every square inch.

    Final thought

    Play again, and again…

    Snake Pass is a refreshing puzzle game. Sumo Digital has successful made use of a retro inspired gameplay, and put a modern and fun twist on it. The game looks absolutely stunning in handheld as well as in TV mode. The animations are pretty, and the level design is carefully crafted with a lot of attention to detail. The 15 Levels within 4 different world settings are amusing, but the game feels short lived. Especially when you don’t go out of your way to collect every coin, it feels the game can be completed within a matter of hours. We were left wanting a few more levels, perhaps Sumo Digital can release a DLC pack with more levels if the demand is there.

    Snake Pass is currently available on Nintendo Switch, Steam, Playstation4 and Xbox One

    Thanks to Sumo Digital for kindly providing the review copy of Snake Pass. Review based on the Nintendo Switch Version of the game.

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    [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Nintendo Switch has been out for nearly 4 weeks by now. Nintendo has just released the first update for the console. Even though the update does not bring major new features, it does address a couple of things that some early adopters have been waiting for. The Wifi connection issue some people complained about seems to be resolved in the latest update.

    The Online Service and Online Multiplayer companion App for the Nintendo Switch are set to launch by the end of March 2017. Part of the new update is addressing the Online Multiplayer – in preparation for the launch of the Nintendo Online Services. You can read the full list of improvements and fixes below.

    If you wish to update your Nintendo Switch, you can do so by going to the settings menu. There you will find an option called “System” within this sub menu you can update your console.

    Nintendo Switch System Update

    Improvements Included in Version 2.1.0

    • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience

    Improvements Included in Version 2.0.0

    The following network features are now available

    Playing online

      • Online multiplayer available for free until the paid online service launches in fall 2017. Not available in all countries.
      • Adding friends
        • Friends can be added from My Page, head to the HOME Menu and select your icon on the upper left.
        • Sharing Album screenshots to Facebook and Twitter
        • Browsing and purchasing content on Nintendo eShop
        • Receiving News relating to games, Nintendo eShop discounts, and promotions
        • Earning My Nintendo points for game card (retail version)

    Added the following system functionality

    Update game software

    • Turn on the TV automatically when placing the Nintendo Switch console in the Nintendo Switch dock.
      • HDMI settings must also be enabled on your TV. Some TV models may be unable to use this feature. To turn on this feature for the Nintendo Switch console, head to System Settings > TV Settings > Match TV Power State
      • Display the battery percentage on the HOME Menu
        • To turn this ON/OFF, head to System Settings > System > Console Battery (%)
        • Format the microSD card
        • To format, head to System Settings > System > Initialize > Format microSD Card


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  • svgMar 27, 2017Interviews

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    [dropcap]A[/dropcap]nimal Crossing fans have their eyes on Mineko’s Night Market for quite some time now. Only very little was known about the upcoming social simulation game – up until now! In a new interview with Brent, the creator behind the game, we were able to get some burning questions answered. Some may know him from his stunning work on Road Not Taken or the beloved MMO game called Glitch, that also had shared a lot of similarities with Animal Crossing. Now of to a new adventure, Brent was kind enough to spare some of his time to answer a few questions we had about Mineko’s Night Market.

    As we started our interview, we were especially intrigued to know more about the main activities in the game. As the first gameplay trailer (watch below) had hinted at farming and mining. When we asked Brent about this, he stated “We will have things like fishing, mining, and gardening, but those are almost secondary, or complementary, to the nature of exploring the world“.  

    Exploring and adventuring the world, is something that other similar games have been lacking in, only providing a rather small world with little to no exploration elements. Fans of the Animal Crossing series have long asked for a bigger village allowing for more exploration. We can’t wait to uncover all the hidden secrets in Mineko’s Night Market.

    Minekos Night Market Mining

    Mineko goes mining for some Sparkly!

    Furthermore we asked Brent what he thought about people comparing his work to Animal Crossing, his thoughts on this “It (Animal Crossing) was a huge inspiration for sure! I think we’d like to share that same general feeling of a happy world, community, and general pleasantness..“.

    On the question whether or not he wanted to release the game on other platforms than just PC and Mac, Brent explained he is open to bringing the games to consoles and even expressed his excitement about a possible Nintendo Switch Port,”We would LOVE to get on the Switch” he says.

    You can read the full interview with Brent on Mineko’s Night Market below.

    Mineko’s Night Market

    myPotatoGames: In the first trailer we could see some mining, fishing and what seems to be farming. What main activities can players look forward to in the Game?
    Brent: I can’t really say there are dominant activities that would occupy a player’s time more than others. We will have things like fishing, mining, and gardening, but those are almost secondary, or complementary, to the nature of exploring the world, forming relationships with townsfolk, and learning about the mysteries of the town. There will, however, be a unique event for every market of the year (16 in total) featuring activities like cat racing, sumo suit wrestling, and the karaoke contest, replayable on an annual cycle. I am hoping those would be the activities players look most forward to 🙂

    myPotatoGames: We also couldn’t oversee what appears to be a crafting bench in the first trailer – will there be a crafting system?
    Brent: Yes, there will be a crafting system. The crafting shown in the trailer is a rudimentary version of what it will ultimately be like. We are not looking to focus a ton of the players’ time on grinding on the resource > craft > sell loop, so I think we have some leeway into making the experience less gruelling than the term “crafting” seems to infer nowadays. What we are aiming for would be more akin to “Wario Ware meets Cooking Mama” where the player faces a gauntlet of microgames in order to create items. We are not quite there yet, but getting there!

    Minekos Night Market Crafting

    myPotatoGames: Players will be able to run a shop in the game. What can players sell? Can crafted items be sold? Will players be able to set prices? Change the look of the store?
    Brent: Yes! Mineko will be able to sell crafted goods at her night market booth. A big part of selling your own goods is bartering with customers. So you won’t be directly setting prices on items, but rather tailoring your sales approach on a per-customer basis. Getting to know the townsfolk, learning what they like to talk about and what they’re interested in and negotiating deals based on gathered knowledge will be a big part of the merchant simulation portion.

    Minekos Night Market Shop

    myPotatoGames: Is Mineko homeless or does she have a home? If so can a player customize it?
    Brent: Mineko lives with her father in town. We likely won’t focus a lot of development on home customization, although special rewards/trinkets/collectibles will have a space for displaying. Most custom arrangement in the home, if any, will be for functional purposes. Showing/hiding particular tool benches/storage containers, setting up items your pets may be able to use, etc.

    Minekos Night Market Home

    myPotatoGames: It seems the town has a cat problem. Do the kittens serve a purpose besides being super adorable?
    Brent: Cats in town are not considered a problem, in fact, they’re worshipped. They also provide a valuable resource for crafting– hairballs!

    myPotatoGames: Many people compare the game to Animal Crossing, do you feel that Minekos Night Market has a lot of similarities to AC?
    Brent: It was a huge inspiration for sure! I think we’d like to share that same general feeling of a happy world, community, and general pleasantness, but at the same time introduce more exploration and narrative to it.

    myPotatoGames: Speaking about Animal Crossing, players love decorating, especially for seasons like Christmas. Will Mineko’s Night Market feature anything similar to that? i.e decorating the town, or a home ( if applicable ).
    Brent: We likely won’t have a ton of decorative options in the home, as mentioned earlier, but decorating your market stall is something we’d still like to explore in depth. Thinking of various ways players could upgrade or deck out their stall for various holidays at a cost with the benefit of attracting more prospective customers is interesting. As long as there is functionality or practicality to it, we’ll be open to exploring customization features.

    myPotatoGames: How big is the world in the Game? Is there room for exploration?
    Brent: We haven’t sorted out exactly how big the world will be yet, but it will be quite large due to the number of different areas we will have, multiplied by the fact each area will have multiple scenes. The world will consist of multiple smaller towns, a more modern downtown area, countryside, a region with shrines/temples, beach/ocean, the multi-levelled Mt. Fugu, just to name a few. So yeah, the world is going to be a pretty decent size.

    Minekos Night Market Exploring

    myPotatoGames: What would you say is the ultimate achievement in the game? Running a successful shop? Having a town full of cats?
    Brent: As tacky as it sounds, the ultimate goal for the player is what they make of it. There will, of course, be a few longer term meta goals for the player such as restoring the Night Market back to it’s glory days and discover the mystery behind Abe the Sun Cat, but the path you choose in achieving those goals are up to the player.

    myPotatoGames: Do you consider integrating any sort of Multiplayer to Mineko’s Night Market? Perhaps a 2 player co-op?
    Brent: There are no plans for multiplayer. It may be too cumbersome to retroactively fit multiplayer into this game as-is, but would love to do a standalone multiplayer title using some of the same themes.

    myPotatoGames: The Game is visually stunning. Did you develop the art style ? And what are your responsibilities on the project?
    Brent: Thank you! We are a two-person team. I (Brent) do the art, programming, and silly dialog, while Brandi handles bigger picture story writing, producing, and lead QA, and both of us share design discussions equally. Almost every part of the game’s design has both of our hands on it.

    Minekos Night Market Winter Cats

    myPotatoGames: What Platforms do you plan to release the game on? The Nintendo Switch seems to be a good fit!
    Brent: As of now, just PC and Mac. We are definitely looking into a couple consoles in particular, but no confirmation yet! We would LOVE to get on the Switch. So if anyone from Nintendo is reading this, GET IN TOUCH.

    myPotatoGames: Do you have an anticipated release window?
    Brent: We’re shooting for late 2018.

    Big thanks go to Brent for providing all the information on Mineko’s Night Market. We will continue to deliver news about the upcoming game – so be sure to check back for more on Mineko’s Night Market!

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    [dropcap]W[/dropcap]e reported yesterday that upcoming games for the Nintendo Switch require a lot of space to be installed. The exception was LEGO City Undercover, the only of the three games that is being released on a physical cartridge. Today some photos of the packaging has been released. The game surprisingly requires up to 13Gb physical storage, and an internet connection as well.

    It is is possible that the cartridge that is being used for the game does not have enough free space for additional updates and content downloads. As we mentioned earlier, cartridges are more expensive the more storage they hold. Warner Brothers and LEGO City Undercover may have chosen a smaller cartridge in favor to keep the cost down, but the game may need additional updates that will be stored on the Nintendo Switch internal storage.

    No official statement has been made about this. We will update this post as we have a more definite answer. You may take a look at the game box below. LEGO City Undercover is set to release on Nintendo Switch on April 4th 2017.

    UPDATE: A spokesman from Warner Brothers, says that the packaging is wrong, and the cartridge contains the full game with no additional downloads needed to play. You can read the official statement below.

    “The information is listed incorrectly on the packaging of LEGO City Undercover for Nintendo Switch. Players who purchase a physical copy of LEGO City Undercover on Nintendo Switch at retail are getting the complete game, and do not need to download additional content to enjoy the full experience. An internet connection is not required to play the game. The only internet connection suggested is to download the typical content update patch.”

    lego city undercover storage on nintendo switch lego city undercover storage on nintendo switch



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    [dropcap]I[/dropcap]t is almost 18 years ago since Harvest Moon 64 has been released. In a recent interview Natsume, the company behind the game, addressed the spelling error in the Harvest Moon 64 title screen. The error has made it back into the news due to the recent re-release of Harvest Moon 64 on the Nintendo Wii-U Virtual Console. Given that the spelling error has not been corrected, Natsume thought it would be a good idea to explain why it had happened in the first place.

    “With the recent release of Harvest Moon 64 on the Wii U Virtual Console in both North America and Europe, let’s answer that one important question everyone has been talking about for 17 years: What’s up with the spelling of ‘Natume’ on the title screen in Harvest Moon 64?!

    Back when Harvest Moon 64 was being worked on, technology was very different. The Internet, email, data transfer, etc. weren’t the everyday tools they are now, so communication with Japan took a bit longer and was a tad more primitive than it is today. Unfortunately, the correction request on the title screen had fallen through the cracks, and when this was discovered, the title had already been approved by Nintendo and was set to go to production.

    The problem? Fixing it would have delayed the game by at least 45 days, pushing it out of December! Yikes! Sorry, no Harvest Moon 64 for Christmas and instead, a February release. So, it was decided that we would rather let our fans have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year planting crops and taking care of animals instead of being a Grinch for a simple ‘s’. The funny thing is, Natume is a legit way to spell Natsume in some versions of romaji. And now you know the story!

    Natsume also hinted at the E3 convention taking place later this year in Los Angeles from June 14th – 16th. Just like Nintendo had recently announced that they would deliver big announcements for the Nintendo Switch as well as for the Nintendo 3DS, Natsume also states they have big plans for E3 this year – more celebrations for Harvest Moon, as well as a surprise for other franchises he says. No greater details have been provided at this point. It will be interesting to see if these announcements are Nintendo related, or if other platforms will be getting the next Harvest Moon as well.


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