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Our Life On Water Live a Laid-Back Life on the River 

Embark on an exciting journey in Our Life On Water, a gorgeous life sim RPG set in a fictional country. Developed by Different Tales, the same studio that published Havendock, you arrive in the village of Sahakom, a place inspired by the real-life floating villages of the Mekong River region. Your role is to become the Rivertalker, which is the link between the living and the spirit world. But you’ll also get to just enjoy the slow, laid-back life of living on the river, too. 

Spend your days exploring your new river home. Gather bamboo and trash, recycle, craft items, and build river houses. Even go fishing, tend to crops in your container farm, and raise some animals! Our Life On Water includes a lovely social scene, too. You can engage in village life by attending council meetings and social events. Bring people closer together within the community, make friends, and even fall in love. The village is in danger, though, and your choices will impact how it evolves. Part of caring for the village involves exploring the river by boat, swimming, and diving in order to find mystical artifacts that will help you gain the favor of the river spirits. Those spirits will help you rebuild the village into a prospering, beautiful home! 

Release Date

Our Life on Water is set to release on Steam sometime. You can add it to your Wishlist now while you wait for the release date!



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    Our Life On Water Live a Laid-Back Life on the River